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  1. For example, will they announce a summer promotion for 2019? How? Will we have to keep watching the Linn site? I'm about to pull the trigger on a big purchase, but am hoping that there will be a summer promotion announced soon that will be good for my purchase.
  2. Are the Gunstig pads the magnetic ones that attach to the bottom of pots/pans?
  3. Thanks for the feedback everyone. Paulsurround - I will try the Ikea Gunstig pads. I had also read your post about Cat8 cables. I plan on ordering some when I get my Akurate System Hub and Exaktbox.
  4. I'm realizing that my QNAP NAS is 11 years old and there are no longer new firmware releases for it. Would getting a new model improve the sound from my DS? Would the performance/responsiveness of Kazoo on my iPad change? Thanks!
  5. Hi, I'm planning on replacing my Majik DS (2008), 5103 to aktiv Espeks, aktiv Ekwal (center), passive Katans (surrounds) drivin with two AV5125 (non-Dynamik) with an Akurate System Hub + surround module and Akurate Exaktbox 6. I was going to get two Exaktboxes to allow the Espeks to be fully Exakt and the other speakers to be Exakt surround pass-thru. Now, I think I will just get one to start. Then I can run all of the speakers with Exakt surround pass-thru and still use my aktiv cards for the fronts and center. I can also experiment with just running the Espeks fully exakt to see if the upgrade is worth it. My local dealer has no Exaktboxes, so I can't try it before I buy. I was also going to replace the Linn black interconnects to the 5125s with Silver. Does this plan seem ok or do folks think I the upgrade to full exakt on the Espeks will be big enough to just do it right away? I've done some searches and haven't found a lot of reviews of going from aktiv to exakt (there are some) with older Linn speakers. I haven't found any with Espek/5140s. Thanks
  6. I found the US pricing for the Selekt Katalyst Surround was around $15,000. The Akurate System Hub is $4000 and the Akurate Exaktbox 6 are $5600 each. Not sure about the surround upgrade for the System Hub, maybe $1500? So it seems that for approx 10% more, I'd get a bigger improvement.
  7. So after a bit of research, it seems that a Selekt Surround Katalyst is not that much less than an Akurate System Hub + surround upgrade and two Akurate Exactbox 6 boxes. I’d need two more amp channels too for the Katan surrounds. Right now I have Espeks aktiv, Ekwal aktiv, and Katan (passive) surrounds all driven by two 5125s (non-Dynamik). It seems that this might be a bigger upgrade for only a bit more money. Thoughts?
  8. I have an older Electrocompaniet ECP1. Other than the Blu-ray player, it is the only non-Linn component in my setup. I took a quick look at the the Selekt this week at a shop. I’m reading up a bit more. Thanks
  9. My 5103 is starting to act up...mostly issues with static when using a digital source, like the set top box or Blu-ray player. I can power cycle the 5103, but have wait a minute or two to power it on, then it will clear up. I want to start thinking about a replacement that will be good for surround and 2 channel. The rest of my setup: LP12, Magik DS (the original version), two 5125 power aktiv Espeks, aktiv Ekwal, and passive Katans for the surrounds. I’ve seen a used Akurate Kontrol or a Kisto that would drop in and be an improvement, but still 10+ year old. Or I could get a new/newer non-Linn pre/pro that has HDMI and room correction (Anthem AVM60, Mcintosh MX122, or ??.) Anyone else make a similar move? I *think* the Akurate DSM with surround module and Exaktboxes would be more than I’d want to spend. Thanks
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