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  1. I've very rarely purchased from RS in my home town, mainly because I have an Audio T within 3 miles of my house and the RS store is in the opposite side of the city. But my main profession over the years as a customer services manager meant I use to study UK best practice and Julian Richer was always recognised as an innovator in the industry. My Audio T used to be Sevenoaks and Audio Excellence before it, so RS have certainly stood the test of time.
  2. My 26yr old son has almost definitely got the virus with all the classic symptoms, dry cough, fever, loss of taste & smell, although he has not been tested. And it seems so has his flatmate and most of their colleagues who stayed put in Germany when their work stopped. They are the new cast (in rehearsal) for a long running musical theatre show in Germany which of course has stopped. They hope to begin rehearsals again at the end of April and re-start the show at the end of June. Many of the British cast decided to stay in Germany because they are being paid 60% of their wages by the German Government and they were worried about having to travel back to Germany from the UK. They are all young and very fit so getting the virus was probably of less concern (rightly or wrongly). He is ok by the way, but has felt quite unwell at times. I do worry for him, but there's hardly anything I can do about it.
  3. The RX series also had quite a hefty increase in price, so it's good to know that the sound quality improved too. My RS5's are sat in a corner of my room likely two naughty little boys. I doubt they will be going anywhere for a while.
  4. A few years back I demoed the older RS3's and remember describing them as 'musical' too. They were not quite big enough for my room so I eventually got the RS5's which I enjoyed greatly until I replaced them recently.
  5. My neighbour's tree needs cutting, otherwise we get no sun in our back garden. It's a 60ft eucalyptus tree that is as wide as it's tall. So I won't be going up it at the moment. And I don't have to worry about my neighbour going up it either, he has been promising to do it for twenty years!
  6. Thankfully no, but paying for it would be a problem each time I fill the bin with my neighbour's tree cuttings - why I cut my neighbour's eucalyptus tree is a rather annoying story!
  7. Our garden waste collections were cancelled a few days ago. Long grass won't do any harm for a while!
  8. So I fall into the Government Key Worker category, so at any point I could see me being asked to completely change my role as required. But otherwise I am working from home quite easily and efficiently. My daughter's focus for the past year has been on qualifying and competing at the Olympics in Japan. My son is a musical theatre performer in lock down in Germany, thankfully being supported financially by the German Government. But we are all safe and well thankfully I am going to clean out my garden pond today.
  9. Didn't you once have an Electrocompaniet? Bet you wished you had kept it now
  10. Indeed, £340 is a lot less than £1000 - you could have two for less than £700, unless you want gloss back!
  11. Just to say that I wasn't sure what I needed so I rang BK and they gave me some advice (which I took). The advice covered both which model sub to get and whether FF or DF - all based on my requirements and an explanation of my room. No harm in calling them for some free advice
  12. The short story is that I purchased the XXLS400DF (floor is laminate over a concrete base) for both movies and to pair with some Mission 780's I had back in 2012. I still use the XXLS400 for movies but I probably didn't set up the sub for HL duties very well and it was a bit boomy. I then purchased my Rega RS5's and did not use the HL at all. Then with my Exposure amps, there is no way of attaching the wires for the HL and now I have the D7's. I did ask Exposure about attaching the sub and they advised I purchase some Michell Engineering Amplifier Terminals, but when I looked at them, realised (I think) that I would have to open the amps to fit the terminals, so for now that's a project to investigate another time. TBH I think I should look at room measurement first, again that's another project on my list.
  13. Speaking of BK, when I was trying to decide what sub to purchase I rang them and asked for advice. At the time I was 50/50 music/movies so they advised me to purchase the XXLS400. They were very helpful to me, and I understand generally helpful to anyone who contacts them. you could always call them for advice, you don't have to buy their product. (I'm don't mean to inadvertently say that the advice from this forum is not useful, just that this is another potential piece of advice).
  14. Hi Angus, I have a pair of Cherry RS5's which are in excellent condition (probably not a mark on them). They are spare after recently being replaced by a pair of Spendor D7's Prior to my Exposure Amps, the RS5's were driven by a Rega Brio 2000 amp and a Apollo CDP. I will send you a PM later with some further details if you are interested.
  15. I'm glad I have light oak!