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  1. That baffled me too when I recently started looking into it. I settled on a longish usb cable from my PC to my old Onkyo ND that I used to use with an i-pod. Digital optical from there to my CD player. It works very well and I'm loving it. Got all my CDs ripped and use Spotify free version.
  2. A cable manufacturer has a reliable termination method. That's good to know.
  3. I made my own cables using digital coax, plugs off e-bay and a soldering iron. I'm a cack handed buffoon so anyone can do it.
  4. I use a small piece of this stuff. Just place it on the deck and lower the needle into it a few times. Works for me.
  5. Try cleaning out the old spindle oil and renewing. You've reminded me that mines about due for new oil.
  6. The first album I heard in '72 or '73 was Meddle. I was never the same again. I scraped together enough money to buy it that weekend. The next album to have a similar impact was Moving Waves by Focus.
  7. Thanks for the info folks. I'll leave it for now and give it some more thought. GLWS
  8. I'm interested in this but I'm completely ignorant how these thing work. I want to play music files from a hard drive through my hifi amp. Would this do the job? Thanks
  9. Before you give up, give Wilmslow Audio a call. I'm sure they'll be able to help.
  10. Thanks for your thoughts folks. My problem, well not problem as such, is my current speakers are very, very good, but after 10 years or more I fancy a change. Big 12" brutes appeal because they might offer something different, but I very much doubt the TDB 8 will be worth bothering with. Oh, and I have next to no budget. Does that make any actual sense?
  11. simon ess

    ProAc D18

    Hehe I saw that yesterday. But he says he can make a new pair of grilles. I believe him.
  12. Thanks. I also see Japanese guys cramming big JBLs, which these remind me of, into tiny spaces.
  13. I find myself strangely drawn to the TDB 12s. I'm trying to convince myself that, despite the company's statement that they need a large room and to be played loud, they would be great in my 4m x 3 1/2m room at medium and low volume. My current speakers are well into the room, well away from walls, so...
  14. Wonderful. Thanks to everyone for your answers.