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  1. Sorry, all for the incredibly late reply, and for necro of the post. As an update, these have gone on eBay in the end. After speaking to a few people I just couldn't justify keeping them. Again many thanks for all the input and advice. Kind regards, Essy
  2. So, update. My friend came around with his amp - (Arcam - A75) - We plugged it in and the Tannoys did see to have a little more impact. My front room doesn't really have space to turn them up too much and I was still using a connection to a computer for the sound source so if I am being honest I couldn't really hear that much difference in quality it just sounded a bit tighter. My friend reckoned I would need a bigger room to get the best out of them as I don't really have anywhere I can put them that is not next to a wall and look at getting a DAC if I wanted to keep using the computer as the source. I think I was hoping that the difference would be so much more but perhaps I simply do not have the ears to appreciate the differences. This has if anything confused me more. whilst I really like having these speakers, I don't think I can really justify keeping them and therefore am edging towards passing them on. i have had a few messages with recommendations of people to talk to and I will follow these up over the week but, how on earth do I go about valuing them? has anyone seen similar sold and if so for how much? like all these things in an ideal world, I would just keep them, restore and match the rest of the equipment to get the most out of having these. I guess however that ultimately it's going to come down to the finances Once again thank you all for your input.
  3. Thank you all for the replies. All have been really helpful. They have been up and running for the last 3 years or so but only with a fairly cheap Onkyo AV amp. I'm still on the fence if to sell or keep. If they needed much work I wouldn't be able to justify keeping them if it was more than a few hundred pounds of repairs This all did push me into trying them with a better amp first before deciding and a friend is bringing his Arcam (do not know the model) over to see if there is a discernable difference between that and the Onkyo. I will, of course, report back and let you know if they sound better (Not that they sound bad at the moment to me).
  4. Thank you both for the reply I am having a look at the two amps now - The picture is with the backs removed. Below pic with the back on.
  5. Hi all This is my first post so if this could be in a better location then please let me know. I am looking for a little help on a pair of Tannoy speakers I have had for a few years. Having searched a bit on the old interwebs I thought a post here might be my best bet. These were my Grandfathers and were purchased in 1958 (So I was told). Having looked around I believe them to be Chatsworth corner speakers with 12" red drivers. I do not have an amp that would do them any justice. just a 10 year old Onkyo av amp. The old matching Quad valve one disappeared years ago and I am sitting on the fence about either selling the tannoys or getting an amp that would match them. Finances are not exactly limitless so any suggestions on a good budget/value amp that would pair with these. If not this route then how much should I be asking for the Tannoys as I have no idea on the intricacies of vintage hi-fi world? I have put a couple of pics of them here any advice or info would be greatly appreciated I can, of course, take any other mages or provide information that would help.
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