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  1. Thanks for this. My Audio Note arm has nothing to do with Rega. It’s the new Audio Note that interestly is a captured Unipivot design. Will investigate.
  2. Thanks Lurch very interesting. I like the look of the Aurasound and getting a demo should hopefully be straight forward.
  3. Thanks Rab. A very thoughtful post. My SUT is a bit fussy about positioning and ideally needs a separate shelf. In the new world it would be on a shelf of its own and that would be a waste. Am genuinely fed up of ‘stuff’ and having too much of it. And the SUT and cable should generate c£300-400. But there are certain things that are important and that the musical performance. My SUT is Silvercore 1:10 and has nothing to adjust. My phono pre is a heavily customised Audion and again has nothing to adjust. So the loading either works well or works less well depending on the cartridge. All your above comments lead to caution. And rightly so. My other option is to change to a one box phono stage that has MC. I used to have a Raven AC and Dynavector DRT XV1 so set about finding something better than what I already had. The Leema at £3.5k was nice but not worth it. Linn Uphorik sounded compressed and lifeless by comparison (both in my system) Couldn’t find anything else although I never got to hear a Whest. I don’t care about hifi effects just musical expression. Maybe this is something to consider but last time it didn’t work out. Is the phono stage route a safer path to tread? What might you recommend that is very detailed but not lean sounding, very dynamic, and has great tone? Max budget £1500-2000 if new? Am open to second hand. thanks D
  4. Really appreciate the comments. Thanks. It unfortunately leaves me in a tricky place as I don’t want to take a punt on something that I have not heard. And of course this is all system dependent. Hmmm
  5. I had thought that all MM cartridges had the same loading which is why the MM inputs are always the same on amps. Now am very confused.
  6. Thanks guys lots to respond to. Regarding Nagaoka vs Dynavector I just think that it’s a difference in loading. Everything is set up ok ( I have all of the instruments and know what I am doing) but good of you to prompt me on this. I am certainly not saying that the Nagaoka is better. But it has a little more punch and loses out on everything else. My Marantz PM11-S2 has a phono stage that reviewers say is equivalent to a £1000 standalone but it sounds rubbish compared to my SUT with my custom Audion. It’s been years since I did the comparison but there was a huge difference. If MMs lack the body and tone of an MC then maybe I shall forget this idea. I do think it worthwhile trying to find a Dynavector dealer who really knows the difference between the 20X L and H. If I don’t lose much then it might be a good compromise. The problem is that this impossijlble to demo and the X20 will set me back c£600 trade in. The Audio Note IQ3 is a good idea but I am hesitant. I have heard it many times at Deco Audio. Normally on a Spacedeck with Ringmat and N/A arm with Audion amps and Audio Note speakers. The sound was very live and forward sounding. (Too much so for me) Might have been the ringmat, arm or cartridge but it wasn’t the other gear. Unfortunately Deco’s IQ3 is worn out and a new one needs to be bought and worn in. Never heard a Music Maker but think that I have read that it’s a bit difficult to get working at its best. There are so many MC cartridges that I don’t like that if MM doesn’t have the richness then I need to be very careful indeed. thanks
  7. That’s seriously lovely. Great job. Did you do it yourself? I can’t share a photo as I am away from home. I went with the PTP4 approach.
  8. DomT

    5/6 way mains block.

    That’s great to know. It could be that the 8 meter wall of glass didn’t help me much!!! I know Peter and he likes a very ‘live’ sound. Very often I find at his place that the music is too forward for my tastes but we are all very different; which is a good thing!
  9. DomT

    5/6 way mains block.

    Just to say that I had the Heretic Audio mains block at home and in my system produced a very forward sounding mid range and reduced bass. Really upset the balance of my system so I stuck with the one that I had. Am away at the moment but I think that it is PS Audio. I also bought a Project Audio one for the TV etc and it seems ok. Never did comparisons though.
  10. Watching with great interest. Would dearly love to hear these speakers again Reg. we both have Lencos!
  11. Thanks everyone. Those Ikea stools are inspired! At that price it’s an easy buy and try. I am sure that Alan Shaw has stated historically that anything will do as a stand and that at least one reviewer used kitchen stools. Is there a specific reason why people recommend SS and will the sound change much? Am assuming that nothing dramatic will change maybe I am wrong?
  12. Well out of interest I will write to them but the design is so simple and doesn’t appear to apply any form of ‘technology’. It seems to be just bits of wood unlike Hutter and Quadraspire.
  13. Thanks for the response. I have very little experience with MMs. When you say tiring do you mean that they are too relentless like Naim of old? That’s not what I would like at all. That Nagaoka I heard was not like that but Nagaokas have always been more laid back I think.
  14. Thanks for that. Looks like the sort of thing any carpenter could do. They don’t have any prices so I shall write to them. Thanks!
  15. Hi We will be moving the main system to our other home later this year. There we always have a lot of people in the lounge including children. I am worried that my Harbeths may get nudged or knocked and being on Something Solid stands might mean damage to the speaker or even worse injure someone. Can anyone recommend a flat top (not sure of the right word) suitable stand please as it seems that in the UK the majority of dealers recommend SS for Harbeth Thanks D