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  1. I am not familiar with your equipment but I would consider a SONOS Port. You would gain Internet Radio, Apple Music, Tidal and a host of other streaming options...
  2. I am still a newbie with my first season in the books. Can’t wait for spring! Max
  3. Getting dark... Orcas Island, Washington State, USA
  4. I can play music loudly, especially in the winter. We have two really spoiled Basenjis who put a firm limit on high volume listening though...
  5. I have compared listening to ripped CDs via a home server vs the same content via Tidal on good (friend’s) equipment. Hard to tell the difference. Both were served via Roon with a classic Proceed AVP2. Did the same test put replaced the Proceed’s DAC with a Rega DAC. The Rega sounded a little cleaner and sharper but the Proceed was more rounded and pleasing. You really had to listen carefully with different tracks to hear the slight difference. The Proceed also seemed slightly louder. I have compared listening to Tidal via a Linn Majik DSM vs a SONOS Connect. The Linn sounded way better as you would expect. Both played with Majik 140s on metal bases. I have compared listening to Tidal played with a SONOS connect, Rega DAC, Elex-R into Rega RS7 speakers vs same system plus a Rega P6 turntable & Aria phono stage. The vinyl sound here just spanks the Tidal stream but I think the week link in the chain here is using the Connect as the streaming source. I am going to test replacing it with the Linn Majik DSM. * working with two locations*
  6. Greetings Rega fans! New kid in class. I am sitting in our cabin on Orcas Island (out in the Salish Sea between Vancouver Island and Washington State USA) blissing out on a freshly opened 180 gram copy of the Jam’s amazing album The Gift. Played on a Rega P6 with Ania MC cartridge, Aria phono stage, Elex-R through Rega RS7 floorstanders. Sounds amazing... Cheers, Max
  7. Very cool. We used to live in Greenwich, CT but have lived in Seattle since 1991. We visited NYC for the first time in many years last October to see Eric Clapton at Madison Square Garden. I enjoyed your last post. I like my Linn gear. Reading about it requires venturing out to UK forums like this one though. All good...
  8. @zee9, Cool report! Fun to read. But, I need to add this: I am not a high end Wilson, D’Agostino, or Rolls Royce customer. I am a million miles from that. But I have purchased increasing levels of audio gear for decades from this same company. My tastes, interests and budget has evolved. Definitive Audio has given me the same level of service regardless of how much money I have spent when walking out the door. Very happy customer. But what they have is limited. Most hi-fi shops carry a limited number of brands and models. As you move up the budget scale it becomes harder to compare apples and pears. I have not spent much time in the past reading reviews and forums. Now that I have it becomes obvious: there is a lot of nice looking kit that you guys in the UK have ready access to. First world problem I know...
  9. LOL! The one main high end dealer in Seattle sells several models from both of these brands. The high end Wilson speakers look like a mix of Transformers robots and school lunchroom rubbish bins! Then there are D’Agostino amps: you better be certain your floorboards can support all that weight! The same room had a $150K turntable. I asked if I could hear it play? I was told “no” as the cartridge alone cost $25K and could only be demonstrated for “active buyers”. I was obviously not worthy... 😎
  10. I heard back from my Linn dealer in Seattle. The word he received is that Linn is removing the passive A and A speakers from the active price list. Linn will be still be able to make them for customers as a special order. They have all the components. No idea if the prices would change for this option though?
  11. There are some very interesting tube amp outfits in the US these days. Some smaller outfits that get great reviews like Raven Audio. Finding locations to check them out in person is also a problem. Running “brick and mortar” retail shops is just a tough business these days.
  12. I have not listened to JBL or Klipsch in years. I met the owner/designer of GoldenEars a couple of years ago. He was one of the main guys at Polk for a long time. Interesting fellow. Thiel Audio made fabulous speakers but the company fizzled away after Jim Thiel passed away. Have never heard of Magneplanar so will have to look them up. 😀
  13. Thanks! Which US companies would you say are on path with Linn, etc?
  14. I own a mix of Linn and Rega equipment. I am located in Seattle (USA). Most of the better audio forums are located in the U.K. I just find the reviews and member posts to be more thorough and better written. I am new to Hifiwigwam and am really enjoying it. The flip side to this is that much of the new equipment I read about is difficult to find here in the US. For example I would love to find a dealership that has Kudos speakers. No one seems to carry them. Other quality UK brands have a few scattered dealers across the country, but not in my area. Even if I took the risk of buying equipment without a listening audition I would be nervous about the support issues, expense and time without my gear if a component needed service? I am not sure if I even have a real question here? I was just wondering if others had taken the risk of buying attractive equipment even though there were purchasing, location and service issues? Thanks! Max