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  1. Thanks to all for the offers. This isn’t an essential purchase and, as such, I’ll leave this for a week or two until things have settled down and we have a better idea of where we’ll be. Hopefully, everything will be brighter and I’ll resurrect the request. Many Thanks
  2. A little positive news, I’ve been thinking of upgrading my CD player. Recent events means I haven’t so I’ve just listened to it. It’s an old Rotel RCD951 and it is brilliant. Knocks the spots of any player I’ve tried. Strange times. Be safe. Be happy. Service will be restored to normal as soon as we know what normal is anyway.
  3. Looking for half size CD player for study set up. Ideally CD6 SE2 or above. In black. Other half size options considered. Thank you.
  4. Thanks. Could you PM me some pictures please.
  5. Thanks. Could you PM me some pics and prices please.
  6. Thank you. Would love one but only looking at £300-£400 tops this time.
  7. Hello, After a half size amp. Rega Brio, Brio -R, Cyrus etc. Anything considered for study set up. Thanks
  8. Hello. Need some excellent small speakers so looking for a pair of these. Preferably walnut. Must be delivered to Suffolk. Will consider other decent small speakers. Physically small with big, open soundstage. Thank you.
  9. Beautiful looking item. Delivery only in this day and age, I guess....?
  10. Well I’ll give them a whirl and let you know. They’re lovely looking things. Is £150 about right?
  11. Ok. So a friend of mine thought he was doing me a favour and spent £150 on a pair of 11Ls only to get them home for us to find they are Yew 10Ls. Haven’t connected them up yet but bargain or fair price?
  12. Ok..... My mistake. Looking to avoid new prices so a used model, please.
  13. Looking to source this player. Must be in excellent condition. Ideally with box and accessories.