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  1. Just yesterday I made a comment in the audio show section about Graham and I having very similar tastes and now I find that he has a tenuto mat as indeed I do. I also have the same version on my Lenco. I moved from a Funk Firm mat to the Tenuto but also had my original rubber mat for reference. I found the same as Graham. Interestingly moving from the funk firm to the tenuto was like shining a light more on the treble than the midrange. In my context this worked well. Thoroughly recommend this for Lencos as I do the Funk Firm. D
  2. We had the same thoughts and have the same tastes. I think that bake-offs or these events are really useful in understanding what people like and why people recommend certain things. And I have just checked your kit and I love all of it and am in fact in the process of buying an IO and S2 and would have bought the same speakers if my room at the time was suitable.
  3. Martin you might be right. I said that the system sounded ‘forward’ he said that it didn’t. He said that I used the wrong word. Could not have listened to the system for more than 15 minutes; it sounded unpleasant and IMHO tied for second worst of the show. I have no idea about hifi words. If I was a recording engineer I would have said that it had a 3db boost at 3k (just made that up) but I am just a musician. In any event he should not have gone into lecture mode especially saying that if I had a streamer I must buy the physical copy. When I said that I wasn’t interested in owning physical things he said that I was not interested in sound quality. I have heard streaming systems that sounded much better than his non-streaming system including Naim that he said that he would never sell because it was terrible. The Audio Consultants!!!
  4. A quick note to The Flash to say a huge thanks for the photos and a great write up and reminding me of the Meridian room with their vintage gear. I was so much in a rush that I didn’t make any notes or take photos. Thanks again Dom
  5. The first time that I had heard these speakers and I was expecting them to take my head off but I thought that this was a great system.
  6. This is a great example of preferences rather than one system or component being ‘better’ than other. I on the other hand thought that this was the only time I did NOT like an Audio Note room. This is not to criticise The Flash’s tastes at all (particularly as his write up was far better than mine) but just to highlight how people can hear the same thing and have a completely different experience. The thing that I find interesting about Audio Note is the consistency of musical reproduction up the range and that actually a lot of the cheaper AN stuff is just as ‘enjoyable’ as the more expensive if you forget about hifi attributes. The new TT3 sounded great but was with the most expensive of the three power supplies. In fact it was listening to this that triggered me to buy thebiglebowski’s IO.
  7. It depends on the size of your room and whether it is floorboards or solid floor. A few years back I wanted floorstanders but ended up with stand mounts because they worked better in that room. Maybe the OP can answer this question so that we can help him.
  8. Sorry to say that I was so held up on the M40 on the way to the event that I had so little time at the event that trying to connect with people was out of the window. In fact I only saw that there was a thread about who was going on which day after I had already left and logged in to do a brief comment. Jessica I have a feeling that I may have ushered you into one of the rooms. Maybe the Longdog one? I have no idea what you look like so it’s a guess. Just waiting to hear that Jessica is actually a 2m tall builder called Derek.
  9. For those who didn’t go to the buffet in the restaurant it was great value at £18. I didn’t have the pasta or fish and chips but the salads were really good, and there was cheese and desert. Went to listen to Hegel. I asked the dealer (The Audio Consultant) if he was happy with the sound in the room before I made any comments about what I had heard. The younger guy said that they were very happy. I told the older guy that I didn’t like what I heard. He told me that I was describing what I was hearing incorrectly (because he obviously had direct access to my brain) and went rambling on about why I describe music incorrectly. I immediately left the room. Earlier in the conversation he also told me that streaming could not sound good and that he was only selling equipment that produced “high quality sounds”. I am only interested in equipment that produces music. Importantly I am also only interested in dealers who are not rude to customers. There was not a lot of ‘consulting’ going on but there was a lot of ‘superiornessing’. Audio Note room played some interesting music that sounded great but a bit harsh this show. Normally I also enjoy the Music First room but not this time. It’s intersting that every other time I liked them they had used vintage Quad gear. There seemed to be a lack of streaming going on. The Longdog room had too many variables for me to work out of their phonostage was any good but it was a good price. Any comments anyone on Longdog?
  10. Hi Chris we swapped PMs and I confirm that I will buy. Please refer to my PM. Thanks Dom
  11. Thinking about a home based system the best that I ever heard at any show was anything from Audio Note. Have heard lots of hugely expensive systems at a few dealers that I never liked. For for home it would therefore be a top notch Audio Note System. And an SME turntable, a Shindo T/T, and a wild custom Lenco. And just because I love the Japanese approach to hifi it will have to have an Accuphase System with Harbeths or maybe some large Tannoys.
  12. The best portable device and headphones as I would always be travelling.
  13. Sounds like a well plinthed idler drive then!!! Well done!!
  14. But this is the problem because the ply will still show through in most cases including my own deck done on the same basis by one of the so-called best in U.K.
  15. You seem to know what you are doing but just to call our one particular potentially problem if you want to paint the plinth. Ply typically shows through the paint in strong sunlight so that you see all of the ply layers giving an unintended result. I was once told that placing paper round the sides and then prepping and painting gets round this. Am not sure of the procedure though.