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  1. Well i have purchased an Amplifier ans CD Player, been busy this weekend listening to my CD's. So happy with what i have purchased, 😊 Will post again soon with more details. Thanks everyone for your suggestions.
  2. Thanks everyone for your advice, you really are a friendly bunch. Will let you know my thoughts after the demo. I know i can and probably should save money by buying online but i would rather demo the unit first and if i like it, i will buy from the dealer. I dont belive that after having a dealer give up his time and offer advice it is fair to make up some excuse, then go home and order it online Also from my HiFi experience from earlier years a good rapport with a dealer is worth a lot. Something you cant have with an online shop. As i will be buying an amplifier then a CD and further down the road speakers and god knows possible what else i think having a dealer that can demonstrate items is a better route for me. Maybe i am old fashioned but thats how i feel. On a separate note, what a wonderful forum this is. 😊
  3. Thanks have areanged a demo for next week 😁
  4. Yes it appears to be a steal, but i am live in mainland Europe, and would prefer a dealer within driving distance. Thanks for your input its really appreciated and gives me confidence that i may well like Unison Research 😀
  5. Depreciation doesn't worry me as if I decide on this I won't be box swapping. I have found a dealer not that far from me and have decided its better if I arrange a demonstration and listen to the Amplifier first before committing myself. The dealer is more expensive but having a dealers/manufacturers warranty is a great piece of mind. Anyway maybe they will have other alternatives, always good to have options. Must admit though.,the more I look at the unison research amps the more I like the look of them. Just hope when I get to hear one it doesn't disappoint.
  6. Very sound advice, thank you. One amplifier that keeps cropping up on my search is Unison Research Unico Primo, a Hybrid Amplifier. Looks gorgeous to my eyes and apparently well liked. Was wondering if anybody here has experience of this amplifier? Found what appears to my searching a very good price,
  7. Yes about that, really don't want to go over budget as I am more or less starting from scratch. Only have speakers at the moment and even they will be changed eventually.
  8. Thank you all for taking the time to reply. I have. Spent this morning looking around at various dealers in my area and I have not come up with much, well not in my price bracket anyway. Probably my best bet for acquiring an amplifier that fits my needs is getting a used amplifier from Ebay and evaluate it at home.if its really not suitable then I hopefully can sell it on at not much loss. I like the look of the Croft amplifiers that have been suggested and also the Icon Audio. Also been reading about the Unison Research Amplifiers both Valve and Hybrid designs and will investigate them further. As Non Smoking Man mentioned, maybe my Canton speaker's are not worth a 1500 euro amp but at some point I will be looking for new speakers, after I source a digital source. So maybe a year or two.
  9. Hello everyone. I am after some advice regarding choosing a new Amplifier. 10 years ago I sold my HiFi system as I emigrated to Europe from the UK and have been without a proper HiFi system since. I do have a decent AV receiver (cough) which I use with a pair of Canton GLE 476.2 Floorstanding speakers and mainly stream from Spotify. I also have a huge CD collection ranging from metal to rock and a bit of Blues and Jazz. I don't have a Cd player at the moment either, will sought out an Amplifier first then progress to the Cd player. My listening room is 4 m x7 with the speakers half way along the 7 m wall. I don't need loud volumes but I would like the Amplifier to convey as much musical emotion as possible. Now this may be where it gets a little tricky. I have it in my head that I want a valve Amp. 2 questions will a valve amp drive my speaakes adequately, specs below. Also will a budget of max €1500.00 be enough. Any recommendations would be really welcome. Product Data Type Floorstanding speaker Engineering Principle 2½-way bass reflex Nom. /Music power handling 110 / 170 watts SPL (1 watt/1m) 89.5 db Frequency response 25…40.000 Hz Crossover frequency 300 / 3.200 Hz Woofer 1 x 180 mm (7''), Aluminum (Wave surround) Midrange 1 x 180 mm (7''), Aluminum (Wave surround) Tweeter 1 x 25 mm (1''), aluminium-manganese Nominal Impedance 4...8 ohms
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