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  1. Listen to music you know well, that’s well recorded and has a good frequency range. My list includes Massive Attacks ‘Unfinished Sympathy’, Bob Dylan’s ‘Walk on the Wild Side’. Tokio Myers ‘Bloodstream’ (B&W’s fell here) Diana Krall ‘Girl in the Other Room” to name but a few. Choose things to challenge, if they pass that’s test, the stuff you like will be a breeze!
  2. Hi, its interesting reading your thoughts, I too demo’d the M10 with R3’s, PMC’s and the B&W’s. Of the 3 the KEF’s were the best but not quite right for me. PMC’S were a disappointment and the B&W’s unlistenable. The M10 is a fantastic bit of kit for ‘modern’(no offence) listening styles and once you’ve got the volume past 60% it is immense! As for the remote, I’ve programmed an old Apple TV remote to do all the basic functions and it works perfectly. I ended up with a pair of Russell K 150’s and I really couldn’t be happier, they were my choice as I wanted a certain bass ‘feel’ that I couldn’t get from anything else I auditioned. But remember, it’s YOUR ears that will end up living with your choice, so just buy what YOU like!
  3. Hi are these still available? Thanks
  4. MarcusB

    Nad M10

    Hi Rob, I auditioned mine on the back of a conversation with Sotosound and because I’d hyped them up in my own head I went with the express intention of wanting to ‘find the catch’. Fact is I couldn’t find one! If you can find a dealer, have a listen! I think Midland Audio Exchange would be your nearest. John is your man there.
  5. MarcusB

    Nad M10

    Hi Rob I'm running Russell K 150's with it. I've run Dirac live and based on first opinions it's not something that appeals to me. If you're looking at detail then it might be for you but I need to feel my music tapping on my chest and without Dirac I get that, but with it turned on that feel gets lost as the detail increases. Worth a play though!
  6. MarcusB

    Nad M10

    Bought one a couple of weeks ago, couldn't be more happy! I listened to it directly up against an Atom and it suited my listening tastes better. Found the Naim more aggressive and the NAD smoother. The Naim struggled for me at the frequency extremes of my ears. I have a Mu-So in the kitchen so no anti Naim bias here btw. The pluses far outweighed any negatives, it hasn't struggled with anything I've thrown at it so far. So if you've any questions just ask.
  7. That’s a really good point you make tuga, but even with recorded detail, I for one am listening to the whole not the sum of the parts if that makes sense?
  8. Of course advances in material technology mean we have more options, it won’t be long before we are all clambering for graphene tweeters as the ‘new reference’. Newer doesn’t always mean better though. I will just point out that the best speakers I’ve had the pleasure of listening to thus far were a pair of Tannoy Kingdom Royals. Their drivers? Paper! £53,000 and it’s essentially the same material you read the daily news from! And the same stuff the Egyptians were putting funny squiggles on thousands of years ago. 🤫
  9. MarcusB

    Blank Canvas

    I totally understand your point with this but the flip side is that these companies are both a) in it to profit (re-issue, re-master, new format (I had a mini disc player....) and b) they cater to the masses, the masses being my kids who just want to hear the latest ditty from this summers favourite ‘banger’ with zero interest in what we here listen for. We are a minority and in the search for our version of perfection we are more exploitable than our kids! We tweak and fiddle, upgrade and tweak some more because it’s our hobby and our love. So why would they give us the ‘best option’ if they don’t need to? So do I agree that we should be given MQA or DSD or whatever today’s best is as standard? Hell yes! Will it ever happen? Not a chance s long as money is available. Am I being sucked into wanting MQA? Absolutely. But because I know that whatever format I choose someone somewhere will be making a dollar from it, but my requirements are the best sound traded off against simplicity of use. When I started on my hi-fi journey it was a room full of vinyl and knowing my listening bursts would never be more than 20 minutes before changing side and knowing that the sound I wanted cost money. Now great sound is much more easily accessed and our library is bordering on infinite and I for one am grateful for it. 🤫
  10. For my two penneth, I’ve been away from ‘decent’ hi-fi for 20 years and coming back in and auditioning a few speakers it seems fashions have changed. Back in the 80’s and 90’s (or ‘my day’, god I sound like my dad!) it was about musicality and feel. What was the artist trying to convey? The way it was played came from the emotion the artist was ‘feeling’. I wanted to feel how they felt (cliche but listen to a few old Sade tracks to get where I’m coming from). Fast forward to today, it’s all about the detail. ALL about the detail. ‘Can you hear the vocalist is getting over a cold’, ‘the bassist was involved a bike accident and you can hear that they’re not plucking as hard as usual’. Like I care?!? I’m listening to a piece of music as a whole not looking for holes in the piece. I was asking a local dealer about ‘feel’ whilst auditioning speakers before Xmas and we ended up listening to a pair of £7k Dynaudio’s that were way out of my league because I just wasn’t ‘feeling’ his offerings and even at that price point I wasn’t impressed. As consumers we can only choose from the pool we are given and if everything we are told is about detail we are likely to follow that suit. You develop your own listening preferences which is why there are so many speakers to choose from. My preference is to feel a baseline tapping a rhythm on my chest, yours may be to hear how the second seat violinist compares to their last outing, just make it YOUR preference not anyone telling you what they think you should be looking for! So, have speakers got better? They have simply moved with the listening trends. 🤫
  11. MarcusB

    Blank Canvas

    Thanks for your thoughts newlash09, may I ask what system you use for your MQA listening?
  12. MarcusB

    Blank Canvas

    Hi Nopiano I read this with interest, I can see that there are people benefiting financially at many stages but the article mentions money over music over and over, linn have been a company that is about the music (for the deeper pocketed amongst us) from the outset so I find it curious that the article barely mentions this. As a lover of music I want to access as much good music as possible in a fashion that suits my lifestyle but MQA seems to be vilified whilst seemingly offering so much? My £20 a month to Tidal grants me this access whilst offering “hi-res Hi-Fi” files AND MQA if I have a suitably equipped system so if I’m after the best sound at a cost efficient price I’m struggling to see the sonic downsides, only ones where various stages in the chain are being asked to upgrade and haven’t we all been here before? I find it an interesting debate!
  13. MarcusB

    Blank Canvas

    So let’s assume (correctly) that i’m stupid enough to ask, if we’re looking for the nearest true representation of the original isn’t this a step in the right direction regardless of your thoughts on marketing? I remember watching Michael Rodd on Tomorrow’s World smearing jam on a CD claiming it to be the future, weren’t the audiophiles of the day mocking it? (Just asking) ☺️
  14. MarcusB

    Blank Canvas

    It’s the Direkt Einklang at £1395 from £1849?
  15. MarcusB

    Blank Canvas

    A local dealer has heko’s available as ex demo...... hmmmm 🤫