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  1. Could this be classed as 'essentials'... As in, I'm just nipping out for a few essentials (and return home with a whopping great Class A amp!!!!)
  2. Sunday Bump. Get this installed at home to see you through the inevitable lockdown that’s coming..... Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. Sorry, yes 2TB - thanks for pointing out, have amended my post accordingly.
  4. Selling my wonderful Nova Fidelity X40 Streamer as it’s now surplus to requirements. I bought it (used) early last year to rip my CD collection ahead of my house move to avoid taking them with me which it did admirably to it’s internal 2TB HDD. I’ve now backed up that library to my Mac so might accidentally forgot to erase the hard disk of the 6000 or so FLAC tracks currently on there if the new owner is interested…. This is a fantastic bit of kit (known as Cocktail Audio in the US) which can be used as Streamer (Tidal, Napster Qobuz native incorporated) Pre Amp, Phono Stage (really really good MM stage), external DAC (again well regarded ES9018K2M Sabre Reference chip), CD Player etc - this is a fantastic one stop shop. Comes with remote control and power lead but no original box or manual (can easily download off web or I can send via email etc) but will be well packaged for delivery but would obviously prefer collection from Conington Cambridgeshire so new owner can see / hear it in all its finery. A couple of marks as I've tried to illustrate in the images (scratch to top case, mark above CD opening and on the volume knob) Looking for £650 which is a good deal less than I paid and may also come with some added tunes if I **forget** to wipe the hard drive. Might also consider doing a deal with my TCI XLR leads I’m selling as this beauty uses balanced outputs. This price is for collection / delivery (depending on proximity) only but will consider posting at buyers cost / responsibility which we can discuss.
  5. I need a USB cable to link my Pi to my Pro-Ject DAC so need USB A male to USB B Male (printer style cable). Not worried about length as they sit side by side. Ideally around the £30 mark. Thanks.
  6. Hi Ian, Sorry, only just seen this but yes the amp sold pre-Christmas. Mods - Please can you move to Sold Items to avoid confusion. Thanks.
  7. If you can stretch to it, I'd take a serious look at this: Understand you're after an Integrated but if you can get a simple passive pre amp, that would make a wonderful foray into valves.
  8. Thanks all for the suggestions. I’ve opted for a Khadas Tone Board with my Pi and first impressions are very good. I’ve also changed speakers cable today so once everything is bedded in will be interesting to see what noticeable differences there are over my old DAC and cables.
  9. That’s a wonderful offer thank you John. I don’t think I can attend Keggy this year otherwise might have taken you up on it but as it would involve posting etc which I don’t ever trust at the best of times, I’ll probably decline but thanks again, really appreciated
  10. A few people have recommended the Toneboard to me so might give it a go
  11. There’s a gag in there somewhere but yes you’re right, I do need something smaller than the usual suspects Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  12. Thanks for the heads up Phil but the Teac is too wide at 8.5” Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk