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  1. g8ina

    RIAA Valve preamp build.

    Thanks for that Richard, I thought my HT rails were noise free, but I've not checked heaters and the 0v and 12v are floating so Ill also try grounding one end. More tests tomorrow, plus 8 new bottles on their way
  2. g8ina

    RIAA Valve preamp build.

    Update, power supply rails are spot on and dead quiet, but Im getting a loud-ish hum which varies in volume and channel depending on bottle swapping, so Im fairly sure I have at least one duffer. I have another 8 bottles on their way, so fingers crossed it will be sussed soon. In the meantime, three more nice cases have arrived from my breaker man, so possibility of more of these being built soon.
  3. One of the best desgined room heaters Ive ever had the pleasure to use. If I didnt have my own Tek and Hitachi scopes, Id be tempted, but I dont really have the room. Ill let the audio guys in FB know though, might get a nibble there.
  4. Anyone from Leeds area going to the WAM show at Kegworth on 15 March ??? I have a potential customer for my Rega EL8 speakers. Customer doesnt drive and Im not really up for a 300 miles round trip (Northampton). A few beer tokens may be available if anyone can help by taking the Regas from Kegworth back to Leeds. Ta David
  5. eddieshed in ebay often has some nice arms. I regularly buy Project 8.6 off him for 40 quid.
  6. g8ina

    RIAA Valve preamp build.

    Nice one sir, thanks, Ill look into that
  7. I have a pair of KEF Chorales up in ebay right now, g8ina2, starting at £100 but make me an offer and I can end it early. I also have a Cyrus 1 (original version) which might be a good accompaniment.
  8. Valve RIAA preamp build. Single reused case (was a Skytec 150wpc Power Amp) will have new front and rear panels and top cover will be resprayed. Transformer was a couple of quid off a car boot. Power supply is on Veroboard, its been a while but still surprisingly easy to use. Centre screen plate separates PSU from main amp board. Phono inputs, BNC outputs. Particular attention will be placed on grounding, will also use a screened mains cable. An ebay company listed black powder coated aluminium sheets and cut to size at no extra cost. Only trouble is they arrived in plain anodised ali, NOT black powder coated More delays while I put a fix request thru ebay... I managed to build this entire thing over the last 3 weeks, wire it all up, switch it on for the first time today, and it all worked first time ! Rather amazed and proud of myself ! Note the switch on protection system 285vdc HT and 12.6VDC heaters, used a LM338 to regulate the 12v line, adjustable between 11.5 and 13.5vdc. Unregulated, the heater voltage was closer to 18 volts, so needed to add the reg later. I **might** bring it to Kegworth ......
  9. I can make one for you. It wont look as pretty as professionally made ones, but it will do the job... If you are tempted let me know and Ill sort one out anf get a price.
  10. The Behringer PP400 can be obtained for around that off the bay.
  11. With ebay, you might get huge interest from Japan, just be aware of that, shipping will not be cheap, make sure your shipper offers full insurance compensation specifically on turntables, not many do. ParcelForce does ! WigWam, or AVF, or even some of the FB groups will get u a good audience.
  12. sfs, plenty of 1mm PTFE and 5.5mm PEEK kits, getting some great feedback from users, see g8ina2 feedback in ebay.