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  1. I never suggested this but many people/reviewers commented that the heads were as good as a Nak. When I said “on that Sony” I was referring to the OP r2r. The comparison to r2r was in relation to customised high end full size decks. I bought mine from Alex Nikitin who is well considered in the cassette world. Sorry if it was not clearer but I blame the sunshine and wine here in Portugal.
  2. Sony WM-D6 would seem a good idea. Amazing heads and small size. Mine sounds great.
  3. There are some people who say that a customised cassette deck is not that far off r2r. I have heard an original Elvis recording on that Sony and it sounded amazing. The advice that I got a few years ago was only to get r2r if I was into the music that was originally recorded on that format and could afford to buy it.
  4. But you can now pick up CDs really cheaply. In the New Year I shall give 500 mint CDs to a charity shop unless my friendly dealer wants to give me pennies for each one.
  5. If there is a room problem and bass hump then a ‘less fullsome’ amp could be the answer. Can’t wait to hear the feedback after listening to The Flash’s amps!!
  6. Ron I totally agree with you “listening to the music”
  7. I have you on ignore but you have popped up for some reason. Your definitions are your definitions and from all from an extreme audiophile point of view.
  8. If you have read all of the posts in this thread I would like to suggest that there are two types of listeners - audiophiles and music lovers. By Darko’s definition I am lumped in with the Audiophiles that I share little in common as to how we approach listening to music. I don’t belong to that group and will never identify as an audiophile. It’s ok to have different approaches but don’t call a jazz guitarist and rock guitarist; same difference.
  9. That was not quite the idea. The Roberts are something else to transport you to another world (well it did for me anyway)
  10. Darko’s opinion that people who buy decent hifi systems are defacto audiophiles is proven not to be correct by the responses to this thread. I don’t like labels for anything but it is clear that we have ‘audiophile’ and ’music lovers’ posting here. I am not saying that some of the audiophiles are not music lovers though.
  11. A Roberts Radio with Internet kept me (and still keeps me) very happy discovering new music. This is such as joy and that it is played back through a lowly portable radio does not interfere with the pleasure. The other answer is my wife but she doesn’t do multi-room!
  12. Sorry but I can’t disagree more (even on your photo example) we are on different planets but I wanted to check that I was not misunderstanding you (even though I am still baffled - but don’t worry it’s an artistic thing.) If I buy something new (like the streamer that I am searching for) it’s because it moves me emotionally. The technical aspects are irrelevant but they are to you and that’s ok. If you read my demo write ups they talk about ‘musicians playing with more conviction’ and ‘more musical insight’ etc. Different equipment tells me a different musical message. That’s what I am interested in listening for in a demo because I want to repeat that same experience after purchase. The concept of test ‘A’ in demo to then listen to ‘B’ after purchase just does not seem logical.
  13. That you don’t assess any musical aspect is completely beyond my understanding. The designers are testing a product to suit many customer’s tastes. You are selecting equipment just for you. Am speechless but each to their own.
  14. You didn’t actually answer my question. What do you listen for if you don’t listen to ‘musical content’? I gave examples of what you may be listening for twice to try and get an answer but alas it was of no help. I am genuinely curious as it is very strange to me that someone would spend money on something if music was not part of the answer.
  15. A better hifi for me is one where musicians are more expressive in their playing. There are other things but it is mostly about a musical performance; but then I am biased as I am a musician. I honestly have no idea what you are trying to assess. Are you actually talking about hearing jitter and valve distortion and mains hum etc? Or are you listening to ‘tight bass’ and soundstage and hifi stuff?