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  1. Hi, PM coming your way. It will be a late Birthday present to myself, it was yesterday [emoji3060] Cheers, Norman Sent from my SM-G390F using Tapatalk
  2. Hi, quick question. Is there a Valve data book to accompany it Cheers,Norman Sent from my SM-G390F using Tapatalk
  3. Looking for 2 types ECC83 and E/PCC88 or equivalents, Can't afford exotica, don't want Chinese. Two unmatched of same make/ spec and Low noise suitable for a phono stage would be excellent. Singles also considered. Let me know what you have available, Thanks, Norman
  4. PM sent Ta Sent from my SM-G390F using Tapatalk
  5. Have one winging its way to me, be here in a few days. Thanks for your offer, I'll bear it in mind in case Carrier screws up. Cheers Sent from my SM-G390F using Tapatalk
  6. Hi Tim, there are 2 options on where the key way is oriented + do you need straight din connector or one with 90 degree plug. Arm / turntable make would tell what you require. Cheers, Norman Sent from my SM-G390F using Tapatalk
  7. Yes, the P10 does seem to be held in high regard by some, others have questioned its design philosophy. Certainly my local dealer agrees that for the money it represents excellent value. Sent from my SM-G390F using Tapatalk
  8. Have to say not that disappointed in the T10\P10 combo especially now I've gone to an active speakers set up, namely a Linn C6100 amp. All 6 channels are used tri-active in Keilidh's. They are Mk 1, mine from new, with the Hiquan tweeters upgrade. Although tonite I just bought a pair of later Mk 3 , with what are considered to have superior mid\bass drivers.They were an absolute steal at £122 + postage in original boxes. The real weak link is the preamp but it's replacement arrives early next week. So this is prep work for possibly replacing the Puresound kit in the near future and I gladly welcome the various thoughts of what is good out there and had come down to 2 contenders but thanks to Graham 67 I will have to explore a bit of valve rolling. If it yields results akin to some op-amp rolling I have carried out on a Little Bear headphone amp I would be well pleased. So yes a PM would be very helpful on guidance on valves. Very sage advice Steve Z, I was probably going to slash the budget by a few hundred as there are good options of kit produced by fellow enthusiast's on this forum Question, do I really need to scratch this itch....mmmmm. I think I'll reflect for a while and let the latest addition settle in, roll a valve or two and see if the itch subsides. If it doesn't, you guys have turned up a couple of other options.👍 A hearty thanks to one and all 🙋
  9. Don't appear to be any on second hand market and is no longer available new, though there is a R15 in budget and an R35 way over. Which one is its successor, I wonder, probably the more expensive
  10. Thanks Oliver, Appreciate the info, would realistically be home build, have read posts on the pcb and how BOM developed. Would love to hear it and your kind offer, but live in the Audio Backwater of Northern Ireland ( hard to audition even at dealers. Kronos av aren't too bad - 90 mile round trip )so will regrettably be unable to take up your audition offer. Currently awaiting replacement pre-amp due next week, so will have a better idea then of where to go re phono, but am thinking yours would be a contender. Many thanks, Norman
  11. [emoji106] Good to have that info, I'll move on to a couple other options that have been suggested Sent from my SM-G390F using Tapatalk
  12. Any one experience of The Vinyl Source SUT, I'm being offered £500 down from £550 new Thanks
  13. All good stuff Guys (& Girls), I'm going to end up with too many options [emoji846]. Certainly a couple of ideas there that appeal, will research/ follow up. Resigned to keeping lots of boxes [emoji848] Cheers Sent from my SM-G390F using Tapatalk
  14. Hi Lurch, My main objective is to reduce box count, but having no luck with obtaining a remote controlled preamp with MC input that will equal or best what I have. Budget... £1100-1200 less if possible I'll checkout the Big Bottle option, Diy skills are not an issue, Thanks
  15. Looking for above, seeking to replace Puresound P10 & T10 pairing to mate with an AT 0C9/ III. Let me know what you got or suggestions much appreciated Thanks