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  1. My mate just bought a audioquest cobalt dac..on qobuz im struggling to hear the difference between cd and mp3 with the cobalt dac..( he had the dragonfly before and it was more noticeable? Big jump from mp3 to hi res but with the cobalt? Mp3 cd and hi res got closer to eachother in my opinion) so maybe get a better dac and stay with mp3?
  2. Just Saw on the news..that sonos will keep their old speakers going for as long as possible? Thats kind of them! My record player and my CD player and my speakers dont need updates or have a when i want to hear music in another part of the house? I shall lug them about in my wheelbarrow lol..
  3. If its a power amp? Quad 909..i have a roksan kandy ( under the bed! Lol) liii its pretty good..quite powerful too! I had A Cambridge Audio the 90s bit plasticky..but sounded great!
  4. Looked at the reviews on this modern looking amp..if i needed a amp? I have far too many! I think i would buy one of these..
  5. My beloved ipod touch 4 hasnt been Supported for a long time..its effectively useless..somewhere theres a mountain of unuseable phones, ipods..tablets sonos has added itself! Why arent these companies forced to recycle their redundant products?
  6. If we keep on buying everything off the internet..we will have no shops! I wrote a poem on this subject a couple of years ago..last week i was in langney shopping centre..a new extension has been built..very nice..full of light! But I was wondering what shops would move in? Shops are closing all over the place..even charity shops are closing! Anyway back to subject my mate has a bose radio and its brilliant for what it is..
  7. Tannoy f1 custom..or wharfdale diamond 9.1
  8. My speakers are AE1 mk3s..i think i can move them without having to move very heavy stands..ill try it later if i can be bothered..i also found laying down in floor..listening to hifi is interesting as the sound passes over my head..trouble is at my age laying on the floor is uncomfortable after about a minute! So back to armchair..when i was a kid my grandmother had a hifi and I thought it uncle was a dj then and he let four albums for me to listen to ( my grandmother liked classical music) the albums were black sabbath ' paranoid ' led zep 2 & 3 and charles aznavour 2 lol..and try as I might i have never reproduced the sound that i remember from then..( also my first air guitar then too. Jimmy pages fault! im a virtuoso air guitarist now! Hahaha) happy days..
  9. I have thought better of
  10. I was under the impression that if you sat between speakers ( not literally) the correct toe in was when you could only see the front of the speaker and not the side? I will try this extreme toe in later..a few more holes in my parquet floor.. Bit of filler should do the trick
  11. Theres a quality in the sound of the piano thru valves..which my quad 909 cant replicate..what sounds good to someone may not sound so good to someone else? But I have listened to various bits of hifi all my adult life..and I can say that in my opinion..that the piano sounds better on valve not saying everything sounds better on valve kit? But the piano my opinion :-)
  12. One of the reasons i bought a valve give my streaming music a organic warmth..i bought a homemade Pentode valve amp..and despite its failings which were many..piano music sounded brilliant! ( from qobuz thru Pentode amp to not esp sensitive speakers) klipsch speakers are good choice for valve equipment..i bought some old cheap omar speakers which were quite sensitive like your klipsch but I played some Pentonix thru them and they didn't cope so well when all the singers were going at it at the same time! sure the klipsch would have been fine..
  13. So cool is the resurgence of vinyl..i heard ( horror upon horror! ) that people were buying records without having the intention of playing them! Hopefully apps like this one will encourage these new vinyl fans to actually buy a turntable? and play their records!..
  14. The sound of the piano on valve equipment is wonderful..
  15. or...a decent dac for ' proper listening ' you might find mp3 surprisingly good? Through a decent dac..I can recommend a jolida fx valve Dac..( I was doing some comparing of dacs through my AKG 550 headphones this morning..iPad mini 3..a Sony z5..Cyrus 'soundkey' and the Jolida..the iPad Dac is terrific and the Sony is no slouch either..the Cyrus was very good as well ( I have a dodgy earphone socket on the Sony so the Cyrus enables me to use phone with headphones thru mini USB I don't think the iPad Dac or the Sony Dac inferior...just different! ) then I tried the headphones thru the Jolida...night and day difference!! superior in every way..The Jolida is a fab might be worth a punt? In my humble opinion...