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  1. MrDTuk

    Naim molestation...

    Would be interesting to but your upgraded 102 again a standard 82 and see the results...
  2. Well I have a Nac 102 on its way to me... thanks
  3. keep a good distance between mains and ELV cables in your writing, do a proper job.
  4. Hello, I can see a Nap 150 is going for circa £350. Just don't know a lot about this amp. I like the idea of something of similar age or newer for the amp so the bolt down isn't my bag...
  5. I see, top tips there, so look out for wondering DIY fingers... I am thinking about going budget for now then upgrading the amp later when I can, a nap180 olive would be fabulous but a little out of my reach at the moment. Any thoughts on the newer nap 150?
  6. Hello all. I have a naim nac 102 and am now needing to source a naim amp to go with. I am on a budget and looking for recommendations of good pairing with this. I would prefer 50wpc or more. I am looking at nap 100 or nap 150 or maybe something older... Naim advice appreciated. What you think?
  7. For Sale, My much loved Naim Nait 3 amplifier, I have had this amplifier for 6 years and absolutely love it, but it's time for an upgrade, so she must go to a new home. I have recently (Jan 2020) had the amplifier serviced & fully recapped at Naim, Shrewsbury, at a cost to me of £250. They replaced all the capacitors and Henry, at Naim's service department, tells me it has a lot of capacitors in it! So its pretty much new ! This is a fabulous amplifier as a first step into the Naim world or even for a second system for those of you with much bigger kit. It ouses the Naim PRaT that I have come to love very much. The Nait does not have any MC or MM cards in it but is weird straight through so it has RCA inputs via the AUX socket for those who don't have any naim cables. It's in very good condition, the only negative is a slight mark on the top which is 10mm x 1mm, it's not very noticable but I wanted to point it out to be 100% honest. I do not have the original box but I will pack it up very well and I am prepared to courier it to anywhere in the UK for the cost of courier, or a local pickup (covid permitting) is welcome. Let me know any questions, £375, thanks
  8. Lonely fabulous speakers looking for a new home... (bump) £375
  9. I will have some half drums available for sale to you, we use QEDs 16/2 grade as we install a lot of multi room Systemline 7 etc. Message me if interested and I can have a look what I have available. Thanks
  10. Well I like that I have created this post and in turn helped out a few people.
  11. My thoughts exactly on going back to Naim, I think I was thinking I was going to have the Nait 3 for the long haul. But then a guy put some Shahinian Arcs up for sale, and that changed everything!
  12. Wow, thanks for these suggestions, I wasn't expecting anything to be fair so great... My preference is to go with olive kit, if possible. Don't get me wrong, I used to have a Nait 2 and loved it. I don't have a turntable and am using digital sources so no MM required.
  13. Ed, for sure, I say pre and power as the Nait 3 is in essence a nap 90 and nac 92 in the same box, yes its officially an integrated amplifier, but use the the terms to explain the two different setups... no harm done i hope . On that I have reviewed the circuitry under the hood and its simply link rods that join the pre and power boards together. there is an interesting post here; about splitting the nait 3 into the separate nap 90 / nac 92 for use with other equipment. Yes the Nait 3 has been to the 'Mother Ship' for a full rework and run down. I know there are other options available but I liked the idea of it going back to Shrewsbury for some TLC. Yes naim 'watts' are certainly more powerful, I agree with you there. I think the Nait 3 also has a lesser bass signature, which is certainly evident when played again the other setup... but fantastic PRaT! and the Arcs do certainly like some power... hopefully I will get to try some bigger Naim gear in due course...