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  1. Hey ... it’s just a hobby. Sometimes it’s fun when the dig is not too hard. Just in jest ya ... 😂
  2. The music sounds so much fuller when a sub is properly added to the system. But then some tracks have a lot of bass whilst others little l. So you gonna need to find the compromise or just adjust the sub level every now and again. 😬
  3. I got a simple conditioner. Was tested with that thingamajig mains tester. The noise level was reduced by heck of a lot as per the tester. When used in my system, hardly noticed any difference. Now, I met some dealers who tell me that an expensive multi-way power strip will really increase the quality of my system. 🙄
  4. When you start up the biz you need capital, there is a cost to that. You gotta pay interest to the bank or return on the investment for the investor. Then you got R&D costs, cost to make jigs and molds, acquiring machinery, marketing & promotions cost, packaging, PR cost etc etc. You then need to factor in shipping cost, customer service, the occasional rejects & lemons. Using third party to supply something like a speaker box that is manufactured to your own design will involve ‘minimum order quantity’. Huge MOQ means lower cost per unit. How many can one order for its new product? There’s no crystal ball. Lets not forget that some target the high end market. Their volume won’t be that much so adjustments need to be made. So now you have the cost per unit (on the basis that you intend to sell say a total of X amount of units). Then just like the F&B biz where you want to ensure food cost is 30% of the price, the same methodology works for hifi too. Even when a manufacturer sells direct, they won’t lower the retail price by that much. Let’s just assume the unit retails at £1,000 and dealer makes £300 and the distributor makes £150. Even with direct sale, the manufacturer ain’t gonna lower the retail price by £300 whilst adding another £150 to their bottom line. They will push it close to £1,000 and max out on profits. This is just reality.
  5. Oh yes ... I love the Kara for indoor venues for say 2k-3.5k pax. They are so so sweet sounding for easy listening music, no rock no metal. It’s still my preferred choice. Better than the Nexo Geo T speakers.
  6. I like the L’Acoustics K2s with even the older SB218. Nice tight, defined low bass with awesome clarity in the highs n mids. 😬
  7. I’d say at the very least bring along speakers. 😬
  8. Another zero would be about there for 3 of these babies.
  9. Yes it’s the 5692 To be precise. Need a single piece. Will be glad if you might have one. Thanks!
  10. Yeah ... the small ProAcs can be slightly thin whilst the Harbeth P3ESR gives good mids. The guy I sold my Tablette Anniversary to got the Tablette 10, he says it’s got better mids than the Tablette.
  11. Was not a cheap $50 China amp. Blu, Dave, VAC, Strumento etc. Perhaps it’s just me. Also, it’s just slightly coarse for me, not saying the W5 is a course sounding speaker 🙊