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  1. gheckomist

    Will this work?

    Hello Radiant Red. You are living in the past I am afraid. Bromyard now opens just one day a week on a random basis!
  2. gheckomist

    Will this work?

    Forgot to say that I currently live 3 miles from Bromyard but will be moving to Worcester later this year. I suspect that there will be good dealers in Birmingham. I have thought long and hard about vintage equipment but for me, this would bring a host of potential problems that I want to avoid. On another point, wino2020 mentions record cleaning. I have never seriously cleaned my vinyl and for some time have been looking at options. Superglue on the album does not appeal to me! I have been following the development of the Degritter ( and wondered whether anyone has any views on this. Apologies if this is slightly off topic but is part of the emerging master plan!
  3. gheckomist

    Will this work?

    Thank you so much to you all for the welcomes and the advice. I was dreading getting a message "total crap, you are banned from this forum!" When I first posted here I was confused: I am still confused but at a much higher level! A bit more background - I am moving house in 2 or 3 months so one of my priorities is a large room for my music, library and stamp collecting! Nostalgia - yes there is a bit of that but more to do with how the music felt to me at the time. Given all your comments I am still exploring and since posting I have: not given up on the Ardens but going to explore the Quad Esl - heard them 10 years ago and they were very fabulous and different. given the price and questions about the Quad 80/80 could anyone direct me to any sites that focus on their ability to drive Ardens or ESL looking at amp alternatives for both Arden and ESL and quite intrigued by the Radford Revival amps (thanks Eaton Mess) and I have written to them for more details. I remember Radfords being talked about in hushed and reverential tones. having been brought up despising integrated amps (bad parenting) I started researching these as an alternative and I am intrigued by the Peachtree Nova but perhaps 500 watts per channel is greedy!. Trouble is I am now trying to find out whether a class D amp is "better" than it used to be. also starting to question the streamer solution - it may be the Linn is too much for my needs as I am not interested in the Linn ecosystem in its totality. I obviously have a bit of time to explore and audition and whilst I have opened a little can of worms I am after the biggest and best worm in the can! Thanks again for your comments - they have been enormously helpful and I would welcome any further advice.
  4. gheckomist

    Will this work?

    Hi everyone. My first post here so please forgive any errors. I am 70, have problematic heart, ears not perfect and all bones crumbling and I want to end my days with beautiful music playing! My first system 50 years ago was Goldring deck, Quad 33/303, TEAC A450 cassette, Tannoy Lancaster speakers and Stax headphones. It was wonderful but 50 years later I have ended up with a great mishmash and want to start again. I have a budget of around £20k (lucky inheritance!) and have the opportunity to put cat cable all round the house. My sources are a) load of vinyl b) tons of stuff on QNAP Nas c) subscribed to Qobuz. Given my age and the nostalgia factor my new system looks like: Linn LP12 (already have) Quad 80/80 valve amp Linn DSM Akurate Tannoy Arden speakers Electrostatic headphones (Stax again?) I know that the only real test is to listen but before embarking on this I would really appreciate any advice on my proposed system. I like the Linn Akurate but do not want to go for an all Linn system as I particularly like the Quad amp and the Tannoys. Although I am technically quite competent the new world of streaming does cause me some headaches and it may be that the Linn is over-specced for my purposes. This will be my last system so I would like to get as much right from the start as I can. My musical tastes are quite eclectic but I am a child of the 60's so Joni Mitchell and Leonard Cohen pop up frequently! Many thanks.
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