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  1. My turntable, when I had one, was MM and I remember I had to change the board, but I don't remember whether its previous setting was MC or Aux. No idea why the dealer hadn't changed it, probably forgotten as well. I think I miss using the phono stage more than the turntable. I mean, it is there, being nice and all, and it just doesn't get used.
  2. Tin

    The ‘end game’?

    I like technology at least as much as I do music, but I don't like kit.
  3. Tin

    The ‘end game’?

    My current setup could easily be my end game, unless something breaks which than has to be replaced. I have no idea what the future brings, but I don't -need- to change. My current setup is perfectly fine and going up in the food chain would cost me more than I want to afford at this time in my life. Spending or changing 'just because' makes little sense to me. Besides, I have neglected a couple of other hobbies the last few years, so it is their turn now to receive some TLC.
  4. I'm sure you'll love the ADSMs phono stage. As for passive versus aktiv, what was/is your setup?
  5. I have done it as well. I usually find that I'm very clumsy, and it only took me minutes. I do have a lot of experience with the inards of computers, just not with soldering on PCBs, so I'd say that the former is sufficient. Just take your time and read the texts on the daughter board before removing it. Even better; before opening it up, check through Konfig what the current configuration is,most likely it is already set as MM. My 2 cents.
  6. Well, it's not that bad; if you have ever opened up a modern computer to add an M2 SSD or something, you'll be fine. I agree that if you're not comfortable with that, seeing a dealer might be advisable, but 'repairing electronics' is more dificult than changing the phono-pre in an ADSM. I can't be trusted with an soldering iron, but this I can do.
  7. It is, you can turn the card 3 ways and you get MM, MC or just plain AUX. Nice little thing, if only I had analogue sources...
  8. I once brought my ADSM to a friend with a 4k turntable.The ADSM proved to be a better phono pre than his own, and I once read in a review that it wasn't letting a 10k turntable down. So... I guess you'll be fine for a while. PS MC isn't neccesarily better, try before buying!
  9. Tin

    "Audiophile Vinyl " my foot !

    Spotifys Master Quality Authenticated catalogue should be able to provide a nice list of those.
  10. I think they do shut down, but that it is the Exaktbox itself that powers on later, so there is an inputlevel of 0 that gets amplified. I can hear a sound when the input is surround, but not when the input is streaming. On the other hand, maybe I'm wrong.
  11. I'm glad you're happy, and TBH, I'd also be happy for you if you had bought them new. Envy is sooooo overrated. Now you just need a couple more of those and get rid of your passive crossovers. Your electricity company will be grateful.
  12. It ended in my house. Not going to fix what ain't broken.
  13. Tin

    "Audiophile Vinyl " my foot !

    You guys should date.
  14. Tin

    "Audiophile Vinyl " my foot !

    I you have a decade or two, maybe a little while longer, I can create a list of albums where the order of tracks is not relevant at all. One of the nice things about having digital is that you can choose to listen to the album 'as it was intended' , or just pick a track whenever I fancy, or create a playlist to set a mood, or .. Not being limited to a vague self inflicted dogma is really recommendable.
  15. Tin

    "Audiophile Vinyl " my foot !

    Your opinion is getting in the way of a meaningful conversation.