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  1. Very interesting! I wonder if the subtle downside to using the added preamp in this configuration with the Klimax DSM is that you might have (searching for the correct term here) too much “valveiness”? Your preamp and power amps are all valve driven, no? In Yankeeland we call them tubes. My hunch (I need to say I am no expert here) is that this will be very dependent on the style of music you might be playing at any given time? It sounds like this is a moving target? Nature of the beast and all that! Your kit, especially the Klimax and your Music speakers are of a very high pedigree. So, I am wondering if a high end SS preamp might create the best cocktail for you here? A little more balance? If you had access to a quality neutral sounding SS pre like a Pass Labs or equivalent quality it might make for a solid test? * One quick thing: this thread should be on the Linn forum of this site. Some really knowledgeable folks who might never see this thread here. ** Next week I am finally going to my island cabin where I will test how well a Linn Majik DSM, Pass Labs XP-20 pre and a Bryston 4BSST2 Power amp play together. I am currently building a new custom rack to house the added volume of the Pass which comes in two boxes, the pre and separate power supply...
  2. No, there is a really nice pair of late model Tempos for sale here in Seattle. In a light maple finish. I am helping a friend upgrade his system. He is currently testing my Elex-R in his system. I was curious how the sound of Tempos match up against the Regas...
  3. When Paul from Definitive Audio came over to install my new Exaktbox system I was struck by two things: 1) how long he spent doing careful trial and error listening to determine the overall room sound and the ideal speaker position. 2) how super brief the whole computer SO session was...
  4. A long shot: anyone familiar with both of these choices? Thanks!
  5. I have never seen Akudoriks in person, even with many trips to my local dealer. Out of curiosity I looked for Akudoriks on all the major sale sights. Nothing. Even when looking though sold listings there is very little traffic history, especially with the passives. It sounds like there have always been more pairs in the wild available in the UK...
  6. Had the opportunity to inspect the Aethos the other day. No time for listening but it looks great...
  7. It looks like a grill but it sounds like this is the actual tweeter itself. I have never inspected these speakers that closely. I wonder if the recent announcement that Linn has discontinued these speakers has jacked up the price of samples in the wild?
  8. How easy is it to remove the grill and attempt to push out the damaged dent from the inside? You would think the dealer would do this themselves to make the speakers more sale worthy?
  9. I think you are on target here. Constantly switching in quick “can I hear the difference?” A:B tests makes you strain and anxious. Spending a week with one and then another week with the other while playing similar music will allow you to relax. Which do you enjoy more over time? Does one option make you turn down the volume more? Does your toe tap more with one or the other? Please keep us posted...
  10. A friend of mine enjoys coming over and pointing out the weakness in streaming services by using Airplay to pull his own ripped rare music from his own cloud with his iPhone. Very cool feature but the sound quality is just not that good...
  11. Ebony is an interesting wood. It has a lovely natural grain that IMHO looks best when it is not over worked. It has a wonderful leather like appearance and feel, that invites your fingers to feel the surface. Sanding it smooth and applying heavy finish sort of spoils it my book. But I am a big fan of letting wood be wood. On Friday I was checking out some amazing Spendor D9 speakers that had the very up market (added $$$) thick ebony veneer. The grain was preserved and not overly worked. Very impressive...