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  1. There was too much to remember so apologies to the Reel BBC and helper Jonathan . This room was bloody fantastic and yes i want a Reel to Reel
  2. Just got back in the door . Large cup of coffee and plonked on the couch and a bit of Floyd Endless River to chill to. Thanks to all who exhibited and to those brave souls who visited . I remember in my youth the weatherman were never so accurate and as a child I was often left very disappointed when the forecast of snow turned out to be a load of cobblers. Well fast forward to the 17th of March and boy do they forecast with unerring accuracy these days . I think I realised we were in trouble on Saturday night when Caroline , Peter , George and myself decided to avail ourselves of the local curry house a mere 1/2 a mile up the road. The wind picked up and as we got to the BP garage and I tried to kid myself it was a just an aggressive flurry that would soon die out . Ninety minutes later when leaving the curry house it had not died down in fact it had got stronger . Being stoical I was walking back with Caroline . Peter and George on the other hand thought a taxi would be better . Back in the bar we giggled had a few more beverages and then to bed . On waking Sunday morning my heart sank . Kegworth itself as Valvebloke has said did not look too bad at all but the pm''s and threads I was made aware of told a different picture . The Flash who had popped back home on Saturday could not get back to the show and he was only 20 minutes away. It was really a case of ( infill with any expletive you want .) So down to breakfast and it would be fair to say the vibe was a bit low . All we could do was pray and hope that people would still make the effort . At 9.03 am two guys walked in and said" the weather was bad so thought we would start out early to make sure we get here " There is no denying that the weather cost us but the last paying punter walked in at 3pm was a testament to the pull of the show .I am sure that we would easily have had 600 plus but never mind In my 10 years of wam shows it would be fair to say we have had the full gamut of weather thrown at us apart from snow so that box has been ticked . I heard calls for moving the show date but Spring officially starts tomorrow and i think personally its a lot easier for hifi addicts to get their fix of a show at this time of year without annoying their better halves than on a glorious summer day . Hotels charge more as well in the summer. Right now to the important stuff . Acoustically and sound wise this show ticked many boxes . For me to get a listen is pretty hard as I tend to be busy with other aspects of the show . Everyone should be proud of their efforts in this respect. I normally try and over hear comments from the visitors and this year there were so many positives about general level of sound quality . There was plenty of variety and lots of tastes catered for . Some rooms were harder to get in to than others . I gave up on Spiders twice before eventually succeeding on the third effort .I could hear why . Tim and Kate's room had a great vibe and party spirit and they looked to be thoroughly enjoying themselves. The Club speakers had a real presence about them and as for turntables its pick a deck any deck . Bandit Pilots and Adam K' rooms were a great comparison as they both have Neat 's but different models . Ricks stuff was very ballsy in delivery and you really felt the MF had those drivers and was not going to let go. Adam K system was again very authoritative but the speakers seemed so smooth . Would loved to had stayed and heard more in both these rooms but i was trying to fit a lot in . I'm not known for listening to JBL's but i could have stayed in Audioflyers room all day with bottle of red for company . Just seems so right and after a stressful morning it was just what i needed. You could tell just from speaking to him he loved his system and it all had a story . Hope he comes back next year . Maverick /Aejoker. I said you should blindfold people on entering the room . Nicely though don't scare them and then play the music . Then whip the blindfold off after a minute and watch people faces as the search for a bigger speaker in the room starts . I think the Beonicke;'s are just fantastic and huge WAF by the bucket loads . Great to see Harv and Nav and who'd of thought two brothers would have had such different systems but both excellent . To be honest can't say i walked into any room and thought ooh no all the systems appeared to be pushing their performance to the max . Lurch went to give his system one last hurrah before the end of the show and nearly blew mine and GLB's ears off It's funny there seems so much time at the start of the day and whoosh it just goes . Some notable thanks Dave Shevyn from GIK for the Acoustic Panels which raised £150 Brooky at MCRU for his donations to the raffle . Much appreciated . Lurch . Thanks for the donations too mate . Mickyricky for picking up the mantle and organising the curry last night where god knows how many of us descended at the restaurant . ( Think we were on time too ) Caroline , Mibby and Bazzer for pitching in and helping The staff who I thought really picked up on the vibe of the show and were excellent . To the people that came in such terrible weather or the hardcore audiophiles as I will now call them Finally Peter for putting it all on again for us nutters . Finally two honourable mentions Tony J and ed who are still travelling back to the Isle of Mull ( god i hope they make the 4pm ferry ) Greybeard and Ken who are hopefully somewhere near Cornwall by now . You couldnt have two more exhibitors further apart and they met for the weekend in Kegworth which says volumes about the commitment and fun they get out of showcasing their hobby .
  3. Its always a gamble even a calculated one because Kegworth seemed to tick so many boxes but that still is no guarantee. Infrastructure is the key thing for wam show . It has to be as accessible as possible . As i mentioned to those exhibitors yesterday if we had persevered with Scalford it would have just been us yesterday and no visitors . Scalford was great after five or six visits because you actually by then had worked the layout out. Then totally forgot it again when drunk . Even with the most accurate of floorpans I would still see visitors at Scalford scratching their heads and looking bemused. The staff at Kegworth were a great crack . Very chatty and look thoroughly pleased to have us there . Bar prices seems very reasonable and the real ale pump saw some very good business.
  4. The lads and a well earned curry . Can anyone guess who won the shirt of the day competition Now feed us
  5. Some people are really keen . Not even officially open yet Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  6. Wam don't like Southerners (?)

    Harrogate is a trade show so a totally different proposition . We only do 1 enthusiast show a year because the time involved means that’s the feedback from our members . So where to do the one show . Central England seems fair . I used to live in SE London and drove to Scalford many times
  7. These are essential for hotel shows so please remember them
  8. What are you listening to right now?

    As much as i like Curt Smith the driving force behind them was , is Roland Orzorbal . The Hurting sounds like nursery compared to this but that has it attraction . I like it a lot
  9. Early practice session in place . Talk Talk : The Colour of Spring playing in the background and in the foreground
  10. We do have a room for him eddie and I have pm'd him . Waiting for an answer