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  1. I use Clearaudio Elixir of Sound Stylus cleaner. I paid £12 for it a few years ago - I just seen its £25 now! I've also been using an Onzwo Zerodust for many years. My stylus rarely needs cleaning as I only play records which I've cleaned with my Cadence Okki Nokki RCM.
  2. I'm not sure why Chord make their products look so wacky. I might otherwise consider them.
  3. John Nilsen who is behind Audio Origami is a close friend of mine. However, I own a SME IV. TBH, I doubt you're going to be disappointed with either.
  4. I'd get an Arcam Alpha 7SE. It was the CD player in my first hi-fi. Don't buy NAD CD players are completely unreliably.
  5. No it just reports the voltage but it's also a mains conditioner with surge protection.
  6. I'm not exactly sure what you were looking for but I bought this mains conditioner which displays the voltage and current: https://www.amazon.co.uk/Nobsound-Conditioner-Receptacles-Protection-Anti-Surge/dp/ It works great but the only thing I dislike is the unusable 4 American sockets which are not even 110V. I've been surprised how much our mains voltage fluctuates. Its usually at 240V but I've seen it go as high as 250V.
  7. I can't see how it's a driver issue when I can play 24bit 192kHz FLAC files in Foobar2000 and also hi-res works in Tidal .
  8. I have a Meridian Explorer2 and it supports up to 24bit 192kHz but in Amazon Music it says device quality supported is 24bit 48kHz. There isn't anything in the settings I can change.
  9. Consider: Cambridge Audio CXA60 amp (includes built in DAC) B&W 606 speakers
  10. I'm updated my selection in my original post. Realised I'd need much better amplification to drive these masterpieces!
  11. Tidal Audio Akira speakers look promising:
  12. I don't know why super expensive speakers are ugly and weird looking.
  13. The Euromillions jackpot is £167m and had been dreaming about what hi-fi I'd buy if I won the jackpot: Goldmund Mimesis 22H Nextgen Pre-Amp Goldmund Mimesis PH3.8 Nextgen Phono Stage Goldmund Telos 550 Nextgen Mono Power Amplifier x2 Goldmund Reference II Turntable dCS Vivaldi CD/SACD Transport dCS Vivaldi Master Clock dCS Vivaldi DAC dCS Vivaldi Upsampler Tidal Audio Akira Speakers What would your dream lottery win hi-fi be?