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  1. What's your go to whisky? The one that never disappoints..single malts can vary a dad's is J&B mine might be jw black guessing being blended it's doesn't change as much?
  2. Nice? I have seen that whisky on the shelf..just got a bottle of Johnny walker black label £22.50 sainsburys
  3. Try putting some French chalk on inside of belt..or try putting the belt in boiling water briefly (this shrink belt slightly) the French chalk for adding extra grip! However if your app is showing a constant slightly slower speed? Probably isn't belt you can get a linn axis turntable for reasonable money secondhand..put a denon dm110 cart on it..end of problems 🙂
  4. Crap that they don't fix their old kit..quad still do..get a quad amp..I have a quad 909 ( if you mooch about on the internet about £500 secondhand) I had mine serviced by quad and they put on new binding posts about £80 all in..Oh and the quad is a much better amp too..hope this helps
  5. Collected poems of philip larkin and the collected poems of wb yeats..I'm a big fan of poetry
  6. Bean feast! Chilli con care flavour..kept me going as a spotty youth..I lived by myself then..probably as well lol
  7. I would drink smoky peaty whisky all the time given the choice..haven't tried Ardbeg.. Think I'll try and persuade someone to get me a bottle for Christmas..
  8. Nikka from the barrel is exceptional whisky..Nikka blended whisky is also very good..I like yamazaki whisky too..I thought Nikka blended was pretty close to yamazaki..I don't know how the Japanese make such fine I tried a Taiwanese!
  9. Your clearly a person who listens with their ears and not their prejudices..I like to think I'm the we rock! 😁
  10. expectations on the whole were low regarding Mp3s..reason being music loaded onto phones then played back through anything half sensible sounded ghastly.. So my view then was coloured by this..some time ago I bought a Dac magic and after faffing about trying it thru all my cd players ( my sadly demised mission pcm 7000 was fell out of loft..I didn't do it either grrr still angry lol) anyway I noticed a optical output on my telly so I put the TV output into Dac magic..searched for HD music and was promptly expectation since then has been steadily building regardless of others low opinion of mp3..amongst the high fidelity brigade mp3 is something they trod in from outside! Lol..with my jolida dac it's improved again ( dramatically) I have sacds I listen to and a high res Sony player which has a dsee upscaler ( seems you can add to Mp3s) and my kit is exacting ( I have a pair of Lfd diamond viper interconnects.. Yes I'm bragging) but I still think through a decent DAC mp3 is exceptional for what it's not claiming super duper resolution like sacd and hi res do...but it certainly has another contributor posted..a quality recording shines through...and a MP3 is a lovely Shiny thing..when polished ( a decent DAC) sorry for the voluminous reply but I like the sound of my own voice 🤣
  11. Anyone tried hudson baby bourbon? It was reduced in sainsburys so I bought one..wish I bought all four bottles.. It's made entirely from corn..50% I think? Bit of a acquired taste? After first sip I acquired it lol..utterly fab
  12. I quite like a I lurk about the supermarket looking to see what's reduced..mostly I get a good one..and drink it..but recently I got a couple of problem is what do I do with these opened bottles? If I were a alcoholic it wouldn't matter I would just neck it.but I'm not..I like to enjoy my whisky and not feel I have to drink it because I bought it..problem is this will probably happen in the future! ( most minatures I have tried already) so this is my woe..three bottles now ( a Ben bracken islay..rubbish) should I give up..and drink beer? Lol
  13. Nice kit..I couldn't agree more..streaming thru quboz or YouTube sounds awesome..some seem a bit sniffy regarding mp3? don't understand why? On better kit it sounds even better.. I was listening to 'gothenberg live ' on quboz and I could hear around the drumming if that makes sense..mp3 and a decent's that resolving! I like quboz as it's French and has a different slant to music..more European I guess? ( other streaming services are available! pay your money..get your Dac..make your choice..I chose mp3 a good choice I think 🙂
  14. 100% agree 👍 I was on that What hifi forum too..till I got banned.. I wound up those armchair wafflers till they started spluttering!! Hahaha happy days 🤣
  15. My mate streams hi res ( quboz) and it does sound very good..and his kit is even better than mine! But mp3 ( decent recording) on good kit is high quality.. You would think it's limitations would be highlighted by exacting hifi..not my opinion.. ( I tried my ipod shuffle thru my kit..not good) I listen to YouTube from my telly via optical cable to Dac to HiFi and it's excellent..I may try the Amazon HD streaming service it seems good value at £15 a month..but I'm not expecting a chalk and cheese difference..