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  1. I use Moth stuff, don’t even have to dilute it.... Might try the right stuff when this runs out just for a change though, the Moth fluid works well for me...
  2. How about a pair of PMC TB2+? I might just happen to know where there’s a mint pair 😀
  3. But even so, boosting the signal going in isn't the issue, it's what's coming out of the phono that needs to be addressed, either a different phono stage with more gain or a pre-amp before the KT88 - which in all probability is a power amp with passive "pre-amp" (volume attenuation and input switching....).
  4. Ok this may need to be my last on this as it looks like we're back to phono stage input and from what I see that is not the issue, it's already getting a large enough signal. I know it's been said you'd like .8v or so into the amp but what is the amp expecting, what is its input sensitivity so you know the real ballpark you're supposed to be in?
  5. Whichever way we cut this the issue does not appear to be at the input to the phono stage, that is being fed with an appropriate signal. What input level is the KT88 expecting to see?
  6. What is the input sensitivity of your amp by the way?
  7. My only thought in that case then is that you're amplifying the signal at the point where it doesn't need amplifying and, as you say, there's a danger of giving the phono stage more than it can cope with (I don';t know if that will be the case in reality of course).
  8. What is the rest of your kit? I am assuming a "normal" MM also gives you too low an output too then as it seems a bit of a mismatch to need that much output unless I'm missing something obvious.
  9. He bought a cable that you find ugly. Priceless....
  10. If you're just puzzled why bother saying it looked hideous? What should he have bought?
  11. Same seller has SHL5+ at £1300 too... Seems cheap.............
  12. Did you try my suggestions, what was the result?
  13. Yes I am fine with it, I like it a lot but I have to caveat it with the fact I have little experience of anything else. My vinyl stayed tucked away during my AV years and prior to that I had used a Myst TMA3 (still have it) but when I dusted them off again I bought some new kit, the Vincent being one bit of it but bought pretty much blind. When I recently started sorting out a Lenco G99 I bought an MC cartridge and tried it through the PHO but found the MC side very hissy. The turntable is still having its plinth done but in the meantime I have bought a Fidelity Research FRT-5 SUT to use into its MM stage. I will soon know whether that was a waste of money or not and very hissy is normal :-) :-)
  14. I have a PHO-701 and when I was messing around with MM/MC carts I found if I put the MM into the MC stage I got a low output. I also had a low output with MM into the MM stage if I left the loading settings in for MC too. Putting the MC load back to 1000 ohms (I think) restored the MM gain. I would try the MC into the MM stage but make sure the MC resistors are set at the max (can't recall if that is off or on) and see what happens.