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  1. Speaker Switzerland Dac Italy Amp Italy Cables Italy Streamer KOrea Rack Germany
  2. Now you sound like a true's a slippery slop this game
  3. Do they not have to honor this price as advertised?
  4. Funny, I have had my eye on this one too....and the alternative for me would be the more expensive Bricasti M5. I have had an Auralic Aries before...the older one that is still available, but like the idea of a digital display and love the over all look of the price does not put me off that much TBH...and still a good bit cheaper than the M5.
  5. Mad4it

    Johnny Darko

    Finally a break through (Queen anyone?)...well done, you finally get the point of this forum....I'd call that progress
  6. When I saw the thread title, I thought...heck I'd even go back to Brexit 24/7.....but then I applied 10 hard horse whips to the mid back yeah...let's get back to all things musical and of course Hi Fi Goodies!
  7. So my bill has just come off....I was paying £24.99 and now £14.99....that is a nice saving! Good old Spotify for continuing to offer premium at £9.99..... Can't complain....who'd listen anyway
  8. Yes, but are they acoustic chopping boards?.........What?
  9. Anyone seen the recent price hike? Gulp!
  10. Why, did they make a component that sounds musical??!!??..........I'll get my coat!
  11. It probably won't do any harm, so fill or not to a question for you to answer
  12. Mad4it

    Johnny Darko

    Oi, you can't steal my's the only line of defense I have
  13. Mad4it

    Johnny Darko

    Good for you, probably saved a few quid huh.
  14. Mad4it

    Johnny Darko

    Your avatar would suggest otherwise or is that BS?
  15. Mad4it

    Johnny Darko

    Yawn......sorry....did you say anything....Zzzzzzz