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  1. jmoon80

    New speakers

    Thanks, yes, I thought they complemented the room rather well! Definitely an important part of the purchase not to give my wife (who very generously authorised it) too much to complain about! It's not huge, but pretty high ceiling and needs some room filling sound which I seem to have found...
  2. jmoon80

    New speakers

    My wanted ad was at risk of turning into a discussion thread, so thought I'd post here instead of bumping it again. My new Kensington GRs arrived yesterday, courtesy of hifiguy, and just wanted to say thanks for the comments and advice in here. So far so (very) good. I've not even put the spikes on yet while I play with positioning, and I gather they need a good few hours play to really open up, so I'm hoping there's even more to come. Sadly the grilles have had to go back on to protect from little fingers...
  3. I did... Sorry if you were also bidding!
  4. Success! New Tannoy Kensington GRs arriving next week, at a very good price from hifiguy Dave. Thanks for all the ideas and advice. Bring on Wednesday!
  5. Selling my Cambridge Audio 740 CD player/DAC. The transport is "temperamental", in that 50% of the time it works, and 50% of the time it needs a gentle nudge. I never got around to fixing it, as I was only using as a DAC for a Roon/Raspberry Pi setup. In every other way - ie using digital inputs - it works perfectly, and is in excellent (near perfect) condition. I have the box , remote and manuals. I have replaced with a Quad Elite CDP to match Quad amplfication. £100 plus delivery (or pick up in SE London). Richer Sounds quote a repair at £40, so it could be fully sorted for under £150 (I just can't be bothered to go through the process just to sell it to be absolutely honest!) Thanks ps re photos, it doesn't normally live in the kitchen, it was just the best light I could find last night.
  6. Thanks for the suggestion. I'm looking for that big room-filling sound that I don't think a stand mount (even a big, top notch stand mount) will offer. It's not a small room, about 4x7m and with a high (3m) ceiling, but the speakers need to sit along the short wall, either side of a sofa and in front of the windows, hence drawing the line at the Kensington, which is a very neat compromise. I appreciate I might be waiting a while for the right ones, but that's fine.
  7. Around £5-6k would be ideal. If something nearly new came up, I could probably stretch up to around £8k but it would be a harder sell at home! Kensington is about perfect size-wise. Strictly speaking I could squeeze in GRFs, but after I mocked up some cabinets using cardboard boxes, my wife vetoed the idea!
  8. Not currently, unless I'm not using my search terms correctly? There are some black ash ones at £7k, and some Edinburghs and Windsors around the £5k mark, but I don't have the space for those... If you do have a link I'd be v grateful! Thanks
  9. Thanks, yes, assuming you mean the Glenairs, I did see them, but (admittedly based on reviews not actually listening to a pair) didn't think they'd live up to the Kensingtons.
  10. Looking for a pair of Tannoy Kensington GRs in natural wood, not black, cabinets. Ideally within shooting distance of London. Thanks
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