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  1. Here we go, its a 12v 2.5amp linear PSU, mains unput switch, flying leads in and out. 14x10x8cm. Uses 10,000uF at 35v and a 3 amp power regulator. £30 plus post.
  2. I have a few home built 12v linear psus, what current do you need ? and does it need to be fixed 12v or slightly adjustable ? and what size and polarity power output plug ?
  3. https://www.facebook.com/kjfaudio KJF Audio, that was the name I had to go back to FB to check
  4. Talk to Stefan at https://www.facebook.com/stefan.whatcott He makes the Frugalhorn cabinets and stock a wifde range of full range speakers
  5. No 6.5mm PEEK kits for the PTP left, plenty of 1mm PTFE and 5.5mm PEEKJ kits. Small price increase, apologies ! 84 kits sold to date
  6. g8ina


    £55k new !!
  7. I'll be there to assist TerryG on the day, but wont be staying overnight. I'll also drag one of my Lencos over if TerryG is happy with that (he's local and am in touch direct)
  8. Me and my stuff.... All safely tucked up behind a firescreen aka anti grandchild thing.