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  1. Gaz38

    Fuse direction

    You can't absolutely 100% know for sure that you can't fly unless you jump off a cliff, however I'm so certain that I can't fly I'm not going to bother trying. Same principle applies to fuses
  2. Anybody know anything about these? I've never hear OF then let alone heard a paint. I'm intrigued but not enough to pay £125+ to satisfy my curiosity
  3. Slightly off topic but vaguely relevant, when I used to do lots of track days some of us used to download the Aviva drive app, create a bogus account and see how low a score we could get. It appears they don't appreciate three figure speeds followed by hard braking and silly cornering speeds Silly and pointless but it amused us
  4. Gaz38

    Fuse direction

    Let's say it is somehow possible that the fuse can effect the electricity flowing through it, what happens to it next? It goes into your amp (or other equipment) where it is converted from AC to DC and the voltage dropped before it gets anywhere near anything that produces sound. That being the case how can anything upstream of the transformer possibly have any effect on sound?
  5. Gaz38

    Bug bears in hifi

    Glad I'm not the only one. 👍
  6. Yes we are, but on this occasion mine is correct 😇😇😇
  7. If anything it would ruin it, it would be like sticking on a boot spoiler or big bore exhaust. A chavvy Rolls Royce? I doubt anybody would not already know it's a Rolls so what's the point?
  8. Gaz38


    Does that mean you don't like him? It's hard to tell 😂😂😂😂
  9. That's 20p more than she would earn otherwise 🙄 Being more serious I sincerely doubt a high retail price is any guarantee of better working conditions for employees here or overseas
  10. Z3 with a vanity plate, hmmm Resist No I can't Hairdresser's car
  11. That's the Saloon version isn't it? Totally different animal, they handle very well by comparison with the OG 9-3
  12. Cracking amp, I still miss mine. I stupidly replaced it with a Pioneer A300R , then a Cyrus 2, then a Creek CAS4040, then a Naim Nait (hateful thing) and preferred the NAD to all of them.
  13. Hmm, I have an idea. Buy Wickes kiln dried sand for £4.75, repackage and rebrand it as Audiophile Grade Stand Damping Substrate and sell it for £50 per bag. Convince a half witted journalist it works by taking him out for a fancy meal, get good review in return Wait for a few suckers with "you get what you pay for syndrome" to buy it, they never admit they've been ripped off, then wait for "emporers new clothes syndrome" to kick in amongst the sycophants. Make lots of money Sorted, Russ Andrews watch out I'm coming for your foo empire
  14. Mind you I've got nearly as much torque as you (270lb ft from 1800rpm) and 220bhp from a 20 year old Saab. Difference is yours will go round corners whereas mine won't 😂