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  1. I've thought many times that if indeed the rooms are difficult then it should their brief to fully exploit the huge benefits of their own optimisation system. If it sounds bad in a custom built facility for all their own equipment with no limits on what can be thrown at it then it seems clear that the targeted customer is more lifestyle than audiophile. Its very sad but it's the way it is I've no doubt the demise of the forum was purely for the aesthetics of the website to discourage critical opinions on their own doorstep. This subject has been done to death and only they have the answer but what a waste of resources and information for those that care. Back to the OPs original question its up to him what path he takes but some are much more flexible than others.
  2. If you read my posts about this properly and don't just speed read what you like you'll see that it was a unanimous opinion by nearly 20 people in the room and some very highly respected. It's not the first time I've read of many other visitors finding a similar underwhelm.
  3. I post on the LINN part of the forum as a LINN Klimax owner and was able to straightforwardly answer a question much earlier in the topic. All opinions are my own and will be revealed when I think it relevant and helpful to anyone concerned if people can't pick or choose what to take out of it without being a keyboard warrior then don't ask or get involved. No wonder they dumped their own forum.
  4. Like I said tune the instrument not adjust the result to suit. It's all very well getting allegedly super duper gear that can fit anywhere in such case why was it that I was recently at the factory and the megabucks Klimax system sounded dire and that wasn't just my interpretation or my opinion so if they can't get it right in their own room what chance does anyone else have. Both sets of systems in the Klimax and other room were set up for demonstration and it was unanimous in the room that the SO setting disabled utterly trounced the fudged variant and would be looked into " red face nice carpet " The whole point of there being a choice in equipment is to buy and install through home dem a system that delights at a price anyone might be happy to afford not be tied into a manufacturers idea of what is right and if you don't like what you hear you can fart about with the settings forever and drive yourself nuts. It did sound like a quip it's bloody obvious the same gear will sound different in a different room that was the whole point. I used to enjoy reading reviews and blogs when the merits of equipment was fairly appraised then left for investigation but this whole LINN thing is a fanboy based brainwash taking it all back to a different time. I've got my deck at top spec analouge and as far as I'm concerned the rest of their gear is no longer hi fi but trendy lifestyle products for a different market now.
  5. Hi to clear a point one can either choose all analogue and buy the system to suit your requirements that's what I've done for many years even to the extent of all that multi amp and power supply situation and whether be expectation bias or whatever I allowed myself in a way to get carried along in that mindset. As my very expensive and allegedly at that time being of great quality electronics starts to fail and then not be supported by the manufacturer then my ears started to protrude firm the straw hat " donkey " why keep throwing all that cash at boxes that will go in and out of trend and not do as the design of my deck was engineering quality and simplicity with little added in the way of boxes and connections so when my multi box system died I decided to simplify it all and got an integrated amp then wallah superb and as my deck was getting on for nearly thirty years old I could clearly see what was and was not improving my listening experience. Or one can go the other digital way in that case anything can be made to sound any way one likes but at what cost of reality and indeed possibly missing out of what is real. You're money and choice just like why do we have hi fi built to our requirements or go back in time to the same music centre everyone had. I have much more of everything now my system is simplified with less variables in the chain than ever before Box collector and bore or music enthusiast with realistic ideas the choice is out there. Everyone has their own opinion and the only person that is right is you.
  6. Sounds great to me and anyone that hears it isn't that the point. If you want to use that analogy then I'd rather have the instrument tuned property to start with than fudge it in the mix. I don't think your not helpful quip was really necessary it doesn't make you look good.
  7. Don't dismiss having an integrated Amp with your deck this argument that the LINN tie in method of their own system is only one example and it's the one they want to lock people into and not perhaps the one you want. Having a LINN only system is a nice idea to think it's all matched for performance but remember not one manufacturer makes the best or most musical of everything. I've had a LINN only system for many years but the advent of all that digital jiggery pokery that goes against all that once was the way is not for me. I play my record through my Amp and speakers and am not interested in how it can be fudged to suit in the process. Remember tone tone controls and graphic equalisers were tools from hell to an audiophile but nowadays it's hidden into software and filters instead of knobs and flashing lights. Pick up a Majik I integrated and a pair of 109s or 140s and see how you enjoy. Hope this helps.
  8. That's why I suggested what I did and I think at least it'll work the best out of that arm until you might upgrade further but when you find out the delights of moving coil the flood gates are open. Don't overlook the new Majik arm " Jelco " it's more than capable of a few upgrades.
  9. Well off topic but since the topic changes. What we hear and how we react are different processes but one can influence the other. Sound enjoy release serotonin increase synapse activity then result. Synapse, also called neuronal junction, the site of transmission of electric nerve impulses between two nerve cells (neurons) or between a neuron and a gland or muscle cell (effector). A synaptic connection between a neuron and a muscle cell is called a neuromuscular junction. Packets of serotonin (vesicles) are released from the end of the presynaptic cell into the synaptic cleft. The serotonin molecules can then bind to receptor proteins within the postsynaptic cell, which causes a change in the electrical state of the cell. This change in electrical state can either excite the cell, passing along the chemical message, or inhibit it. Excess serotonin molecules are taken back up by the presynaptic cell and reprocessed. The neurons in the brain that release serotonin are found in small dense collections of neurons called Raphe Nuclei. The Raphe Nuclei are found in the medulla, pons and midbrain which are all located at the top of the spinal cord. Serotonergic neurons have axons which project to many different parts of the brain, therefore serotonin affects many different behaviours. So my shrink said.
  10. Superb on a budget.
  11. Absolutely small self adhesive felt pads on the plinth done this for many years.
  12. Let's quote the whole part instead of the one to start an argument. "So we will have a smaller bell curve distribution of the parts tolerance." The last time I had a thrust plate in my hand at the factory prior to assembly they looked the same.
  13. I knew I had this somewhere an exchange with David Williamson some time ago.i quote. According to David Williamson, Linn Staff Senior Mechanical Design Engineer-- "The changes were done to get greater consistency. So we will have a smaller bell curve distribution of the parts tolerance. The improvements were not made for greater performance. I would say that we have just made the bearings more consistent. Not better, if you see what I mean? I was merely asked if there have been any changes to how we make the bearing. I haven’t said the new ones sound better than the old ones. This is largely due to the bit above - the spindle and thrust pad are the same. If we could take a brand new bearing from say 5 years ago, and compare it to a brand new current bearing will it sound better? Don’t know, but even then, it could just be the natural spread of manufacturing tolerances which exist in everything. Should people be changing to their bearings as an upgrade? I wouldn’t unless the bearing is showing signs of wear. Hope this clarifies things for people."
  14. Fake news there was a change with some of the manufacturing tools but the spec is exactly the same. Anything else is expectation bias and salesmanship. There is no MK 1 and MK 2 Cirkus.
  15. All current LP12 variants have the Cirkus bearing as standard. It was introduced as the new standard in 1993.