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  1. Good Morning Michael, The only observation I would make is that as a journalist I assume the ability to spell correctly is no longer important - how do you spell audiophile? Regards Richard
  2. Yes I was aware its strict legal position was advisory but given that the MP's all agreed to implement/ honour the referendumresult I still contend that the nations democratic wishes from 2016 are being overturned in a near undemocratic way? Regards Richard
  3. As the 2016 Brexit referendum result would still stand even if the Liberals came to power they don't have the legal or democratic right to simply stop Brexit it would take another referendum surely? Regards Richard
  4. ffid1l, I'm assuming that as the current Conservative incumbent won with a 15,000+ majority Nigel has included it in his 317 uncontested seats? Regards Richard
  5. Good Afternoon All, The NHS is a marvellous institution. I've had all four wisdom teeth out, an inguinal hernia (self-inflicted) done and a radical prostatectomy (hereditary) so been there, done that. I fully support it but (isn't there always a but?) significant numbers of people seem to think that every medical procedure or medicine available should be made available for all and that simply isn't realistic. Decisions need to be made about what should and shouldn't be available and to who. Two very significant issues currently are an ageing population and an increasingly overweight one. One of these is unavoidable, the other largely self-inflicted. Who should get priority? In this case it's a 'no brainer' for me. Throwing more money at the NHS alone isn't going to solve things. My way of thinking is that we need to alter the political system in this country to one of proportional representation and where 20% of member's are elected annually. Who knows that way we might actually see some continuity and possibly compromise on ways forward. Regards Richard
  6. Good Morning All, Further to my post of yesterday I'm assuming the reason we don't have a Green Party candidate is because of the 'Unite to Remain' Alliance??? Regards Richard
  7. rabski, If you had taken the time to do a bit of very simple Googling (other systems are available) you will find plenty of information relating to "Seafarers Earnings Deduction' - SED I am a UK taxpayer who, provided I meet the necessary rules, is entitled to 100% tax relief. I also pay NHI. Other than this all my money is spent within the UK (even if the goods themselves were manufactured outwith) so I will be paying VAT on a significant number of these purchases. I employ trades people to do work on my property. I am self-employed as a 'marine consultant' so my tax situation is unusually 'complex' so there is still Corporation Tax and if the limit is reached VAT to consider. Regards Richard
  8. Good Afternoon All, Let's see they tax you when you're earning it, they tax you when you take it out as a pension and then you pay taxes when you die. Nothing wrong with the system at all. At least as seafarer I have a legitimate opportunity to avoid paying tax and can choose how the greater part of my money is spent. Regards Richard
  9. Good Afternoon All, At the outset and for the record I voted for Brexit. Ignoring all other issues I am more than a little irritated that the referendum result hasn't been enacted and this is the 'fault' of ALL MP's. As to whether Brexit is good or bad for the country is secondary to the fact that democracy has been defeated, parliament promised to deliver the 'will of the people' and has, collectively, failed to do so. I have just looked at the candidates I have available in my constituency and am a little disturbed to see I only have the four, Conservative, SNP, Labour and Liberal Democrat. This is the most limited choice I can recall. A whole host of things have combined so that I cannot consider voting Conservative and the SNP are truly a single issue party so I'm down to Labour or Liberal Democrat. I have never voted Labour in my life and I think there would be little point doing so in this constituency, it would effectively be a 'wasted' vote. This leaves Liberal Democrat as a 'protest' vote. Sir Malcolm Bruce was our MP until he resigned and then Alex Salmond took over who himself was trounced at the last election by the current incumbent. He had a 15,000+ majority last time around. Why didn't we vote for PR is, perhaps, a more important question than Brexit. As I keep saying we won't be discussing Brexit in 100years but we will be dealing with the effects of climate change........... Regards Richard
  10. Good Evening All, Does anybody have any spare 19mm black Quadraspire columns of 180mm or more than can spare please? Regards Richard
  11. Good Afternoon All, I'm looking for one Quadraspire Q4 Evo light oak shelf if anybody has one they don't need. Regards Richard
  12. I don't know from what position of authority the OP is coming from but as a classic car owner of some 35yrs I consider myself to be sufficiently knowledgeable to comment with some authority. Even as an owner of several classic vehicles I am at a loss to understand how the FBHVC managed to 'hoodwink' the Govt. into allowing vehicles to get away with not needing to have an MOT. Yes there are a lot of reputable owners of classic vehicles out there but also doubtless the current system does allow poorly maintained vehicles to be out on the road. Personally I would fully support re-introducing an MOT. The insurance industry could sort this out by incentivising classic car owners by penalising those who don't have an MOT. The brakes and lighting on most classic vehicles are entirely suited to the speed that vehicle is capable of. The issue of seat belts in classic vehicles can be challenging. It is possible to retro-fit static belts to many vehicles. Regards Richard
  13. God Morning All, As a classic car owner I would suggest that ALL drivers of ALL vehicles on ALL roads should drive with due care and attention. The facts of this case need to be determined. If I had been that 80yr old driver of a 116yr old car I wouldn't have been anywhere near a motorway especially in the SE of the country BUT let's not penalise ALL owners and vehicles as a result of the one incident. ANY response needs to be proportionate. Regards Richard
  14. Rip the CD's and put the CD player in a box somewhere...... not sure about the Melco personally - interesting to see second-hand ones become available!!!!!!! Regards Richard
  15. I'm not familiar with Naim's latest products but I imagine they will have gone some way down the SMD component route, at least with the traditional PTH component construction it is 'easier' to work on. Regards Richard