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  1. Friday Bump - Happy to listen to offers if you think I've got this wrong?
  2. Selling my wonderful Ming Da Amp as have my eye on something further up the tube scale so needs must... My first foray into the world of tubes, this great little integrated sounds every bit as good as it looks. It's single ended design is now running Jinvina KT90 valves with the original 12AU7's replaced with Mullard ECC82's. Big upgrade opportunities available to these units for not much money and Mark at Ming Da is a really good guy to deal with (or indeed Firebottle of this parish has been known to significantly upgrade these amps). I have all original packaging, manual, dust cover and remote control etc. Looking for £550 collected from Conington, Cambridgeshire as concerned about shipping due to the weight (20kg) and nature of this (although original box is super padded. I will consider shipping at buyers responsibility and cost or can consider personal delivery depending on proximity as do travel a bit with work.
  3. Now sorted - thanks Julian. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  4. Now sold pending payment / collection. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  5. Selling my wonderful Transcription Deck by Ariston - RD80SL This is a serious contender to my LP12 and looks as good as it sounds. All woodwork is in great condition along with the original smoked lid that shows no cracks or scratches etc. I installed the Akito arm (upgraded cable from an Ittok) from my Basik deck as it sounds so much better on this. Comes with a Linn K5 cartridge with a brand new AT95e stylus fitted. Comes with a relatively new belt as well as its original rubber mat and record clamp. I also have a Rega arm board that I’ll include should you wish to change arms as well as a copy of its manual. I have packaging (not original) so would consider posting at buyers cost and responsibility (had issues before when sending out a TT...) but would much prefer pick up from Conington Cambridgeshire so it’s new owner can be 100% happy with what they’ve got. I sat listening to this last night and it’s a really engaging capable deck and a steal at the money they go for. Looking for £275 cash on collection (delivery could be arranged depending on proximity) which is a lot less than this owes me.
  6. I want to give MC cart's a go and want to dip my toe in something HO that will work with an MM stage. I have recently fitted a Jelco SA-375h arm (Sumiko MMT) to my LP12 and want to have a ply with different cartridges. I've read that DL110's are a great match for that arm but having been uninspired with a DL103r previously, I was wondering what else might fit the bill? Something like Benz Micro Gold, Sumiko Blue Point, Dynavector 10x5, Goldring Eroica etc etc. Looking for something lightly used in good condition, up to say around £300
  7. Don’t think the original stylus is the best which is why there’s a brand new stylus with it
  8. Bump - Any interest if I split out between the brand new stylus and cartridge (with original stylus)?
  9. Thanks Lee. Slight change of tack in that I’m thinking of trying the single driver Einklang’s instead of Direkts as they’re more suited to the space where I’ll be using them
  10. Recently bought from eBay, this Adikt MM cartridge from Linn is in wonderful condition at around 18 months old. It comes with it's original stylus as well as a brand new replacement stylus which has been put on for sale. I bought it to go on my Akito but have since changed arms and as such I would need to remove the tabs on the top of the cartridge to get correct alignment which seems a shame so I would rather sell on. Brand new the cartridge is around £430 with additional stylus being another £220. I'm looking to get back what I paid which is £325 in P&P to UK mainland addresses. Photo's below:
  11. It's not an official board but has come from Audio Classique who have good reviews I understand. The arm is used as my budget won't stretch to the new Majik arm and board from Linn I'm afraid. It's looking more likely that this board is cut for the SA-750D which I understand has a spindle to pivot distance of 214mm whereas my SA-375H has a distance of 222mm. Just waiting on Audio Classique to confirm but looks like I need new board - d'oh!
  12. Really really thinking about trying a pair of Direkts... Currently got my WLM La Scala's (Cosmo and Bourney's old ones) but keep getting drawn to these. Anyone know how they'll perform with my MBL 7006 Integrated???
  13. Hi All, I recently changed the arm on my LP12 from the Akito to a Jelco (Sa-375H which is same as Summiko MMT) and also had to change the armboard as the Jelco has a longer effective length (222mm as opposed to 211mm). Anyway, I changed it all over last night but can't help thinking the new armboard isn't drilled correctly for this Jelco as it now appears too long with the headshell very close to catching the lid when I close it. I've managed to align the cartridge as best as I can in the current headshell (still has tabs on the Adikt so may need to remove these later) I've attached some images so hopefully you can see what I mean. Does this look correct to you guys or is the armboard incorrect for this length of arm? Thanks.
  14. Indeed it is thanks. Somebody has snapped my hand off so this is now sold thanks. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  15. Now I have my LP 12, I have to move on some of my other TT’s so this time it’s the turn of this wonderful Manticore Mantra. Excellent condition, with just a couple of marks top left, just behind the platter (tried to show in one of the images). These can’t be seen from the front. Lid (original, Black) and hinges are in great shape with just the odd mark. Has the Glass platter and as this is a MkI, it has the better ball bearing sub platter. Comes with felt mat and new belt with around 10hrs use only. It has the Manticore branded RB250 arm which I upgraded with Isokinetic counterweight and stub. I also added a low hours Nagaoka MP11 Boron Cartridge so it’s now really singing (I also used a spacer to lift the arm to the correct height for Nagaoka cartridges). I picked this up from a member of this forum a few months back who had it a few years and really looked after it. Unusually, this one comes in its original box and packaging. Due to issues before posting TT’s I’d really prefer pick up from Cambridgeshire or I can deliver between there and Northampton as I work there most days. Alternatively I’m happy to pack up to allow you to arrange your own carrier on the strict understanding this will be at your cost and responsibility. Looking for £195 which is a billy bargain given the upgrades to the arm alone - it’s low your getting the TT free with the purchase of arm & cartridge!!!