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  1. Great post David. I fear I might have committed the forum sin of thread hijack here. This could very easily become a debate on Linn corporate. Not my intention. But I really do sense there is an unfortunate amount of foggy head scratching for those that are contemplating Linn. Hell, I have owned thousand of dollars of the product for years and I still find it confusing. I think the whole K naming convention has way outlived it’s shelf life. I would be ok with tossing it out like spoiled milk. Other high end companies who market five different integrated amps might use a naming convention like Q190, Q390, Q590, Q690 and Q790, etc. Even if a newbie knows nothing about the brand he/she will immediately get a picture of the product tier structure...
  2. That is a pretty solid list of possible speakers! Some of those are impossible to audition in my location. Please keep detailed listening notes as you experience the different options. Thanks, Max
  3. Lately there have been some really good threads on the various options, technologies and upgrade paths. My own $.02 is if you are contemplating starting with Linn or thinking about possible food chain upgrades then you really have to invest in the time and concentration to figure this all out. For some really strange reason Linn has shrouded this entire ecosystem in a foggy nomenclature that is shared by several very different products but with the same name. The other confusing thing is that many forum users will share wonderful information but use abbreviations when chatting about Linn hardware and software. So, before you spend any hard earned money take your time to learn the language. I have chatted with very tech savvy friends in the communications industry about the Linn choices I am facing myself. The more information I shared the more astounded the looks I got, almost like “you’re kidding, right?”...
  4. I had a nice chat with the seller of this system last night. I need to check with my Linn dealer about the costs, etc, of upgrading this to Katalyst. Barring any surprises it looks like I will be buying this kit. Seller sounds very accommodating and very much a hi fi fan. Once the Akudoriks are updated it will allow me to do a real A vs B test for my second system: Linn Majik DSM & 140s vs Rega DAC, Elex-R and RS7 speakers. If need be I can sell the Majik and 140s as a system which might offset good portion of the Doriks upgrade. Right now my favorite sound I am getting is playing vinyl on the Rega system. In a way I would be ok to not have a Linn based setup at both locations? I will be all Linn for our primary home but I think I would enjoy playing around with a cheaper mix and match system on the island that was not Linn based. Testing will determine all of this. Give me something to do during the dark winter months...
  5. Thanks for all the input! I am hoping to get an arrangement made soon...
  6. Even if it is just a Linn learning homework project I will look into what it would take/cost to get this system up to the latest standards.
  7. Yup, that is the system I am looking at. Good detective work Dude!
  8. AFAIK, this was a recent Exakt system? Devil in the details, no? Again, I find the entire Linn nomenclature and price structure really confusing and I am actively reading up on this stuff!
  9. Hi All, Again, quick summary: in our Seattle home I have the latest Majik DSM and 140 speakers. I am super close to pulling the YES switch on purchasing a new ExaktBox Hub, Akurate Exaktbox-I w/ 8 amps and 8 Katalyst DACS, plus 8 new fancy speaker cables to power my existing 140s. Cost will be about $13K or so. There is a guy about four hours away that is selling a very fine condition Linn Akudorik system with Akurate Exakt DSM/1 with active Akudorik speakers for $9K. Upgrading this system to the latest Katalyst DAC system with fresh Linn 5 year warranty will cost around $3800. I would need to figure out what my local dealer could do vs. sending the DSM and or Akudorik speaker module all the way to Linn? So, the upgraded Akudorik system will cost about the same as the new kit for my 140s. The upside to the used Akudorik system is that I gain a new better pair of speakers. The downside is that it will be a used system that has undergone upgrade surgery. Having a new pair of Linn speakers might have positive down the path implications with my Rega system I have on our second property on Orcas Island. Any opinions here? Thanks! Max
  10. Excellent work! When I think about how much this stuff costs I am reminded of the classic segment from the old Tonight Show with Johnny Carson. His guest one night was the immortal Willie Nelson who was chatting about the horrendous state of his personal finances and the staggering amount of back taxes he owned the USA Internal Revenue Service. Johnny then asked how he was coping? Willie, paused, smiled, and said, “well, 17 million dollars is not that much money if you say it fast enough...” But knowing Willie’s great fondness for the green leafy stuff I assume he had help coping here...
  11. Have you determined the correct toe in position for these unopened boxes?
  12. I am a Tidal subscriber. I also just signed up with Qobuz now that it is $10 per month cheaper. The general plan is use both while attempting to determine if there is any SQ between the two? More important than that is discovering if one service is missing some of the albums I am looking for? Thus far the balance seems pretty equal. I find the Qobuz landing page’s album collection more to my liking. I am just not into the rap, hip-hop and modern R&B that gets featured on Tidal. As I am streaming with a Linn DSM in Seattle I can’t play any of the Tidal MQA albums. No issues when streaming hi res files with Qobuz though. So, seeing as Tidal now costs me more than Qobuz I am thinking that after a month or two of listening I will most likely drop Tidal. Once my gear upgrades are dialed in I plan on testing Roon...
  13. I recently returned to vinyl. Like a total idiot I sold most of my hard earned record collection in the 90s when I falsely believed the medium was dead. Then 18 months ago I bought a remote island cabin where the local internet service is all fed through the air with bounced radio signals (house to house). I was worried about the reliability of streaming so I returned to vinyl as a backup. My Linn dealer showed me the LP12. Lovely sound. But seeing as I would be transporting (5 hour trip) said machine onto a ferry to an island where set up and support might be an issue we opted for a Rega P6, Ania MC coil, and the Aria phono stage. I play this via a Rega Elex-R and RS7 speakers and just love the sound. Enjoying this warm sound with vinyl is what got me to notice how inferior the Digital streaming was via the SONOS Connect. The expensive downside (but exciting) is that I am now on a major upgrade path for both of my homes. We are heading up to Orcas Island tomorrow for the Thanksgiving holiday. This afternoon I am going record shopping so I can sit back, sip some wine and enjoy the warm sound of fresh vinyl...