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  1. The Linn vs Brinkman turntable was a direct A vs B comparison using similar 470ohm loaded cartridges. Both fed into the same PS audio Phono stage which then did ADC digitally to input via high quality digital coax to the Kii3+BXT speakers. We just switched the Phono leads between both turntables. (the Phono leads are considered part of the turntable set-up) Both turntables sounded well set up with no obvious lack of bass or treble and a well integrated musical presentation. Yet as the owner of the Linn I was happy to agree with everyone that the Linn was trounced. In my opinion the Brinkman had a more solid and tighter bass, more inner detail and more nuance with the singer's and instruments. However in my opinion the differences were not massive. Now I wonder what would have happened if we did the test as a double blind like the the Toslink cable test? Would the Linn have come out on top? Would some in the audience have given different scores back to back, even if we did not change turntables on the same piece of music? Which happened for 12 out of 15 members on the cable test. Hence my conclusion that there must be a better test for comparing hi-fi than this (in my opinion) flawed double blind test. Please can I ask who in the audience thought that the Linn was better than the Brinkman? (Please PM me if you want to express your opinion privately? )
  2. Sorry to be clear cable A cost £489 and cable B cost £35. Whilst I am convinced that my own double blind test is not a valid audio comparison test, due to the reasons given above, I do not yet know what is a better A vs B cable test. I will have to do a lot more research and personal experimentation before I can be brave enough to propose any kind of alternative audio test, if any.
  3. Thanks for the positive comments on the venue. Cable A is the better cable and is highlighted yellow on the spreadsheet.
  4. Lawrence001. You ask a very good question. Why do I think double blind testing is flawed? 1. I knew there was a clear difference between the cables due to my prior software test and my listening tests. 2. I personally had difficulty hearing a difference on the test, even though i knew for a certainty that there was a difference. 3. Therefore I ended up guessing my scores. (Guilty of trying to cheat) So my scores should not count. Given my own experience on the test, plus the variance in the other scores. I have come to the conclusion that my double blind test is not a valid method of assessing hi-fi. Professional reviewers do not normally use blind testing and I can now see why. For the next bake off, if relevant, I will try to discover and use a more reliable test methodology, to determine audio differences between hi-fi components.
  5. I confess. I knew that there was clearly an audible difference between the expensive and cheap toslink cables before we did the test. But hopefully I did not give the game away during the test. 1. The software comparator test the night before, proved that there was clearly an audible difference between the two Toslink cables. 2. Extensive home tests the day before, I could clearly hear that the audio difference was quite significant, using the same hi-fi equipment. 3. I could identify the expensive toslink cable was much better every time, 100% whenever I heard it. My own conclusion is that the double blind test is seriously flawed. Goerge47 warned me that blind testing would be inconclusive, but I did not understand why. Now I believe that we have proved that double blind testing is not a good way to audition hi-fi equipment. I will continue to work on this problem until i find a more reliable method to compare 2 hi-fi components. Perhaps I will have something for the next bake off in the autumn? Jester 7 - Chris
  6. Try loading the spreadsheet again. .ToslinkResult.pdfToslinkResult.xlsx
  7. Ok Guys and Gal. The moment of revelation. Here are the results for the blind toslink test. The expensive cable is highlighted in yellow. I reviewed the 45 min video to ensure the technician did not cheat. No doubt this may lead to a lot of discussion. I will add my technical comments to start. There is definitely a difference between the 2 toslink cables as I previously measured by audio comparator software. The 2 toslink cables are recorded on the identical 1minute piece of music and cancellation software used so that only the difference in audio beteeen the 2 toslink cables can be heard. With the audio difference software I can clearly hear the lyrics and tune, on the merged comparator recording, but at about 45 db lower volume. This proves that there is an audible difference. If there was no audible difference then the merged comparator audio file would be silent. The link below refers to the software if you want to try yourself. DiffMaker.htm Let the debate begin . . . . ToslinkResult.xlsx
  8. Hi everyone. I realise now that I was much too ambitious for my first bake off. Many apologies to those who brought their kit and did not have time to play. I will arrange another bake off in the autumn. Which I hope will be better organised. Also pleased the hotel venue worked out ok. The waitresses were great. 😏 Both turntables played through a ps audio Phono to digital converter. Which was interesting. But my lp12 still got trounced. I borrowed an audioquest diamond digital spdf from my local Kii3 dealer in Checkenden, which saved the day, as I did not get my new spdf cable delivered in time. Thanks very much for everyone who joined in the Toslink blind test. It became a bit of a comedy routine at the beginning, with all the suggestions how to make the test more authentic and fair. There is a 45 minute video of the whole proceedings which will be published in 2 weeks time. We were comparing audioquest toslinks at €35 vs €489. I have all the written test results with me here in Greece and will publish is a few days time. After I have got over the ouzo headaches. Best Chris
  9. Hi Speedracer - Sorry you can not make it - life happens. Does anyone want to step into Brook's place at the last minute? Best Chris
  10. Hi ian917, you are more than welcome - it is a very big conference room. I have added your name to the list. meninblack - sorry you can't make it at the last minute. Best Chris
  11. Yes, we can arrange that - Toslink digital versus Coax digital. I have short lengths of both Audioquest Diamond Coax (£839) and Audioquest Diamond Toslink (£489). I have just done a test tonight at home from an Oppo 205 4k BD player, spinning standard CD to the digital inputs on the Kii3+BXT speakers, using both Toslink and Coax Digital cables, with electronic remote A/B input switching. Sorry, I cannot tell any difference at all. (But then, I am 68 and my hearing is definitely past it's best). However on Saturday hopefully, someone will have a better digital source with both Digital coax and Toslink digital outputs. Either way we can do a blind experiment and see what everyone else thinks.
  12. I have had a request for a repeat of the Location instructions: - Catherine Wheel Hotel - 7-15 Hart St, Henley-on-Thames RG9 2AR Parking information for everyone . . There are 2 large car parks nearby (150 yards?), with plenty of parking: - The Kings Road car park (340 spaces)= RG9 2DG The Greys Road car park (147 spaces) = RG9 2FA Cost for above is £1.60 for 3 hours and free after 3 pm on Saturday. (will accept contactless credit card payments). Longer time parking is available at Southfields (off Goodall Close) about 200 yards - (55 spaces) £2.20 for 5 hours - £3.20 for 8 hours RG9 1BJ For unloading Hi-Fi equipment, please drive carefully into the gap in the wall at the Catherine Wheel marked "Hotel Entrance" into the back yard. Phone me on 07723376622 to let you past the lift up the barrier. After unloading please can you exit the small Hotel car park (residents only), and park in one of the car parks above? Thanks, Chris
  13. Expensive vs cheap Toslink, A/B was requested as there is a great debate that 1's and 0's cannot possibly change down a Toslink. We shall see . . . Just a side note - the Blind test is a test of the Toslink cables - not an audience hearing test - so we will be fairly relaxed about the whole thing.
  14. Thanks very much for the praise. You may want to wait till after it is over, depending on all the things that will go wrong????
  15. Hi Everyone, as this is my first bake-off, I am taking advice from experienced Wammers about the protocols to follow. The following has been suggested: - Only Owners of equipment are allowed to connect up to live systems - to ensure there are no overload mishaps. There are storage tables at the back of the room for equipment to be kept safe before being brought to the front for the live systems. There are 3 equipment racks with 10 shelves for the live systems, so plenty of space play everything. There is an A/B blind test planned for expensive vs cheap Toslink cables for the benefit of forum members. Just a note to answer someone's question. The conference room is being provided free of charge because more than 15 people are attending and no doubt some will partake of the drinks and food available at the pub. Looking forward to meeting everyone. Chris