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  1. Yeah I know... need to find a few LPs too!! New LP12 in black with Kore Sub-Chassis, Lingo 1, Majik tonearm and Audio Technica OC9XEN cartridge.
  2. I spent a very interesting couple of hours with Peter at Cymbiosis this afternoon, the upshot being spec agreed, order placed and in a few weeks I'll be the very proud owner of a lovely specially built LP12... Very Excited!!! :-)
  3. The wall in question is a solid brick wall. So here's another thought... I live next to a main road that is quite heavily trafficked and sees its fair share of HGVs, I guess there is only so much one can do... never found skyhooks to be particularly effective with anything much! JB
  4. I had got an impression that wall brackets were likely best option where you have a suspended floor? Probably worth starting on the rack and see how it goes then... :-)
  5. In excited anticipation of finally getting an LP12... what wall brackets would you recommend? Cheers JB
  6. Suddenly realised tonight that giving my system its own dedicated circuit is really be quite a simple thing to do. I'd be interested to hear how others have done it, what cable have you used? Any thoughts on DB, sockets etc??? Cheers JB
  7. Its a suspended floor so the the big Gravestone bases do make a massive difference to the control and presentation particularly in the lower frequencies. The listening position is in fact very close to middle... that's partly of how they have ended up where they are really. I'll have try the blanket over the TV trick though...
  8. I've been messing about with Space over the last few weeks, trying all sorts on incremental changes and last night went back to switching Space off and actually think they sounded better with it off... Cant really put the TV over the fireplace, it too high up.
  9. They are quite pretty, much better looking than my old Keilidh's
  10. Good Lord No!! When I asked an old school friend who now lives in California what bourbon he’d recommend, the answer was “none, stick to the proper stuff” 😁 sorry America (and Ireland) but come-on, it is true... {takes cover} 😘
  11. Me too, all of a sudden I felt like I was missing something from my life... how did he manage that!!
  12. I haven’t been able to establish the ideal location so allowed SO to determine that. Although at the calculated values, it wasn’t massively different to having no SO. I’ve (rightly or wrongly) interpreted that as the current/practical position being a fairly decent starting point. Yes, optimisation slider is set 70/30 presently, I guess I need to start tweaking in smaller increments... should be easier now it’s set-up JB