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  1. g8ina

    Some nice Turntables, north of Nuneaton.

    Updated, more new stuff listed.
  2. Linn Axis turntable, with Valhalla power board (33rpm only), Colton MC101 tonearm, unknown cart but looks like a AT. £400 ono. Fully refurbed/rebuilt - Motor sits on ali disc on rubber anti vibration mounts, screened internal power wiring, extra grounding, mains on/off toggle on rear panel to avoid power board overheating. Valhalla fitted as the Axis supply was dead and as the workshop is down at the moment I couldn't do the full fault findng I'd usually do. It sits quite well in the plinth. Fully safety tested. Colton tonearm MC101 (see Excel Corp ES801, same thing) - amazing arm, with a lovely anti-skate counter weight system. Rewired to new gold phono plugs. Cart looks like an Audio Technica but cannot confirm. Stylus is as new. Lid & hinges are third party, fits well but has signs of use, and I've had to make a small hole near hinge on rear to allow tonearm to move freely, it's a little longer than the other arms previously fitted. Soundwise, it's rock solid, everything is very well separated and the sound stage is brilliant. Demo is encouraged, located NN3 Northampton, I also make decent coffee. After £400 or near offer, includes UK post. I will NOT ship overseas.
  3. Some nice TTs here, I bought a Walker CJ55 off him last month. https://www.ebay.co.uk/sch/2732robert/m.html?item=123743790348
  4. g8ina

    Goldring Lenco GL75

    sorry, misread rules, removed
  5. g8ina

    Lenco GL72 for anyone?

    cool, thank you
  6. g8ina

    Best British Isles trad folk album?

    We go stewarding at Shrewwsbury Folk Festival every year since 2008, meet loads of great performers there. Have been friends with Eliza Carthy and nancy and jhames Fagan for aaaaaaages. Melrose Quartet is worth a listen its Nancy and James with next door neighbours Jess & Richard Arrowsmith, quite probably to be joined soon by their kids Lucy, Hamish and Harry. https://melrosequartet.co.uk/info/ Nancy & James have produced a few good CDs too, including Twice Reflected Sun, all their own work. My other fave band is Flook with the smaziong John Joe Kely on (my instrument) bodhran :
  7. g8ina

    Lenco GL72 for anyone?

    OK, wife has OK'd a day trip to Norfolk ! First available day is Thursday 16th, she works odd shifts, hope that would be OK for you John ?
  8. g8ina

    Lenco GL72 for anyone?

    I just need to speak to the OH, see if she's OK with the 250 mile round trip Ill be in touch and yes, Im happy to make a charity donation, Im running a Macmillian Charity fundraiser at the mo in FB for my 64th birthday.
  9. g8ina


    Received in GWO today, ta very much
  10. g8ina

    Lenco GL72 for anyone?

    125 miles, hmmmmmmm. Let me think on that, I love the GL series, chassis can be modded to take the heavier platter. Seriously interested, and thanks for the very generous offer. David, Northampton.
  11. Its taken quite a while but Ive finally finished refurbing / rebuilding my Linn Axis. The Axis power board was kaput, and despite all my efforts wouldnt not come back to life, so I had to install a Valhalla instead. I took the opportunity to fully rewire, using CY screened control cable for internal mains, and an old screened USB cable for the motor drive cable. IEC mains socket AND a mains switch at rear to avoid the overheating problems. Valhalla fully recapped and works fine. Motor mounted on an ali disc, in turn mounted on rubber grommets to reduce vibration. Also grounded the large metal discs under the rubber pillars. The Colton arm, was a little too long for the existing Linn arm fitting hole, so had to extend the hole a little further away, and so the hole is also covered by an ali disc. I also had to make a small breathing hole on the rear of the lid, a bit of a nuisance, but no biggie really. It plays extremely well, and I am quite happy with my efforts. Trouble is, do I keep or sell, and carry on with my Lenco twin platter Corian plinthed GL75 ? David
  12. g8ina

    Wtd: Mullard NOS 12ax7 valve

    Cant find my spares box right now, sorry.
  13. g8ina

    WTD: speakers for garage and bedroom

    Glad you're sorted so quick
  14. g8ina

    Wtd: Mullard NOS 12ax7 valve

    I might have a spare, let me go check