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  1. @Lurch Thank you for the advice. I had some Q Acoustics 1050’s many years ago and they was great speakers. Once I have sold off anything I no longer need I should have enough to upgrade my speakers. I’ll be sure to check out the 3050 / 3050i
  2. @Lurch @mr neds @knaithrover Thank you very much for the speaker recommendations, I’ll have a look around in the 2nd hand market to see what’s available. One question I did have, is it possible to bi-amp with the C320bee and 214 and would I see any benefits? i know the C320bee can used as a pre amp, but does removing the jumper bars bypas the internal amp or can I run the Highs from the C320bee and the Lows from the 214?
  3. @knaithrover Thank you for the reply and advice. I did end up getting the C320bee along with the power amp. As I mentioned above, I think a change of speakers is needed as the Gales really can’t keep up with the nad. Any recommendation of speakers to look at, I do prefer floor standing speakers due to the bass extension.
  4. @mr neds Thanks for your reply and advice. I did end up getting the C320bee along with the power amp as I managed to knock the price down quiet a lot for the pair. I think you have hit the nail on the head with the “Sideways” upgrades comment, using my Gales with the C320bee I have noticed just how terrible they are. They just can’t handle the power the nad has and need to be replaced. I’m now thinking of selling the T754, Gale’s and Jamo’s and putting the money towards buying some better speakers.
  5. Hi all, I just recently purchased a pair of Gale 4040 floor standing speakers and have just seen a Nad C320BEE and Nad 214 power amplifier for sale at my local second hand store. My question is, would the C320BEE be an improvement in sound quality over my current Nad T754 I’m using for 2 channel audio? And would getting the 214 power amplifier as well to bi-amp the gale’s make much improvement over just using the C320BEE on it’s own? Any advice would be appreciated as I’m not too sure if this upgrade would be worth going for or if I should just pass on it. The C320BEE is £60, the 214 is £140
  6. @bencat Yes if I do choose to run the Pi as a player also then I will more than likely get a HiFiBerry Digi+ as this has both of the outputs you mentioned.
  7. @bencat Thanks for the information. Once I have received and tested the Pi @Man in a van is sending me I’ll decide if I’m going to use the Pi and Squeezebox route or just stick with the Pi. If I do go for the Pi only route then I’ll definitely make sure I get a DAC for it. Is there any performance issues running either of the Pi’s you have in your setup?
  8. @MartinC My Nad T754 has Optical and Coax inputs which is why I was looking at that, also I wasn’t aware that USB DAC’s would work with the Pi. And one of the main reasons for getting the Squeezebox would be for a visual display etc when not using my phone. @Man in a van is kindly lending me a Pi 3 with SPDIF Hat for a couple of weeks to try. @Man in a van has even offered to advise me on what to purchase and help me set it up. That is top class Wamming there 👍
  9. @MartinC I was planning on using the Pi as the server and Squeezebox for playback. It has digital outputs so can be connected to a DAC. Cost wise it would be cheaper to get the Squeezebox than buy a DAC and another case for the Pi. Although the device would be operated by a smartphone it would be nice to have a device with the track name displayed etc rather than keep using my phone to see this. Or would using a Squeezebox not be a good idea and just use the Pi as a server and streamer?
  10. @Man in a van Thank you very much for all of your help. I just sent you a PM. I take it the Beresford DAC’s are not worth using now days? I foolishly didn’t look at the Pi’s when first looking for streamers. Although there are a lot of good streamers out there most of them are very expensive for what they do. Unless I can find a streamer for a similar price then It looks like I may well try the Pi and Squeezebox route. I quiet like the idea of tinkering with it as well and adding extra functions through plugins.
  11. @Man in a van@Man in a van Thank you for all of your help. As we speak I’m just researching piCoreplayer. Thank you very much, I may take you up on that offer of trying a Pi. I’ve just found a Pi 3 B+ with case, 32GB SD card and plug for £30 second hand. Total cost including a Squeezebox Classic would be £70. Guess I could always sell on the Squeezebox Classic if it doesn’t quiet work out. I’ve also just seen a Beresford DAC for £45 second hand so could always add that and the Digi+ DAC to the Pi if needed. Is the Pi fine to leave on all of the time running the server or is it best to turn it off when not using it? Is It user friendly to control the Pi through piCorePlayer? Only asking as it also needs to be Wife and Kid friendly for when they want to use it.
  12. @Man in a van Thank you for confirming for me that Apple Music will work. Would piCoreplayer stream Spotify Connect and Apple Music to a Squeezebox Classic? Is piCoreplayer controlled through a web browser or app? If I was to use the Pi as a server and media player like yourself, would I be best to use a DAC like the HiFiBerry Digi+?
  13. @Man in a van Thank you very much for that information. Do you use the Pi as a media server and player or just a server? Would you recommend to use Volumio or Max2Player or would PiCorePlayer be sufficient for my needs? Edit: I would of thought if devices show up in the AirPlay list then audio playback should work.
  14. @Man in a van Thanks for the link and advice. I haven’t purchased a Logitech Squeezebox Classic but have seen them going for as low as £30-£40 second hand. I did originally look at the the Squeezebox touch but these are going for £100 upwards which is getting into the price of separate HiFi streamer territory. If I can’t find a streamer within my budget then I will most probably go for a raspberry Pi to use either as a server or streamer. Am I correct in saying that if I was to run the Pi as a server with LMS and the right software for Spotify Connect and Airplay that this would work with a Squeezebox? I was mainly looking at the Pi and Squeezebox as I can get a Squeezebox and Pi as a server for around £100. I do really like the look of a Bluesound node but realistically I’m looking at not having the funds until next year.
  15. @Bolosun Yes I have looked at the N301, there Is currently one going for £110 at my local second hand store. If it is still there come payday then it could be a possibility.