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  1. Classic Sony VHF/MW/LW/SW radio receiver with BFO for SSB. Integral whip antenna or plug in an external. Runs off 4x AA batteries. Complete with leatherette carry case and external long wire antenna. Scans all bands, and has up to 100 memory channels. 150 kHz to 29999 kHz plus standard FM band. Perfect working order and mint condition in original box, as new as far as I can tell, with original paperwork including s shortened version of a Short Wave listing handbook. https://www.sony.co.uk/electronics/support/radios-clock-radios/icf-sw7600gr/manuals Located NN3 Northampton, looking for £85 plus post.
  2. Morning and welcome back I have a Lenco GL75 which would fit the bill, currently advertised at £245. Im in Northampton, and possibly on your route if you came down the M1.
  3. Put it this way, without it, the arm tends to move against it. Moving the opposite way than logic says it should. With it in this position the arms bias is fine.
  4. Yep, well spotted, but in this instance it *prefers* being on that side Dunno why ! You can easily move it to t'other side if you think its better, but it seems to want to be where it is
  5. B&W DM302 (Prism) Bookshelf Speakers. 2-way 8 Ohm nominal vented-box system 1 x 25mm soft dome high-frequency 1 x 125mm doped paper cone/bass midrange 72Hz – 20kHz ± 3dB on reference axis 91dB spl (2.83V, 1m). 25W - 100W into 8 ohm Height: 320mm Width: 185mm Depth: 208mm These are well used, but bear minimal age marks, no major scratches or dings. Could do with a cleanup, I'll give em a rub down before posting but a decent clean is in order. Fitted with wall mount bosses screwed into the back panel. Sound tests - all good, they sound just like a decent pair of B&W should, very well balanced, v little colouration. sold elsewhere
  6. Now available as a kit or swap service, advert in Classifieds.
  7. Morning all, Inspired by the likes of Jolyon and Wer in LencoHeaven (and with their permission to use their ideas), I've been working on a low cost bearing mod to make an oiltight seal and add better quality components to the main bearing in the Lenco GL75 and similar GL tables (but not GL72 or 69). I'm using a linear bearing slide flange "thing" which clamps onto the base of the bearing shaft, then filling the cavity with oil and covering the base with a 1mm silicone rubber disc, and topping it off with a 55x30x5mm aluminium billet, bolted to the flange. On the inside, I'm adding a 5mm silicon nitride ball bearing and a 1mm PEEK pad (from Wer) or a 1mm PTFE pad made by me. My results to date are quite encouraging with noise floor dropping to almost nil, and it also makes the oiltight bearing a lot better on oil use So, One DIY Kit, comprising one "flange", one aluminium billet, 2 nuts and bolts, one silicone rubber disc, one thrust pad PEEK or PTFE (or one of each on request), one 5mm silicon nitride ball bearing, one small bottle of Isopropyl Alcohol, one small bottle of bearing oil. £25 plus post. UK post will be £4 for 2nd class signed for. For overseas, please ask, but generally it's going to be around £10 for Europe and CONUS If you would prefer me to do the fitting, send me your bearing and I will do it for £35 plus return post using the above parts. Return post in this case will be a little more as I wouild need to use Special Delivery to cover damage or loss insurance, so the post will be £7 UK. Again, please ask re overseas. Any customised work, please ask and we'll sort something out. As of today 28 Aug 2019, I have 12 full kits using PTFE, or 5 full sets using PEEK. Instructions attached below as DOCX file. Instructions GL75 Mod.docx
  8. Sennheiser HD238 "Precision" Headphones. Great condition, I would say mint, no box or carry bag. In perfect working order. Terminated in 3.5mm stereo jack, can supply 1/4 adaptor if required. £55 inc 2nd class signed for post UK Mainland. Located NN3 Northampton.