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  1. Definitely enough power, dynamics come though even at low volumes. Wouldn’t call the sound bright, in the sense that it is not fatiguing. It is more clear than Harbeth p3esr.
  2. Thanks! I went through a lot of speakers before choosing these. And I actually didn’t pay attention to them at first as my old amp didn’t work too well with them. This is certainly an investment for me. I’ve had my other speakers for about 8 years now.
  3. Thanks! even my wife really likes them
  4. Thanks! Enjoying them very much
  5. Well, it appears the search is over. I went with Revel F228be, and they sound fantastic and exactly what I was looking for. Clear yet dynamic even at low volume. My old amp was not up to the task of driving them, so I hunted down something a little more powerful, actually found a set of Croft separates including the 25RSLS preamp and the 7R monoblocks with 2x- standard power (so 120 Watts per channel). This is plenty to drive the speakers. Currently still on trial period at home, but an incredibly wonderful sound with no bass boom, etc. I expect it’ll only get a bit better once the speakers are broken in.
  6. Could also be the equipment. I listened at two different dealers, with different sources, cables and amps.
  7. Thanks J, i listened to the d30rs and the d48rs. I liked both but d48rs would be my preference as it is just a bigger, more effortless sound than the smaller sibling. The Proac dealer is great and I might be able to get a home demo. However based on the equipment I heard with these, none of which was Croft, I preferred Spendor to the Proac. They both seem to try to do similar things but to me Spendor was a tad warmer, which I preferred.
  8. Update. Listened to Paradigm f95. Good speaker but can be bright. Otherwise would be solid, especially for the money. Might check out the Persona line. Also listened to Golden Ear Triton 1 (not sure if .R or not). Not my cup of tea. A bit veiled in the midrange, though pretty dynamic. If I decide to go for that type of sound, I’ll probably go back to JBL L100 Classic as I think that has better dynamics. Also listened to Harbeth M30.2 and M40.2. Really feels like P3esr but a bit more of the same, especially the 30.2. Probably not going down that road. Having listened to a whole lot of speakers fairly recently, much more than ever before in my life, I think even the 40.2 would be too laid back for what I think I am looking for. Which is basically a JBL L100 Classic with better midrange clarity. Though I can see myself living comfortably with an M30.2, especially with the right amplification. Might check it out with my amp and see what I think. Next up going back to listen to more JBLs and Revel f208, and will definitely listen again to Kef Reference 1 and Spendor d7 and d9. Also still need to set up a road trip to listen to Klipsch. Maybe in the next month or two. Thanks to everyone for continued comments and suggestions even though I am comparing a lot of apples and oranges. Had to look up what spotted dick by the way, and it was quite different from what I thought...
  9. Thanks all. I just looked up the Croft specs on some dealers website and it doesn’t look like they double into 4 ohms. I agree that home audition is important. I don’t think I will commit to a speaker without it, unless I can buy it used at a good price, but honestly I don’t have the time or the energy to be a serial flipper. I may save that approach for something that is very promising, but as default I will want to audition at home. I also prefer to buy new anyways, as I don’t trust myself As far as evaluating any faults in used equipment. By the way there are a couple of JBLs I still want to carefully audition at least in store, the 4429 and the s3900. edit: actually auditioning s3900. S9900 is another ballpark entirely.
  10. Thanks all. KEF was driven with a 150 Watt Krell I believe. What is the minimum to do them justice? Would 100 -120 Watts be enough? I’ve read that Croft can double the power on custom orders so curious to consider that approach. More money of course but a better amp as well, I guess. Or a McIntosh, etc...
  11. Update. Heard a couple of speakers today. Devore Gibbon Super Nine, and Devore O/96. Both reminded me a lot of Harbeth but with somewhat better dynamics. Warm yet clear sound, very laid back, made in Brooklyn, New York. Frankly a little too laid back with rock, even more so than Harbeth I would say. Zero hint of listening fatigue. Probably not for me due to being laid back but certainly worth checking out if considering Harbeth. Also, ATC 19 (passive). Not my cup of tea, a little too clinical for me, though I don’t think fatigue would be an issue. I can see why this brand is used a lot as a monitor. Frankly I just want some flavor with my music, I guess. Also, KEF Reference 1. Great sounding speaker. Seems to tick a lot of boxes. Just a couple of reservations. First, need to listen more to determine if fatigue will be an issue. Probably not, but sounds right on the edge. Second, the price. I get that it does a lot of things right, but with the recommended stands this is not a cheap proposition. Almost 2x Harbeth M30.2 here in the US . Is it that much better? Will find out as next week am scheduled to listen to those very Harbeth M30.2. But those aside, basically almost exactly what I am looking for. Sounds like a very clear yet very dynamic speaker. Like a very clear JBL L100 Classic, at more than 2x the price. Lots of food for thought. Glad I listened to it and will listen to it again before making my decision.
  12. I think you will enjoy them. To me, the D9 is just a noticeably more effortless version of the D7. With rock it really shows. I’m sure other types of music will also be impacted. Make sure to post your impressions!
  13. Thanks all. Cno and Chem, in your experience is there any brightness or fatigue in Spendor? (I guess Cno already said they shouldn’t be...). I did not detect any in my ~1 hour long session at the dealer. I’ve found some items fatiguing before (Beyerdybamic T1 headphones come to mind). Will listen more carefully for it if that’s what I plan to get. Also will try to find a way to listen to the Spendor 100 Classic (whatever the latest version is called). Something about 12 inch bass driver still very much calls to me ... but I agree that D9 could be an excellent speaker for me. Have not heard PSB, will investigate. This is all a lot of fun! Edit: Chem, what was your impression of the ATC?
  14. An update. Have listened to some more stuff. Proac, and a bunch of others. So far the one that stands out is Spendor D9. Proac D48R was also impressive. I’ve noticed that only the bigger towers impress me. For example, Spendor D7 and Proac D30rs just don’t do it for me after the JBL L100 Classic, speaking of the bottom end. Don’t get me wrong they are better in that department than my P3ESR but I don’t want to upgrade halfway, even if that means waiting a bit for the right speaker. So here’s a question. I probably liked Spendor D9 the most of what I’ve heard so far. How different is the Spendor Classic 100? It seems a competitor to but cheaper than the Harbeth M40.2. If anyone has any impressions between those Spendor I would love to hear them. Next up I want to listen to Kef Ref 1 (maybe 3 but that’s really stretching it) and ATC (19, maybe 40 but 40 are hard to find around here). Also Klipsch even though that’s a weekend trip to listen to them (can combine with family trip). Alternatively I may just ignore the experience I had at one dealer and still go for the SHL5 plus. No one here stocks m40.2 by the way. Edit: Looked into Tannoy but no one here stocks them either. I swear, there must be an opportunity for a dealer near NYC to stock big ass speakers.
  15. The JBL L100 Classic went back today. In the end, the midrange was not what I was hoping for. Just obviously less clear than P3ESR. The search continues. List ed to KEF R11 in a very unoptimal setting and they sounded good. Some type of Martin Logan as well and a few others. Martin Logan’s were also interesting but very different from what I’m used to. I am intrigued by ATC but wonder realistically what is the minimum watts I need (I realize my amp at about 50 watts won’t cut it). Other than ATC am planning to audition Proacs.