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  1. This: https://www.amazon.co.uk/Misa-Criolla-Mercedes-Ariel-Ramirez/dp/B00004TWNR A definite go-to for me, well recorded and emotionally involving
  2. Only pulling your leg, chap, no offence intended. Chill!
  3. Don't swear on an audiophile forum.
  4. I tried the turning-your-speakers-round-to face-the-back-wall trick a couple of decades ago. Didn't do anything for me, but then I suspect it probably only works (if at all) if you have a perfectly smooth and uninterrupted rear wall to bounce the sound off. Not sure what I was expecting but there was no imaging and greatly reduced reduced clarity. Still, it cost me precisely zero pounds and only a half hour of my time to confirm that it wasn't a good idea for me so worth a try.
  5. I wish I could say that I had a dedicated room that was 30' x 20' or something like that.... Unfortunately we just have the lounge, which is a 21' x 21' L-shape, which seems to generate some odd acoustics. Ah well, it is what it is, I have to live with what I'm given, as do most of us I suppose. I'd still like to do some room measurements and treatment this year if I can, to try and just even things out a little. I also need to get a TT wall bracket as playing LPs is completely off the menu at the moment. The lounge floor is so bouncy that I literally cannot tiptoe across it without sending the stylus skidding for the horizon.
  6. That's a great result for you, Ian, really pleased you have found something to bring you and your other half so much listening pleasure. Sounds like you have really gelled with the NA. I think you've made a good decision in auditioning something and going for it, rather than endlessly trying deck after deck after deck. Yes you might find something you prefer, but it could take you forever, and you'll tie yourself in knots in the process. Which TT had a slightly better midrange? Which one showed marginal improvements in bass tautness and definition? Which one had a smoother top end? Which one generated a more tangible stereo image? And which of those factors is more important anyway? All the while, this is taking you away from the sheer enjoyment of spinning up a record and just enjoying it for what it is.
  7. Excuse the dog photo-bombing... It's quite large - 40' wide by about 26' deep, plus the bit down the side of the house. Room for 8 cars, if I ever pluck up the courage to host a bake-off! Unfortunately there are now three bloody great holes in it and mud everywhere... (and STILL no gas supply - that's almost 5 days now). This is my annus terribilis for definite. P.S. Apologies for hijacking the thread from its original intended purpose! Promise not to continue this line of conversation
  8. FWIW I dismantled, moved and reassembled my hi-fi rack (and all the kit on it, obviously!) over the weekend. and after doing it, the system sounded absolutely awful. Harsh, overly forward sounding, no soundstage, lack of inner detail. The system is now being powered off a different circuit than before. And on top of that we've had no gas supply since 2am Saturday morning either (gas leak, been cut off for safety) so no central heating. The house is a lot colder than it normally is, even with fan heaters and oil-filled radiators on. I wonder how much of the effect I heard was down to the relocation,, how much down to the power source, how much doen to the temperature, and how much down to the fact that I'm a total stress-bunny at the moment, watching the SGN engineers dig holes in my newly-laid £25k driveway? I hate 2020 already...
  9. ....and a couple of bottles of decent Bordeaux
  10. Lordy! Your isolation probably cost more than my entire system
  11. I reckon the "difference" we hear day to day is down to any number of things: Psychological. It depends on your mood, how tired you are, what your concentration level is like, what distractions there are around you, what's on your mind, and what you are expecting to hear. Environmental. Variation in power supply, or maybe varying levels of RFI from any nearby mobile phone masts or electricity pylons? ( that's a hypothetical idea - I'm not clever enough to understand the physics!) Physical. Are you congested? Been subject to prolonged loud noise? Build-up of ear wax? There's probably other factors at play too but that's enough to go on!
  12. Agree with John about the 1042 - I have two of them and they're a great MM option, if a little fussy on the setup. VTA can make quite a difference to the resulting sound but get it right and they have a strong, full bass. For "boogie" I'm kind of thinking along the lines of DD or an idler drive deck, in the guise of something like either the SL1200 (or variants) you mentioned, Garrard 301/401 or a TD124. Or maybe a GL75? BTW I have NO idea if any of these are available within your budget or not! They may be fetching silly money, in which case perhaps a similar model might do the trick. Also consider one of the Japanese DD super-decks from JVC etc. I don't think I'd say Gyro was a great option - it's a lovely deck (my dad has one) and certainly has the "wow" factor but I wouldn't have said it's the best in the business for rhythm. Never heard an NA so can't offer an opinion there. Also as John mentions, you could get the OL counterweight / rewire done on your existing arm, provided your choice of deck supports the geometry. The RB250 responds better to this than the RB300 so you have a good base to work from.
  13. All items have now been taken, just waiting to post them out. Thanks for all the interest.
  14. Sorry, didn't mean to imply that it was, perhaps my wording should have been clearer. Still stands though that finding a deck with HX Pro would be a nice bonus as it does make for better recordings, as you say. There's also Dolby S on later machines, which from memory didn't seem to suffer the pumping issues of C, but gave better NR than B