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  1. Yes but then what do you listen to nowadays? Regards Richard
  2. Good Morning All, Was first introduced to Rush in 1978 by a work colleague. A very capable threesome who generated some classic tracks. A reminder we're all only here for so long. Regards Richard
  3. really - something about beauty being in the eye of the beholder. Regards Richard
  4. Enlighten me - what is it she does do best? Regards Richard
  5. Good Morning All, Mine arrived in the post yesterday. Cheapest thing I've bought off Linn ever.................. currently still in its box pending first official use. Regards Richard
  6. I think I need to have access to more information from Linn directly in connection with what SO is doing as I don't believe things are as clear as they might be currently. Regards Richard
  7. Is there not a way to get back into a SOV2 set-up? I must admit I haven't tried, very much a case of it seems OK so if it ain't broke don't fix it? I agree with whoever it was above who posted about the lack of intuitiveness there is with this system. In order for it to get greater take up it needs to be simplified and made way more user friendly i.e. get it way from the design department and get some 'user panels' involved. I would be quite happy to spend a day down at Linn's factory helping in this regard. Regards Richard
  8. Good Morning All, Is the OP on some kind of commission????? I bought one last night and I have no idea why really....... Regards Richard
  9. I set up V1 shortly after getting my pre-used Akurate DS/3 Katalyst streamer - the 'loss' of bass was my immediate reaction although having seen this demonstrated at Cymbiosis I was expecting it (how much did that influence what I heard?????). As soon as I became aware that I had access to V2 I spent some time entering my room as accurately as I could including the two part height recesses (alcove to one side of the chimney breast and 'bay' window) including best guesses as to floor/ wall/ ceiling construction. My perception was that the 'sound' was much 'better' overall - it would be nice to be able to do an A - B comparison!!! I wouldn't like to think that Linn have been playing with driver delivery times as a part of SO. I posted about this on another forum. I know such as the Albert Hall have their dangly mushroom things but broadly when I go to a 'live' performance I believe I'm generally hearing things as played by the performers and the various frequencies arrive at my ears as nature intended including all manner of reflections/ interference etc. I have no idea what happens at live performances but it simply isn't possible with a large audience to manipulate the sound for it to arrive at everybody's ears at the same time so why try to do this in the domestic environment? If I have less than a full understanding of things at play here I am more than willing to be 'educated' by those with greater knowledge. Regards Richard
  10. Paul, It is indeed a great joy but one very much subject to the quality of the source material. I was introduced to Chris Jones's 'Roadhouses and Automobiles' by Peter down at Cymbiosis, then Carmen Gomes by I forget which forum and I was very surprised by Haircut One Hundred's 'Pelican West' which I listened to the other day for the first time in years. On the other hand a number of pieces of music I've listened to lack breadth, depth, height etc. etc., and that includes some music recommended on hi-fi forums such as this one......... Returning to the thread content I feel SO would get much greater take-up if it could be 'automated' to a greater degree. It needs to be such that a black box c/w microphone can be plugged in and left to make its own determinations with some minimal inputs regarding room layout from the end-user. Regards Richard
  11. Good Evening All, I have commented here, or on other forums, that I was given a very clear demonstration of the impact of SO down at Cymbiosis. As 'troll mentions above I can fully understand the customer asking the question 'Where has the bass gone?' This was my immediate reaction but following a discussion with Phil Mulvaney I had a better understanding of its impact. On my return home, clutching my upgraded LP12, I had to give some thought, SO or not was the question. I did try V1 and wasn't sure so gave V2 a go and spent some time entering my room details as best I could given the programme still needs some work (both the alcove and bay window are less than full room height). Since my first visit to Cymbiosis I had acquired an Akurate DS/3 Katalyst streamer Now I have added the Urika II to the LP12 both sources are exposed to SO V2. The bass is still there, I am finding more than previously that the issue becomes one of the whether it is there on the source to start with. Having had all my Naim equipment serviced and a number of upgrades to boot my system is now revealing shortcomings in recordings more than ever before. With the arrival of the GIK acoustic panels yesterday, and the temporary installation of the number of them (and SO V2 still active), things 'fell into place' sonically. This reinforces the conclusion I came to at Cymbiosis, I had been listening to the room not the system for many years. The next step has to be trying listening to the system without SO once the acoustic panels are in place. Regards Richard
  12. Does she need all that reverb??? There's more than Hannah Reid gets.......... Regards Richard
  13. Good Morning All, I would like to read an unbiased technical article on the cost effectiveness of hydrogen fuel cell against EV's myself. It would also be nice to see aluminium/ air batteries being developed for use in EV's, much more environmentally friendly. I believe cobalt is the 'dirtiest' part of the EV battery equation and, as has been pointed out recently, I believe way more cobalt is used by the oil refining business and it isn't recoverable (can't imagine why they'd be keeping quiet about that?). Regards Richard