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  1. I have a DAC64 Mk2 (10/11 years old), I started with it being fed from a stable platter Pioneer PDS901 and eventually bought the Chord transport when funds recovered. It still sounds beautiful to my ears so I'm not exactly itching for a change. Information retrieval is astonishing but I certainly wouldn't describe it as bright. The DAC64 is certainly worth considering as a used buy, it transforms ageing transports/CD players IME.
  2. Actually the correct remote number is CU-PD053, google images has lots of pictures.
  3. I have a manual for a PDS-901, might be a similar operating system, could be worth trying the some/all of the following.. 1: To exit program playback.. Press PGM, however this will not delete the program contents. 2: To clear all of the program contents.. During stop mode press stop button, when the tray is ejected the program contents will be cleared. 3: To erase a program.. During program mode press 'CLEAR' on the remote. 4: To check the program contents.. During program mode set the player to stop mode and press CHECK.
  4. I used to work in the trade for a while (retired now) and the Chord rep of the time did me a Coda cheaper than a Blu to go with my DAC64 Mk2. Otherwise yes indeed I think most were built for the far east. There is a Blu for sale on the HiFi for Sale web page via Fanthorpes - it looks like gold in the photos! £2999. Recently the rubber 'O' ring inside the Coda lid/hatch (stops the lid 'clanking' metal on metal) disintegrated after 10 years. I emailed Chord and they sent me 3 replacements foc. Good service that!
  5. I have the Coda transport (same as the Blu but with less buttons on the fascia) with a DAC64 Mk2. They sound stunning together, both units have the double BNC connections in use. Not sure if you could pick one up s/hand for around £2k but worth trawling around. I was looking at the possibility of using the M Scaler with my combo but the DAC isn't listed - I guess it's not up to the required spec but I could ask Chord to make sure.
  6. I have fitted a few SME arms to Gyros and other decks and have never had a problem with the SME supplied bolts. Just FYI those bolts should have come with matching washers x 4 and nuts x 4 so that the bolts can be secured underneath the armboard - did you get these? I have an SME4 on my PT Anni so ask away if you need any extra help.
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