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  1. You just had to eh? 😂🤣
  2. Yeah I get what you mean. miniDSP can make more adjustments too. I’ll wait for your opinion after Bristol. Have a great time! Oh yeah ... Harbeth is launching their new XD series too.
  3. tIANcI


    U2 will sell out at 50k-60k capacity venues. They done 80k before too. It’s the popularity. Their 360 tour in Australia was supposed to be 4 cities, 8 shows ended up as 12 shows. The production is not cheap, for the 360 tour you got the custom made stage (3 sets) ... the lantern style LED
  4. Do give a report on the CR1. Am keen to purchase one myself. Got a hardly used one available from my neck of the woods.
  5. tIANcI

    Bug bears in hifi

    I agree. Tried headphones, great for traveling etc but no sound coming from the front though. 😂
  6. tIANcI


    U2 concerts costs about USD6m a pop. That is just their fees with the stage and sound system. Excludes other stuff the promoter needs to pick up. 😬
  7. tIANcI

    Bug bears in hifi

    Get a set of great headphones? 😬
  8. Mr Shaw stated he likes the Hegel because the volume can go almost all the way up to near max before the input stage starts to clip. Seemingly, it’s not like that for most amps, as they start to clip once past 11 o’clock.
  9. If that is the case then my apologies ... Stereophile has the measurements for the P3ESR, D2 & 805 D3. At 10k to 20k it’s all so different.
  10. I’m not gonna waste my time with you. You enjoy nitpicking and getting argumentative all the time. That’s what you do. It’s like your life’s purpose on this forum. 😬
  11. What I’m saying, as I have stated is that they sound different. It’s not the same. Then our personal preference comes into play too. Does not mean the P3ESR is a lesser speaker. Clearer now? Its just apples, oranges and durians.
  12. The P3ESR will not give you the sort of detail that you get from say a ProAc Tablette Anniversary or say even the B&W 805 D3. They are all just different. It very much depends on your personal taste. I prefer the sound of the P3ESR more than my Marten or ProAc. It’s due to my preference and selection of music.
  13. My guess is an amp that measures flat and not from a boutique manufacturer. Maybe you can register at HUG and ask them. Some members there do remember what amp was used at which show.
  14. Maybe they want to tease? Teaser campaign. Keep them waiting in anticipation. 😬 Somehow Doug Brady Hifi, Liverpool, website has 2 pics and MSRP. Interesting.
  15. I read at HUG that they once used the AS-801 or something in that range. Alan’s view is that amps do not matter if they are supposed to work like how it’s meant to be. A ‘straight wire with gain’.