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  1. P.s. Cambridge on here is described as bright and Hegel is described as warm side of neutral - and yet Hifi News review describers the Cambridge Edge as having comparable sound signature to the Hegel 590. Confused. News Edge A Review_2018.pdf
  2. Thank you all for your useful inputs - fully appreciated. Lots of fun homework and A-B listening against the Yamaha 3070 Anybody able to advise on USB cables 8 metre length? Most claim max should be 5 metres but others say 8 metres is fine This is important info to how I am wanting to build the room and hifi, supplying the DAC from the Mac
  3. The A49 does indeed look very tempting - a quick google found a new old stock for £2,645. It probably requires buying blind though. I fully appreciate I am a bit ignoramus re experience of different product sounds and I really ought to educate myself. I have clearly trained my ear to like "bright" as that is what it has heard and therefore anything else by comparison sounds dull and devoid of life, like my B&W CM1s. Ignorance can be bliss though;- I had my cxa-80 - G300 playing last night (source CD from CXC to CXN dac to CXA). The initial intention was just for 10 mins however I nudged the volume up a tad and closed my eyes and over 3 hours later I was still grinning from ear to ear absolutely loving the experience - and this in a big room that's all glass and hard surfaces (the new room will be much less harsh). When I opened my eyes I was shocked to discover the volume knob was at 2 o'clock.... it very rarely goes beyond 11 o'clock! I was not fatigued, just really really enjoying the music and so must be a Jackdaw drawn to bright things.
  4. When I get to audition the amps they will of course be compared to the Yamaha 3070 and if there is not much difference I will be a richer man! However I suspect there may be. I like the look of the Hegel and will investigate further. The Sub I already have - Monitor Audio Gold as part of the 5.1 package I got discounted over 30% with the 3070 also thrown in for only an extra £100 (not bad for a £2k receiver - it would have been rude not to)
  5. Many thanks for these suggestions. I will look into them and will wait until the room is built and the AV up and running to see if I can get home demos on any of these. I still haven't discounted the Cambridge Edge A as it is the obvious upgrade to what I currently listen to and has been very well reviewed (for what that's worth), though I take on board the view it may be too bright. Has anyone heard the Edge? Or a general view on long term ownership of the Cambridge brand? On a separate issue I will be mostly running files off my Mac to the amp DAC via USB, however I will need an 8 metre length. I understand USB is generally only recommended to 5 metres, however some cables say they are good for longer lengths. Any advice? On another separate issue is how critical is sub placement? Horse before cart I was wanting to put concrete where the sub was going (as well as for the G300s), separated from the rest of the timber floor. I can either put it dead centre, below the front centre speakers, or in towards the corner, beyond and behind a G300. Again any advice?
  6. That’s excellent info @CnoEvil. Thank you. No HT bypass isn’t a deal breaker as I could resort to speaker cable switches. Over 80% will be stereo music, less than 20% AV Surround. I already have a Yamaha 3070 AV receiver that I picked up very cheap (still in it’s unopened box in the attic) and want a dedicated stereo amp that will outperform it for music. I currently have the aforementioned Cambridge CXA-80 / MA Silver 8 which I like very much but if I were being picky wonder if the MAs could benefit from slightly better amplification. Yes it’s a forward sound but it’s a fun, musical sound that works well (to my inexperienced ears) across all types of music. Can be a bit fatiguing over long periods at high volumes but the pay off is fun, enjoyable and musical for nearly all of the time. I also have a 12 year old Cyrus 6 amp that for ten years was partnered with B&W CM1s. It sounded detailed and clean but dull and uninvolving. I swapped the CM1s for MA Silver 2s (which are larger) and all of a sudden the music came alive, perhaps a bit OTT, but the difference was massive in every respect. The CM1s went on the end of my Audiolab M-ONE on my office desk and again the sound was clean and detailed but dead. Shoved them up in the loft and replaced with MA Gold 50s which are identical dimensions but again totally transformed the sound in every way for the better, not least more enjoyable. My plan is to replace the Silver 2s with the Gold 50s on the Cyrus which I think would be a good match and put the Silver 8s back on the CXA80. I would then have the Gold 300s on the new stereo, shared with the AV with the Silver 2s CM1s and the (still boxed) MA Gold centre and sub I also have my old Pioneer A400 to Castle Chester (I have a soft spot for the Chesters but always regretted not getting the Mission 753s that were all the rage at the time) The Gold 300s will be going into a largish fully carpeted room with no glass or similarly harsh surfaces (I am converting the garage). Budget I am struggling with as, cart before horse, I was wondering what budget of amp would go with the Gold 300s. I am guessing anywhere between £1,000 and £5,000, which obviously is a huge variation but I don’t know how big a difference this represents in SQ with the Gold 300s
  7. Interesting suggestion. 45w and £650 rrp discounted if got with speakers against the Cambridge Edge A (which is the top of my budget) 100+w and £4,500 You clearly rate the Quad highly.
  8. These are new speakers I have acquired for a new system. I have various systems around the house and these speakers are currently being temporarily supplied by a Cambridge CXA80 in place of the MA Silver 8s I normally use for the CXA80. So I have a "clean slate" for amp choice and want it to be my "forever" amp in my best system. I have heard little hifi other than the 4 or 5 systems I own. I am looking for opinions as to which amps suit the MA Gold 300
  9. Looking to get an amp to get my Monitor Audio Gold 300s to sing. USB in a requirement (unless I get a separate DAC but would prefer not to) HT passthrough a requirement (was thinking though of maybe Cambridge Edge A which has input with preset volume button on remote unless this is a bad idea?) Not wanting to put a budget on it but obviously less is better. Sound quality and reliability a priority over price. Which amps pair well with MA?
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