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  1. I got the Oppo Sonica and Mytek Brooklyn Bridge. Both work great without preamp. Sounds very good. But with a tube preamp, now that’s a different thing ... 😬
  2. Yeah get what you mean. At times the form factor will dictate. I almost bought the Muso because of that, I did not when I realized that unit is deep. My TV console just wasn’t deep enough.
  3. Why not do a factory reset? Or email Audia Flight?
  4. Used unit? If so, it might be what the last owner renamed the input.
  5. tIANcI

    Box reducing

    I still like some boxes, esp valves. Looks great. 😬
  6. tIANcI

    Box reducing

    I got my integrated, the CD player and streamer/dac only. Sold off the tube preamp but one day will end up buying another back I think. Integrate is big at 36kgs so was tempted to get a 200w class D that is from the same series as my streamer (it’s only half width) but I don’t think it will give me the satisfaction of having the Italian integrated. I can’t do away with my CD player, somehow good CDs sounds different from streaming.
  7. DomT ... no chance of getting the LSX? 😬
  8. Tried Goggling it? Got a few reviews out there. Pretty detailed. 😬
  9. Being late with proper/real excuse is ok and they better keep the other party in the know! 😬
  10. They cost a bomb now if fully restored!
  11. The media and social media twats are having a field day. Then you got middle men who are cornering the masks supply. It’s about 20p - 25p a piece now from them. Used to cost like 5p ea. Real scums of the earth. Ooooi .. that’s such a racist facist remark or is is a sick sense of humour? 🤔 😂🤣
  12. How the heck did it start to spread in Italy? Did they not lock it down fast? We locked it down fast here. We were the first few countries to have them. Started with some China tourists and some guy who went for a conference in Singapore. Hardly any new cases. Local transmission was very few. ☹️