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  1. No long story and Speaker Manufacturer who's Uk Distributor had to pull out for personal reasons
  2. I wasnt till a few days ago .
  3. I think they Diaposon Adimantes , might wrong
  4. Anyone remember those small Italian speakers that used to look like Kryten from Red Dwarf . Not a great description i know
  5. Yes enter the main foyer of the Hotel there is a table for people to pick up pre paid tickets or purchase on the day .
  6. Yep good selection of bars . Cant remember the one Peter took me too but it played rock and you could put in requests .
  7. Formula 1 2017

    Yep this is key and Seb will want the same from Kimi .
  8. They are beautifully made . Not had stand mounts for years . Obviously not taking too much notice sonically as i've had to squeeze them in so they are compromised . I always play some Jazz when trying to assess speakers and Tori Amos . I'll have those cones flapping and a real workout at Harrogate
  9. Pretty grim here today . Writing lists as it’s a long way back if forget things . Due to personal reasons I will have to demo some the Acoustic Preference standmounts for the manufacturer . So some of my kit is now coming too. Any offers of room sitting greatly appreciated . You get to play with some lovely standmounts I’ve been running in 96A98FD6-E4DF-4C42-8528-6F421B50E2D3.MOV
  10. Wammers Album Club Tues 17th October - Lamb - Lamb.

    5 Stars big fan .Love her voice . Gabriel off What Sound probably my all time fave .