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  1. Seems like the company has moved on from requiring enthusiasts to spread the word to now aiming exclusively to a niche market and becoming a one source minimalist system approach in budget range brackets. It's like the manufacturer closing their own forum. Information on the net is there for the hunting but to provide one on their own doorstep was like washing your dirty unmentionables in public. I'm sure for an upmarket and niche quality market the last thing they wanted while googled was the old forum with all its moans and groans popping up. Middle aged bods with woolly jumpers aren't in this year. No doubt this has been discussed elsewhere too. Just a thought.
  2. I too was digging through all the artwork for anarchy in the uk thinking it wasn't the front cover.
  3. I missed it completely and thought the cash injection and Linn in Harrods " again " was a different subject completely.
  4. Apologies that this has been covered I completely missed it in a different topic title my bad.
  5. From the Scotsman Scottish hi-fi icon Linn making sweet music as Barclays cash aids growth Linn Products, the Scottish high-end audio brand whose products are among the highest rated in the world, is to turn up the volume after agreeing a seven-figure funding package. The £1 million deal with Barclays will support the development of the firm’s expanding range of hi-fi products, with a new wireless music system set to launch exclusively in the Harrods flagship concession this October. With a staff of about 170 working out of the company’s state-of-the-art factory on the outskirts of Glasgow, Linn expects to generate an additional £1.4m in sales this financial year, with continued growth next year. The privately-owned firm, which is based at Waterfoot, has invested heavily in music streaming technology, having made the switch from CD-based units some time ago. In addition to upgrades to existing products, 2018 saw a significant launch – the Selekt DSM, a digital music streamer that has received much acclaim in the hi-fi press. Since launching its first product more than 40 years ago – the Sondek LP12 turntable, which remains in production today – the firm has grown to become one of the most revered names in hi-fi, both in the UK and globally. The Barclays team, led by relationship director Helen Hutchison, has serviced the company’s requirements since January 2017, supporting the business with a range of products and services including international currency management and guarantees. Gilad Tiefenbrun, Linn’s managing director, said: “Barclays has been providing Linn with its excellent banking services since early 2017 and, with the additional support of this funding, we also benefit from their commitment to the future of high value Scottish manufacturing. “The funding has been a welcome boost to our latest product development project and we look forward to its successful launch in October and our continuing good relationship with Barclays.” Jamie Grant, head of region Scotland and Northern Ireland at Barclays, added: “Linn is one of Scotland’s technology success stories and our funding assists the company’s ability to invest in new product development. “This Glasgow-based business has a rich heritage and an exciting future and is exactly the type of manufacturing business we want to work with to support Scotland’s economic growth.” In December, Linn, which has a concession on Harrods’ fifth floor, reported turnover of £16.3m, a 3.5 per cent dip, year-on-year. Net profits came in at £1.145m while the firm pumped just over £2m into research and development. Tiefenbrun said at the time: “We are delighted to have met our strategic goals during another year in a challenging economy.”
  6. Probably end up having to Googly it.
  7. This has got me stumped I was thinking about Genesis lamb lies down on Broadway but after examining all the B&W images I don't think so.
  8. I think Bignose is too busy munching carrot cake to post a new one.
  9. If I knew it was only open to the billboard top 20 for the sake of being average I wouldn't have bothered to educate myself or indeed share with others. It's only a bit of fun FFS. I don't post any album covers not in my collection. “Never argue with idiots. They will drag you down to their level and beat you with experience." - Mark Twain This seems to fit the limited pack wolf mentality.
  10. No takers yet. Maybe more chance of people guessing if it was changed to bits of kit pictures surely some do listen to albums here. Bit more almost a giveaway.
  11. I too agree with DB1328 & Tendaberry I did however have to make a slight deviation on the pathway having succumbed to having two faulty Krystals in a row with hundreds between in serial numbers so obviously not a batch thing. But indeed I found the upgrade to a Klimax Radikal to be very worthwhile and a doddle to demonstrate. I was left with the quandary about cartridges thinking of moving out of the Linn camp but decided to stay in but with the Lyra DNA. All great now and remember listen for yourself improvements are only justified if you hear and enjoy them.
  12. Well done bignose looks like your turn. Are we the only ones playing there's bound to be some genius genre members in here ?.