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  1. Leave the wrap a bit concerned that the drivers may well have been removed before and refixed? My drivers on the AEs in workshop look very similar to yours..hang on..if they been rewrapped? Fair chance speakers have been removed so vinyl fits better? And possibly speakers glued under the screws..or worse they used silicone..ill report back on monday
  2. Hi frizbriz, have you sorted out your problems with lotus audio?
  3. I have some AE100s in my back there on monday, if you want to hold fire on removing speaker? Ill have a go at removing speaker on my AE100 on monday..i think you need to be very careful even with suppporting back of screwdriver with padding!!! I wouldn't use a screwdriver.. A filler knife is thinner less chance of damage to veneer ( vinyl wrap) if you can be patient? Ill have a go at my speaker..second question is can you return speakers as they are faulty? Once they are damaged..Forget it..what did for them?
  4. I have a modded jolida too...just the best..Couldnt be happier with it..
  5. The qobuz web player is still going!!! Wow...( going through chrome)
  6. Look very carefully at dust cap any deviation or tiny split.or even how its joined to speaker? Any tiny gaps?
  7. Might be the dust cap? Might be a bit loose..
  8. Might sound bit silly but have you checked the screws of the speaker that is rattling? Might need tightening up? I see you checked terminals..guessing you would have unscrewed speaker! Duh! My bad lol
  9. I used whatever was on the linx which was worked fine on qobuz web player.. Then error popped up and web player wouldnt downloaded app to linx which worked then started not responding..i think it's a Windows / qobuz / bt hub issue..Both laptops wont work..Both laptops windows 10.. All my other stuff works fine..ipad, fire HD, phone..
  10. Ill google a 486 dx if it has a usb which I can plug into my jolida..Both my acer and linx have the same exact problems.. Over the weekend ill know if the web player on qobuz gives up the ghost..but the web player was a complete non runner before.a strange error code came up and it wouldnt let me play anything.. So on chrome the web player so far is behaving i had a kebab last night a chicken donner..but my preference is a kofte..kofte is king! Lol
  11. Thats very kind..i.might well take you up.on that offer of a loan ( wammers are such nice people..) ill try all other suggestions first though..cheers
  12. £35 for a Apple camera adaptor! It will be a cold day in hell before i buy one..Apple and microsoft and now sonos! are not our friends..everytime they stop suppporting a product a new mountain of redundant iPhones, ipods, laptops speakers etc is created! Im considering buying a chrome tablet as I have a sneaking suspicion it will just work! Ps and if bought a £35 camera adaptor..everytime i use my Ipad for streaming it will bug me and I want positive vibes But thanks for your advice ( i might borrow a genuine camera connector to see if it i can irritate myself a bit more! :-D)
  13. If all else fails..ill get a powered usb..i bought a generic camera connector..not sure if that makes a difference re not connecting usb to dac? I have another arriving in the post ( generic) see if that works? Ideally the linx 12 needs to otherwise its of no use! Im not into computers..and having to faff about like this gives me the pip..but I really like persevering it is..
  14. No..updates done..think problem might be ok? The web Player is working ok so far on chrome..but ill look again tomorrow.. Thanks for the helpful information
  15. A chink of light? Im using chrome and the qobuz app..went over to web player ( still on chrome) and its working! Before on microsoft edge..a error code came up on the web player and it wouldnt play anything.. So? Seems promising.. Im sure it will go arse up just to pissed me off..but still apologies for bad word ( microsoft) hahaha
  16. How would i know which files are which? Im looking at the files..but they have no identifying number..
  17. Sadly now not working..back to play b..or c lol
  18. Done...its fingers are a bit of a fan of google..on my old ipod touch 4 google still app for YouTube but can access you tube through google..
  19. Doing that right now...why didn't i think of that! Lol
  20. Nice speakers....i use a profigold mini jack to rca..pretty good and cheap..think your topping dac would be good in a small system..if you haven't already Try solid core speaker cable..might ease out some of the digital sound?
  21. Am running windows 10..i have no idea how to remove updates..ill have a look though.. See if they are on the linx 12..