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  1. First step involves a pair of loudspeakers, not a loudspeaker + sub. I will use the setup for both movies and audio. they need to be in the 7-11k gbp price range. So I need full range speakers. Focal Sopras do not have enough bass, tested those too. I also tested sonus faber olympica 2, inefficient at 88db and 40hz min response. the 803d3 go down to 16hz and avantgardes are approximately the same yet with different bass design. I liked the sonus faber wooden panels, but not the specs. The gf doesn’t like any boxed speaker like the django from marten, the kef reference 3/5. She could accept the blade 2 but those cost 15k£. Too much. Also, if possible, white finish. These two speakers satisfy those requirements and sound good. Now they are also quite different, with the bew i am convinced they sound a bit muffled, but i am also unsure about the pairing. I tested them with a 5k£ amplifier i am not going to be able to afford. Hence the need for the more experienced advice i am hoping to find here as i had not much time to play around with any of those speakers but the bowers have years of heritage and reviews while i find not so much info on avantgarde and the zeros. another factor i was thinking with horns is off-center sound distortion... does it get distorted if you are not exactly in the center of the triangle?
  2. Hi Uncle and all the fellow members who had a listen at this speaker. i am trying tondecide between two similarly priced speakers. bew 803d3 and the Zero XD (passive) i listened to both, however i couldn’t manage to change the setting of the bass amplifier of the zero. i like the flexibility of the Avantgarde of using a tube amplifier, or a smaller but high end solid state amplifier. With the BEW I like the full range that on paper goes down 1 or 2 hz further, but they do require substantial more amplification power and quality in that regard. However the flipping/resell value of the BEW I think surpasses the Avantgarde. As far as the design goes, i love the look of the bew, and also structural elements like the integrated spikes and wheels to move them. I don’t understand why the avantgarde zero comes with that chrome bar that looks like the bottom of a coat hanger. However they do sounded A LOT more detailed in the upper end with palpable detail like the sound of the singer’s lips moving and popping was significantly more pronounced on the horn speaker. To me the avantgard used would be cheaper in its own right and cheaper to pair with other equipment, But the style, overall finish (rubbery), materials (injection moulded) and design refinement, although industrial looking, are less premium than BeW in my opinion. Resell value is also a point. if you factor in price and amplifier we are in the range of 3 to 5 thousands pounds less. Please help! I am not sure if the benefits in sound (as didn’t have much time to fiddle with them) are outweighing the drawbacks. thanks, void
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