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  1. Yes. You make companies pay or they have no market. If you have no market then you don’t have a work force! There needs to be an equal balance between socialism and capitalism, without each other neither works.
  2. Val on vinyl, best keep that to yourself🤫 Although in in his time he must have been very popular because every charity shop has got his albums in abundance👍
  3. Julian, have you got any Val Doonican lp’s, just wondering what the quality is like on those🤪
  4. No I just think he has good taste😁
  5. Got to agree totally with the first 2👍
  6. Don’t think there’s anything quite like a brisk country walk for clearing your head.A-couple of weeks ago we started the Welsh coastline, split into seven sections and starting Chester , is one of only a few countries to have a complete coastal path. The next section for us will be Anglesey, later this year.
  7. LOL, interesting you should say that with your user name. I don’t think many polish the chrome these days , after a couple of polishes you’d be down to the base metal, Chinese crap! Do you spend more time repairing yours than riding it😁 Mate of mine has a Guzzi and it’s been back for gearbox work more time than it’s been on the road😉
  8. I know, I know , I know, who in their right mind needs another hobby other than hifi, who’s got time to do anything else👌. Well if the impossible has happened and you do have a little spare time, how do you fill it? For me, cinema, watches, Harley Davidson and walking(that’s her hobby and I tag along!)
  9. Simply Red, Stars, it grates like polystyrene against a wall.