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  1. Hello there Enjoying this album, has a 70's feel to me and a good mix of rock, soul and a little bit of jazz. Stand out track for me is the hit It Ain't Over 'Til It's Over, but also really like the rocky Always On The Run and the soulful What Goes Around Comes Around which sound a bit like Curtis Mayfield. Some nice sax on What The .... Are We Saying? Nice choice of an album I have not heard 4/5 for me.
  2. Having another listen to this week's WAC album
  3. This turned up today on CD The Stone Roses ‎– The Stone Roses
  4. I can not seem to find it on Spotify
  5. Watching The Cure at Glastonbury how good are they!
  6. Red Hot Chili Peppers ‎– Blood Sugar Sex Magik on vinyl
  7. Been listening to this while cooking, oh my was it getting hot in that kitchen
  8. Nice choice, have his greatest hits on CD but no albums.
  9. Well had my first listen, where I am concerned this is a grown up album, there is no way in the 80' or 90's I would of listened to anything like this, now I am in my 50's my taste have changed and widened. First I have now heard the song Deacon Blue are named after. Even via Spotify you can tell this is a well recorded/mastered album. This album is going to take a few more listens, on first thoughts it was all a bit nicey nicey if you know what I mean, for the first 3 song, although there some great drumming in Aja, but then the song Peg came on what a great rhythm, which I know from Del La Soul who sampled it in Eye Know. Then the album got better as it went on, really like the last two tracks I got News and Josie Cheers Frank
  10. Listening to this for first time.
  11. Hello there Well onto the 3rd in the WAC Classic Albums series, same as before not read any of the above apart from 1st post. Have heard of, but don't own any Steely Dan, and don't know the album Aja, just looked on Discog and they have it down as Jazz, Rock, I don't think I own any Jazz rock either so this should be interesting. I did watch a TV program the other day about Yacht rock and they where feature in that. As its on Spotify will give it a listen tonight.
  12. Well I did find a very cheap 2nd hand CD copy so instead of coffee on my next listen maybe another vice, red wine or bourbon may be a better choice
  13. Just had another listen this morning via headphones with coffee, its not a bad album, its just not for me and yep it does sound a bit dated. Also the lyrics instead of coffee maybe I should of been on half pint of what they where on when they wrote them. One example: Oh, the snot has caked against my pants It has turned into crystal There's a bluebird sitting on a branch I guess I'll take my pistol I've got it in my hand Because he's on my land Wow
  14. Hello there Well I had a first listen last night, and was a bit shock really, I have read how good this album is, but on first listen it didn't really wow me. Its not that I dislike it, it just all seemed average to me if that's the right word, nothing really stood out for me. May have to give it a few more listens