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  1. To play with a straight bat here, i will concede that anything under 20hz might be beneficial. However 1) shouldn't your existing speakers already take care if those frequencies? 2) if you are young enough to hear the difference a super tweeter makes, are you not just hearing distortion from having extra tweeters.. Is the sound really more accurate, or just different? 3) isn't it ironic that by the time most of us can afford such trinkets, we are too old to hear the " benefit!"
  2. The plural of anecdote is not data
  3. JamPal

    Interesting and Unusual Facts

    Evening Colin. How are you mate?
  4. No opinion, just a fact. I'm not a bat, and neither are you. So any difference is imagination.
  5. JamPal

    Interesting and Unusual Facts

    Yay, anti gravity cats!
  6. JamPal

    BD Audio

    Big Dur rip. Nice kit while it lasted.
  7. JamPal

    Petition for clean Brexit referendum

    Signed. The whole thing was a disgusting farce, on all sides. Let's try again, without all the lies (on both sides).
  8. JamPal

    Kids react to Led Zeppelin

    No, he doesn't like Led Zepp! haha
  9. JamPal

    Amplifiers and the End of Science

    I agree, I was being facetious ;-)
  10. JamPal

    Amplifiers and the End of Science

    But, but, I heard it so it's real..
  11. Just had our first rise in 4 years, and it wasn't significant. But as you say, still employed.
  12. Yep... :-) So in answer to the OP. Yep. :-)
  13. JamPal


    inappropriately? so you want equality, but by your terms. hahahaha when your cover slips it reveals some deep unpleasantness.
  14. JamPal


    The pride event in Brighton has turned into one big party for the whole City, it's great.
  15. Well I thought that was a weapons grade troll, but not even the slightest bite