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  1. New plinths, natural wood or RAL-colours, high gloss, optimised for outstanding musicality New complete redesigned Topplate with sensational performance Updated Urika I/1 Updated Urika II/2 Optimised Klimax Radikal Ekos SE/2 for higher compatibility with non-Linn cartridges Kapal, the successor of our flagship moving-coil Kandid Attak, the succesor of out moving-magnet Adikt
  2. You‘re right. Different colors can be very difficult especially for the plate. The owner himself is very special ... The price is ridiculous high but the result should be outstanding. I cross my fingers that you will be blown away by the new performance. Looking forward to hear your result.
  3. Yes of course! Not new and not developed by Linn. But they adapt current technologies and have a good marketing. But regardless how innovative Linn is: they have some nice products to enjoy music. And that counts!
  4. I‘m also a Linn fan since several decades but haven‘t seen many new technologies developed by Linn. Linn is very good in marketing and sometimes in adapting new technologies in their own products. And the result of both give their customers a good feeling.
  5. Sorry, can‘t remember. I guess it was Akurate Level. Never heard Exakt 242. But passiv with other amps than Solos is really disappointing. But with Solos it plays like a small Komri.
  6. The only two Setups with 242 I was blown away were 1) with a pair of Solos (Twins are not enough, don‘t ask me why) 2) full active I prefer Option 1) which at least four of my Linn-friends have in place. One Setup with an additional 226. Also keep in mind that Mk I and Mk II sound different. I prefer Mk I because of the musicality, other prefer Mk II because of the sound. The additional Base is worth the money.
  7. Should be silent. I hear nothing but obviously I hear nothing anyway. 😜
  8. When I started with Linn decades ago, it was an absolut no-go to modify the signal with bass/treble control or with an equalizer. Also digital music was a no-go. Now streaming is the new analog (?). Times are changing. Always in a better/right direction? As always: it‘s up to you. P. S. Yes, I know, SO is not an equalizer 😜
  9. Yes, but just for the taking the picture 😜 I updated cable dressing so there is enough space between the cables and they cross with 90 degree in a large distance. It‘s also very important, that he cables don‘t cross INSIDE the LP12. Habe seen several LP12 where this happens and yes: you can hear significant differences.
  10. Those people who hear the difference of different torque settings of the Klimax Radikal case should also hear the difference between the two cases. But as always: trust your own ears.
  11. You can be happy! When you hear no difference, you can save a lot of money.
  12. From my point of view it‘s worth to compare. And there are some criteria where I‘d prefer the Lingo4 over the Akurate. And the price/value ratio is perfect.