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  1. Hi Laurie, I've just read through this thread - you have my sympathies. Have you ever heard Harbeth speakers? The new ones are made to have a flat response, well integrated drivers with no upper mid range emphasis. Kef are another speaker with a flat, neutral balance. I say this without having heard your existing speakers of course. I hope you find what works.
  2. I phoned Linn to double check this and they told me the internal (coil) resistance is 7 ohms.
  3. Hello, I've recently purchased a Krystal for my LP12 to use with a Dynavector P75 phono stage. As I wanted to use the "Dr. T" mode I thought I'd check the cart specs on Linn's website to get the coil resistance but they only show the loading resistance. Would anyone know what this value is? Many thanks.
  4. Flash - as you say, that new power amp would be a bargain if it matches the P49s performance. To be honest, I'd be surprised if it's not more or less the same amp (I think they've done away with the second set of speaker terminals though - probably to keep costs down). Maybe it's 30% cheaper as the R&D was done for the 49 models and they're trickling the tech down. To be honest I get the impression that Arcam always had trouble selling the high end stuff which is a shame. These new ones are probably priced more suitably for their target market. If they do replace the A49 I wouldn't be surprised if they use the same case as the new HDA AV40, as the A49 used the same case as the FMJ AV receivers.
  5. Hi mac, the A49 has been discontinued (in 2018 I think) it retailed for 4k but they tend to sell second hand for around 1600-1800. I had a Rega Elicit R before the A49 and it was a good step up in low level detail and dynamics with a bit more weight to the bass. Vocals have more emotion and really project into the room. On complex mixes, it is clearer, less congested and easier to follow individual instruments etc. Your Alpha is probably a little softer sounding - the Class G Arcams moved away from that to a more neutral slightly more exciting presentation I think. As I was saying in my previous post, there are a few P49s on the bay at the moment (one brand new one). You would of course have to buy a pre amp to go with it (Arcam did the C49 which also come up used now and again) and I've heard that the Linn Akurate Kontrol (only available used) goes very nicely with it too (better than the C49).
  6. I saw that A49 myself Flash - great value. A few P49s have been on the 'bay recently too - I wonder if bi-amping with an A49 would be worthwhile? Depends on your speakers I guess. I see that Arcam now have an HDA PA240 power amp - I wonder if it's a replacement for the P49 or will they bring out an FMJ one? It is much cheaper than the P49 when it was first released. Not sure if it's because its not as good or just that it's now made in China (rather than New York). Would be nice to see a replacement for the A49 at some stage.
  7. Whitehart - I will report back when I get the stands. In the meantime I'm sitting on a couple of cushions to raise myself to the correct height!
  8. Cno - I'm unable to reply to individual posts for some reason. The 40.2 are fantastic, I hope you're enjoying them. I once heard a pair in Lyric, I can't remember what was driving them but they sounded great- are they really harder to drive than the Kefs? I imagine you'd need an amp with plenty of grip in the bass to control that big woofer. Do the Missing Link feet make a big difference then? I've actually ordered a set of Linn Skeets for the spikes to sit into, just because they look better than some coins! How deep are the Link feet? The Skeets are only 6mm or so. I just took a punt on the annies as Harbeth wouldn't loan Michael a demo pair, but assured him they are a "different animal". I have to go on memory, but I'd say the annis are even more neutral with a clearer mid and tighter more accurate bass.
  9. I have been using SHL5+ 40th Anniversary for a couple of weeks which have replaced a pair of 6 year old Kef R500 which I had from new. The clarity from them is stunning, they really are a huge step up in all areas. Using an Arcam A49 amplifier to drive them. Linn K20 cable. Unfortunately my 18" Something Solid stands are still on order so I'm using a pair of 20" Linn stands from my local dealer in Belfast. They still sound great but I look forward to lowering them to the correct height. Here's a pic.
  10. Terribly rainy day today in NI so I thought I'd post a system pic for those that like that sort of thing. Can't believe how much detail I was missing with my last speakers compared to the Harbeths. Now off to the Harbeth forum to upload speaker porn..
  11. Just wanted to let you know that I have now changed my Kef R500 speakers for the Harbeth SHL5+ 40th Anniversaries. These have an extremely detailed mid range and neutral balance and the A49 drives them beautifully. I'd really recommend the combo for fellow A49 users.
  12. I like filter 2 the best. I find that anti-aliasing filters (as is filter 1) roll off the top end noticeably on CD resolution material - have you tried filter 1 on 24/192 files? You may notice that it behaves differently. To me filter 2 is the most natural sounding one.
  13. Thanks for the replies I am very much looking forward to receiving my Harbeths. I haven't actually heard the Anni's yet as my dealer only has the standard SHL5+. The D33 is a fantastic DAC Flash - you must've been smitten with your's to buy a second one! It really is a big step up over the Rega DAC in all areas and good value too - by the time I sold my Rega DAC it only cost me about 300 quid to upgrade. The rPlay does indeed stream via the control device even when connected to a NAS drive via an Ethernet switch. It does sound really good though. I do have problems with it cutting out quite frequently (when using NAS drive), and I can't play high-res files either (it just stutters) - this is probably due to the aforementioned non-direct via the controller design. DTS have implemented a direct to device mode in the latest Play-Fi update, but it only works when using non-uPnP sources at the moment - they are supposed to be releasing the direct mode for uPnP sources soon - I'm hoping this will fix the reliability issues.
  14. As I've been an Arcam user for the last 18 months or so, I just thought I'd submit my first post here to say hello. Upgraded from a Rega Elicit R to my local dealer's ex-demo Arcam A49 - big improvement in dynamics and low level detail. Replaced Rega DAC R a few months later with a mint second hand D33, using the rPlay as a streaming transport from a Qnap NAS. Still using my Kef R500 speakers but have a pair of Harbeth SHL5+ 40th Anniversary on order after borrowing a pair from the dealer to try at home - beautiful sounding combo with the A49!