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  1. +1 and one thing is for sure : it sounds WAY better than the original Kazoo. Don't known the reason (maybe it uses less memory or whatsever that has an impact on sound quality) It is more involving and fun to listen to, imaging is more precise, etc ). Never noticed this after step by step updates, but now from original to latest specs Kazoo , it's undienable.
  2. After using it for a while, I can confirm this. (crashed after standby / sleep mode)
  3. I installed the new version from the app store and it's working fine.
  4. Sorry, but I don't get the sense of this 'naming' question as 1. Nobody will know it, and 2. the naming is already chosen.
  5. Does anybody know if version ..53 is working ? I reverted to an older version and it still says, update failed when I am prompted for an update ? This issue is already several days then ! I am stll not able to use kazoo in its latest form without crash on mac
  6. As it seems that 4.13.53 is still not available I reverted to this version too. I am under the impression that it is different sounding than more recent versions, although space etc is applied as well, it seems. Hope that the new version will be available soon.
  7. do you mean off factory with no shield connection on request ? I am looking forward for your test results, especially your comment on the starlight
  8. what model of cisco or other brand/model would you recommend me that meets your standards ? your advise is apreciated, I'll buy one and re-evaluate at that time. (only quality matters and I only need the amount of ports needed, 4-5 )
  9. Could be … it's a point where I can improve my audio system. Installing a netgear switch is on my to do list. But to asnwer your questions, the perceived differences where also heard in a friend of mine's linn set, an he was not using a homeplug like me but indeed a switch ! The starlight is the better (read simply more musical) performer. But as I said before I was very very sceptical before auditioning myself, and thought not twice but several times before spending my hard earned pennies on (other than recommended bij linn) cables…. The proof is in the listening and I would strongly advise you to ask for a home trial and taking your time. Ohterwise it is an endless discussion.
  10. This weekend I had a Chroma and Starlight on test. Imo the Starlight is considerably better and well worth the upgrade from Chroma. Do the test yourself before ordering. I was sceptical because they share many design details (in fact the only difference is ofc vs silver plated ofc conductors) Starlight is way more reveiling and enjoyable to listen to. But listen for yourself to both. I am sure you will notice the difference (ease of flow, softness, microdynamics, … etc) too very quickly.
  11. ok, the roll off should match the setting on your subwoofer; But can someone explain the difference between roll off freq, roll on freq and xover freq. My sub for exemple is not talking about roll on of roll of , it has a setting 'crossover freq" I've read that roll off freq of a majik 109 is 72 hz. But I suppose if this freq is set at the sub that is way to high Also, I suppose that if ypu choose model m109 in the wizzard that those frequencies are known, and does'nt need to be entered, but that all you have to do is paying atention that your freq is well set at your sub according to those known values. Seems logic ?
  12. In case of a majik 109 with bk xls200 : what would be best to choose in the wizzard with regards to roll on roll off and what could be considered as a fine xo setting on the sub with so2?
  13. Hi Mr Underhill, BK XLS 200 FF for me. Splendid combination with M109 imo
  14. How long do PS (dynamik, brilliant) typically last ? and would the lifetime depend on whether it is always on standby or powered off ? What would be best ? Question raised as with upgrades mostly everything is changed except the PS. But what about them?