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  1. The sound quality can be pretty reasonable. I listen and download a lot on my mobile and Sony earphones. A few examples: EXCELLENT! mono!
  2. This is just a mono studio feed, but it sounds EXCELLENT! Pity he didn't have his guitar plugged in. Real shame about his hair... Like the drums on this.
  3. This is my favourite live album. It's been released a number of times. The best-sounding is the original mix on vinyl & cd with the VCR tape possibly the best. The DVD mix is disappointing by comparison, as is the 30th Anniversary edition which cuts out the live feel, seemingly to focus on Roy's voice And back to the EPIC PRODUCTIONS. Love the key/tempo changes. Fancy the drummer something rotten! Sounds really good. She still sounds like a young girl.
  4. Just as the title says. Sound pretty awesome to me. But naturally, feel free to disagree. Imagery of EPIC proportions! Ditto! And again! Awesome!!! EPIC IMAGERY of even MORE EPIC PROPORTIONS!! Acres (ACRES!!) of SPACE here! Watch out for that motorbike!! Again, ACRES!, ACRES! of SPACE!! The PEAK of EPICNESS!! AWESOME!! AWESOMENESS from Raymondo... And some more!
  5. Mr Kipling


    I feel a bond forming between us! Sent from my K3 using Tapatalk
  6. Mr Kipling


    I know!! I know!! Hi-Fi Answers did a feature once that covered room types and all avenues!! Sent from my K3 using Tapatalk
  7. Mr Kipling


    I know what you mean but... Jimmy Hughes used to talk about the micro dynamics and if they're there you can sort of "overlook" failings elsewhere, which I would agree with. The palpability example I mentioned came from a 20 Golden Greats. You can hear the compression but as the micro dynamics are still there I could always over look it. Sent from my K3 using Tapatalk
  8. Mr Kipling


    Never really thought of her in that light. Do somewhat emotional when I see some of her vids on YouTube. She did have a special quality about her. Sent from my K3 using Tapatalk
  9. Mr Kipling


    One speaker was neither halfway up a wall, and neither was I wedged into a corner... Mr T!!! When I used to listen constantly on speakers in the room I have now, basically 4 x 4. It's not square because of the door area. Anyway, when I did I used to 1 of 3 placements. Yes, I'm open to change; I try not to be rigid in my views. Suck it and see, Why not? The position I used, probably the most, was having the speakers on the firebreast wall, in front of and as far out of the corners as was possible. This gave the best bass. The next most used position was the side wall with the double doors to the front room behind. This is a bit longer as it has the door area. This gave better imagining, especially behind the speakers. The last one was the wall opposite the last one. This was the least successful one because of the window behind and the furniture nearby. The sound produced, however, did have a certain direct quality about it. Being a tight git, as some of us only are, when I hankered after the thrill of the new, something to spice things up, but hadn't the dosh to facilitate feeding the need, I simply used to change where I had my speakers. So I'm all too aware of what works and what doesn't. As I said previously back in the 70s/80s I tried everything with regards speaker set-up including using them horizontally, upside down, firing off side walls (Jimmy Hughes) , the screen you mention, on the floor firing up - anything I could think of. So, in all fairness, I know what works and what doesn't. The last time I tried the "radical set-up", it gave the same results as I got in my bedroom years ago, but wasn't really practical with having too much furniture in the room. When I get rid of some I'll revert to it. And get a step down transformer for me Audioromy amp as my mains is a constant 247V, and I don't want to burn the mains transformer out. Sent from my K3 using Tapatalk PS And it produces ALL the image focus I need! PPS The palpability of the sax solo on Dusty Springfield's The Look Of Love used to reek havock with my stomach, I can tell you.
  10. Don't know, with regards the 805. The Line Magnetics using it seem well thought of. I'll have a ferret about for you. Have read that some think the FU13 is better than the 845. But it's like everything else I suppose. Looks brill, though! Sent from my CUBOT_NOTE_S using Tapatalk
  11. Mr Kipling


    YES!!!!! I've done that as well!!!! Didn't do anything for me. Sent from my CUBOT_NOTE_S using Tapatalk
  12. Not much response here - and I'm not really going to alter that. To be honest I have no idea what your proposed amp is like - quite like the look of them. Your have commented on my Audioromy with FU13 output valves. I'm not sure if the original Audioromy 845 was basically the same amp with the output valves changed. I do like mine. Having read the Lampizator mods you'll know he was favourably impressed with it's performance, especially with regards the bass. So it would seem the output transformers are pretty reasonable. In the 8 years or so I was looking for one I think I saw about 4 for sale - including the one I bought. So others must like theirs'. Is it the 845 you're really wanting. There's the 805 version as well. I also like the FU29 one I have. So, generally, they seem to sound pretty decent. Although not exactly cheap or the bargain they one were. Sorry. No real help, is it? Sent from my CUBOT_NOTE_S using Tapatalk
  13. Mr Kipling


    I am asking myself why I bothered now. Seriously.It's really very simple, but perhaps I could have made things more clear. The top R & L are your speakers in your normal listening position ( toed-in or not). The "middle X" is your normal listening position (I didn't bother with a chair). The left speaker is moved forward to be in line with you in your normal listening position and turned 90° inwards. You then shift your listening position to the point where a 90° angle is formed drawing a line from each speaker. It's really that simple. Honest. Sent from my CUBOT_NOTE_S using Tapatalk PS Turn your head so you're effectively looking at the opposite 90°angle of the formed square.
  14. Mr Kipling


    Well thanks for at least trying it. I imagine it will be somewhat room-dependant. I can't say how it would work in a large as I've never tried it. I got the same results in my small bedroom size ? 3x31/2 and a small living room 4x4. I'd say you could still get it to work in a large room - depending upon how much of area you effectively use. Sent from my CUBOT_NOTE_S using Tapatalk
  15. Mr Kipling


    Another more-enlightened-soul... The information's in the sketch. Why not go and do something "really radical" - and pull your amp and source out to facilitate trying it? Sent from my CUBOT_NOTE_S using Tapatalk