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  1. Hi - thanks for the offer. I'll take it as I'm keen to try a sub with my PMCs. However, collecting it at the moment will be a problem. Is it possible to wait a short while before I can collect?
  2. I'm looking at the SVS SB1000 or the BK XLS200. It's only for hi-fi use. Need some advice as the SVS has a pair of high level L and R speaker inputs which can (I assume) just plug into my amp which has a pair of outputs for each channel L&R for biwiring. Currently I'm just using one output per channel to feed PMC speakers. I don't see that option on the BK - that seems to have a single speakon input or a single L and R phono input. I know the BK comes with a speakon to 4 wire cable and a phono to phone cable but it doesn't say how to attach to an amp. What other options are there for an amp that has no sub out but has biwire capability ie two sets of speaker outs per channel?
  3. I've got one. I like it. I don't want another. I want a different mid price cart.
  4. I have one too - not fitted yet mainly because of the cartridge problem!
  5. Audiomods Classic arm? Beautiful!
  6. thats interesting - I have an old Roksan Corus Blue - I never thought how the Goldring range mapped to the Roksans. Anyone know?
  7. Thanks - I'm leaning to the MP200 or 750SH - probably it will come down to what ever deal I can find! I did consider the Goldring 1042 which is another mid-range MM option Goldring 1042 £245 Nagaoka MP200 £339 AT 750SH £359 decisions decisions
  8. have you got a link? I was hoping to get some insight at WAM show but that never happened I'm currehtly trying to choose between AT 740ML, AT 750SH or Nagaoka MP200. I've got an AT 95ML in another deck and that can be a bit bright and tiring over a long time so I'm thinking the Nagaoka more rich sound might be better.
  9. Seriously RIchard? eBay won't support sh1t even if you prove the buyer is lying. I've been done twice recently and it's getting worse as people get used to trying before buying. They "buy" something then try it before returning as if the seller was Asos or Next A 360 camera that was hired for zero cost for a weekend by someone who claimed it wasn't charging (who posted funnily enough a 360 video on his facebook) and a buyer who bought some new boots, decided he didn't like them and so scratched them to make them defective. eBay give you zero protection as a seller. another RIchard
  10. I responded on the FS thread - I'm close in OL6
  11. I'm going and I'm located Manchester
  12. yes don't get too caught up in the rest - and you already have a Sonos and a Raspberry pi so you already know as much as anyone! You know what the Sonos sounds like, so reference stuff you hear from that.
  13. I think these are Mission Stancette 55cm stands but I can't prove it! I got these with a pair of speakers and they are surplus to requirements. With spikes. £25 collected please