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  1. Hi everyone, has anyone any views or opinions on the Morgana cable, is it any better sound quality wise than the standard Naim Black cable running between my 72 (with standard Avondale 821 boards) and 250. I am running an Avondale TPX1.5 power, supply so the system is wired differently, therefore the Din to XLR will be running signal only. Speaker cables are currently Vamme Damme HiFi 4mm. Speakers are ATC SCM19s. Many thanks.
  2. I increased the toe in back to 2inch, which is where I set it up originally, this seems optimum for my room. Waiting for the Van Damme 4mm HiFi cables now, hopefully everything should be good, maybe.
  3. Hi a bit of an update, Had a chat with the tech guys at ATC they recommend the Van Damme Blue Studio 2.5 mm cables as that is what they use, this option gives me the funds to also look at the Red Dawn interconnect at some point in the future and maybe swap it for a s/h Naim Hiline. He is also suggested decreasing the toe in, and a couple of other options re siting. I did decrease the toe in from 2.5 inches to 1.5 inches per speaker, surprisingly this worked quite well, removing a fair amount of the problem.
  4. Hi everyone, I have just upgraded my speakers to ATCscm19 from Linn Keleidhs. They have been in for a month with approx 200hrs run in time so far. Amp Is a fully Avondale modified 72/250 with Avondale TPX1.5 power supply with Naim NDX as a source. Cabling is Nordost Red Dawn I/C and biwire blue heaven speaker cable. Overall very happy with the speakers, the only fly in the ointment is a slight over brightness which needs a touch of calming, although I do like the detail the Nordosts give, l suspect the issues lie in the cabling which worked well with the Keleidhs but are a touch forward with ATCs, any suggestions would be much appreciated. Options I am looking into at the moment are the Witch Hat Phantom speaker cables with or without jumpers and 4 pin din to xlr hat pin and secondhand Naim HiLine to replace the Red Dawn I/C. Many thanks in advance.
  5. I have had the ATC SMC19s at home for week on trial to replace my Keleidhs which were destroyed by a kid. Simply stunning in all areas, powered by Naim 72/250 (Avondale boards and power supply). Also trialled Dynaudio Evoke 20, which didn't really work for me, a lot of people like them though. Hope this of use. Happy New Year.
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