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  1. I -think- I introduced the Silvers when my setup was the following: ADS0/D -> Silvers -> Unidisk SC followed by Majik Aktivated 212s (and a dozen Blacks). And my mouth really fell open when I heard the difference, I couldn't believe the difference. Current setup: Stereo: ADSM/3 Akurate Aktiv 212s, with Silvers all around and a pair of Rel Strata Vs. Surround: Unidisk SC, going into the above for front, and into an AV5125 for the center Komponent 106 and rear 104s. It also powers one of the subs for the .1 channel. I have to admit that I'm not so sure that all the other Silvers had the same impact, maybe the spaghetti was already decreasing as I paid more attention to it, and/or the replaced interconnects weren't disturbing the others as much as before.
  2. I'd only need 8 Solos, so I'm waaaay ahead of you.
  3. I haven't looked at the protocols, but as far as I know networks, the DS continues to contact Spotify, doesn't it? Spotify can't open a port through a NAT firewall and connect to the DS by itself. From my point of view, the DS takes initiative. And if I understand your text correctly; al DSs will contact Spotify by themself, even without the owner ever having used Spotify. Is that correct? Is it just a feature in Davaar we can't turn off? PS You could have picked an easier subject as a first post here. People in general aren't too happy when equipment phones home, to somebody elses home.
  4. In that case, music from InsideInfo is kinda doable.
  5. When looking at Exaktugrated 350s, Akubariks, and up to a point Exaktudoriks, the DACs and a lot of the other parts are inside the speakers. Obviously so are the amps so most of the stereo is in the speakers. I never liked the phrase, but from a marketing point, I think they could get away with it.
  6. I was very sceptic, but I decided to borrow a pair of Silvers and decide for myself and get it over with. The difference in my setup, living room and cable mess was nothing short of staggering. But I can easily imagine setups and where the difference will be much smaller to non existent, compared to more standard interconnects.
  7. Even sober it is quite a trick; Spotify uses all kind of cloud services and IP adresses and domain names have become very fluid. Probably the best way to handle things is to sniff your local network for traffic coming from/going to your DS(M) and try to make filters based on that. Maybe @rockfather could give some clues if that approach is feasable. It really is annoying when you're listening to your favourite music on 'moderate volume levels' and suddenly Drum and Bass starts pumping into your room. You'd have to decide on getting a heart attack or diving for your control point in a split second.
  8. I used to have a bog standard stereo, but after we got new floorboards my ex decided she didn't want to see the old and boring black Tannoys re appear in the living room, somewhere about a decade ago. We decided that the new speakers should be silver/gray coloured and at least as good as the Tannoys. A pair of Linn Komponent 110s together with a Rel Strata V subwoofer (*) were chosen very quickly. Curious about the Linn brand, I listened to a Klassik Movie as well, and decided that would be a vast improvement on my stack of equipment. Also, I really liked the one-box approach. Onn the internet however I found a second hand Unidisk SC with an AV5125 for the same price, so the one-box approach didn't last very long. A few years later I read about streamers, and a second hand ADS/0 entered the house. Together with Dynamik power supplies for all the devices. So, 3 boxes, nice. I also found a second hand Komponent 106 and a pair of 104s, so all was good. An add for a Majik 6100 and 5100 enabled me to go Aktiv with the 110s, although with I have to admit that it was a bit take-some-lose-some sort of a sidegrade compared with the AV5125, which ended up in the attic. Note: yet another box. Next step was upgrading the ADS0/D to an ADSM1, and a little while later upgrading the Komponent 110s to a pair of Akurate 212s, which were directly Aktivated as I already had enough channels of amplification and I got the Aktiv cards for free. The 212s had been in storage for 4 years and the seller was happy to see them go. Somewhere along the line I decided I wanted an all Aktiv Akurate system (+) and the last 2 years I was able to upgrade to Akurate 4200s to power the 212s, and brought back the AV5125 for the surround channels, which again increased the box count. A second Rel Strata V was added as well, and with the Katalyst upgrade of my ADSM and Paulssurround visiting me twice my setup is now actually 'quite pleasant (tm)'. I also seem to have ended up with 5 Linn boxes, which is, I guess, something I always wanted. *) That's where the trouble started +) As far as I'm concerned my setup is complete. Obviously in time I'll need to replace things that break down, but as far I'm concerned, my current setup is better than the most expensive system Linn could offer 15 to 20 years ago (×) That's good enough for me. I just seem to have failed miserably on the one-box approach. ×) There weren't Dynamik powersupplies, Katalyst streamers nor SO back then.
  9. Trusting someone and wanting to listen to their music may however be unrelated features. It's not that easy though; spotify uses a myriad of URLs and IP ranges. Like Rockfather says, it's a known annoyance in the internet.
  10. I have had the same issue, because one of my girl friends daughters. You are however overestimating the security issues, although I fully agree it is bloody annoying and Linn should have prevented it, or giving us at least an option to disable it. But... the moment your DS connects to Spotify, it keeps on connecting to the Spotify network, just to let it know it is there. That is part of the Spotify protocol, which Linn implemented. Your daughters phone does the same, and it also tells Spotify it knows your DS. So, the moment your daughters tells her phone to connect to your DS, it'll start playing. Everything works as designed. The way to permanently prevent this, is to tell your router to block your DS from accessing the internet. This way, Spotify can't connect to your DS through that channel.
  11. That is an awful pun, really. *wiping away a tear* Im so proud. 😊
  12. I consider Akudoriks as the Mk III version of the 212, but with a bigger improvement than going from I to II. I don't think I would like to trade my fully Aktiv 212s Mk Is for passive Akudoriks, but I certainly wouldn't mind trading them for Exaktudoriks.
  13. I'm not in the cable business, but I see no reason to disagree with you. The markup on cables is impressive, no matter the materials being used. I know I paid too much for my Silvers, but thoroughly trying and testing dozens of other cables by myself would have cost me both time and money, and I decided that I valued my time higher.