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  1. Hi Jules, again I apologise for not replying quicker. The speakers are actually 1 metre from the back wall and about the same from the side walls, that position is tolerated by the rest of the Family ! Here's another photo just to let you see the position and finish better. I have never heard the C40s but I'm sure the C500s would pack a bigger punch. I don't get overwhelming bass when I turn up the volume with mine, but then so much depends on the room. Good luck with your quest, you may find an ex-demo pair if you are patient !
  2. My first hi-fi was a JVC JAS11 amp, a Pioneer PL12D turntable with Audio Technica AT 10 ? and a pair of Wharfedale Glendale XPs which were made from a kit. I added a matching tuner and cassette player from the JVC stable a year later, that was 1978 ! I probably enjoyed listening to that little system as much as any subsequent set up !
  3. I would just like to add my thoughts on the Velvet Vortex. I have just started using mine this week and can report that it works very well. My method is 6 minutes in the Velvet Vortex using the recommended fluid mix, then I rinse using distilled water before a quick vacuum with my Moth RCM. Most have been cleaned with my Moth before, I was a champion of the Walker Audio Prelude cleaning system, and while it definitely got the discs clean, oh dear did it take a long time ! As many users have found, the Ultrasonic method gets your records even cleaner than the wet vacuum method, I can now confirm this has been my findings too. So a big "Thank you " to Spider on producing this fine, cost effective cleaner, I hope other record playing members will consider this machine, and finally, I have no connection to Spider, just another Happy Customer !
  4. Hi Jules ! Sorry I didn't reply earlier. Here's a poor photo of one, placed in exactly the spot Q Acoustics suggest. I have never moved them since set up and I have never adjusted the HF setting, just neutral with the rear ports unrestricted. I didn't hear any need to change anything, they sound pretty good as they are ! The room measures about 5m x 5m , that large window isn't ideal but most listening areas are a compromise to some extent. I would say the speakers are fairly easy to drive, they are reasonably efficient, is it 90db ? The Hegel is the only amp I have driven them with though but they sounded fine in the demo room connected to a Naim amp. The left hand speaker partially blocks the TV which is wall mounted so I have a small job to do sometime, it's the TV that has to move, it can't argue with something as solid as the speaker ! I hope you get to audition a pair, the problem then might be that you will want to own them afterwards! I've been busy with another project this week, one of Spider's Ultrasonic record cleaners, marvellous machine, real benefits in SQ over the wet vacuum systems , but that subject is really for another thread ! Happy Listening !
  5. Such a good news story ! My first CD player was Arcam Alpha and I had it for years but had to replace the drawer mechanism. I recently did the same job on my brothers Alpha 6 . Lovely players though.
  6. Here’s another happy Audiolab 6000CDT owner. I was looking for a cd transport and after reading a few very positive reviews and talking to a dealer I decided to get one. It makes cds sound as good as they ever have in my system. I have owned Cyrus and Arcam players in the past. I am currently trying a KLEI co-ax cable which appears to have improved replay even more but it takes a few hundred hours to run in properly. CD is certainly undergoing a partial revival in my home !
  7. I think I'd leave the wood glue in the shed ! I remember some years ago a friend using something similar, it was a clear fluid in an aerosol which was sprayed onto the record. Once it dried you just peeled it off, he said it certainly removed lots of dirt but the Manufacturer must have stopped making it.
  8. Yes Nativebon, you are correct, that’s how the game works, here’s our shiny new product, it’s a huge improvement on previous models, go on, you know you want one ! Ummm, maybe next year......Thanks to HiFi + on this occasion ! It could have been worse, I did contemplate buying a Hegel Mohican, thankfully I changed my mind.
  9. I was really happy, then I read a review of the amp that's replaced mine and somewhere in there the guy said the new one made the old one sound like it was broken ! I wish I hadn't read that review ! My amp will do me just fine, it doesn't sound "broken" .
  10. I thought I'd just say hello to the Q Acoustics owners in this section. I have recently added a pair of Concept 500's to my stereo system, I had parted with my trusty Shahinian Arcs after nearly 25 happy years but felt it was time for a change. I had listened to a pair of Concept 500's at a dealers and it didn't take long to realise they were special speakers, I hadn't even taken a seat in the listening room, I was just talking to the dealer and half listening, I knew right away! It was difficult to drag myself out of the demo room once I did sit down to listen seriously. I feel sure I have found a perfect replacement for the Arcs, I can't see me changing these for a long time.
  11. I’m new to this section but I can report that I am the happy owner of a Hegel 360 integrated amp. It was a good solution to my box reduction drive. I had a pre/power amp including a power supply and I also had a DAC, so in one move I replaced 4 boxes with 1 ! Sound wise, well, not really too much difference, which speaks volumes for the Hegel. The gear it replaced was fairly good, Tom Evans and Auralic.
  12. Hello to all Shahinian owners ! I am a brand new Wammer so I thought I'd head over to this section first . I have owned Shahinian Arcs since 1994, in that time I have changed every bit of my equipment apart from them. I was introduced to Shahinian when a friend bought a pair that year, once I heard them I knew I had to have a pair ! A look through the hi-fi press (no internet back then) revealed a used pair at a dealers in Oxford. I was so pleased to get a pair so soon after initially hearing them, twenty five years later I am still a happy owner. They've been powered by a host of amplifiers, a Naim 250, then a Dynavector H75, a Leema integrated, then Bel Canto mono blocks before the daddy of them all, the Tom Evans Linear A ! The Linear A really made them sing ! However, after 25 years I have decided that it's time for a change, I know I will miss my Arcs but I've heard something that sounds even better.... I can't say more at this time as I have not sold the Arcs yet, they are spoken for but the potential owner still has to see them! The replacements will only arrive once the deal is complete. If for any reason the buyer changes his mind I will be happy to keep the Arcs for a while longer, that's how much I like my Arcs !
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