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  1. Angus Anderson

    Kegworth Show - Bring And Buy Sale

    I have had a bit more of a sort out and found a Stainless Steel tubed floor equipment stand that I made 30 years ago, it is very lightweight and it used to support my Linn LP12, I have just polished up a piece of marble to fit on the top, the frame measures 432mm x 332mm x 500mm high - variable, the marble plinth: 480mm x 380mm x 18mm, I am wanting £125 and will bring it to Kegworth on Sunday
  2. Angus Anderson

    Members Sales Update

    I made one of these to hold a Panasonic 32" tubed TV which must have weighed a minimum of 40kg, a good wall and 4x No10x2" (5mm x 50mm)screws is all it needed to stay on the wall, you could go one better and use M6/M8 rawlbolts or chemical bolts and open up the holes in the frame a bit? I have one of these shelves in my pc room using 4x No10 x 2" screws with a granite plinthed Lenco sat on it, which weighs 48lbs. Angus
  3. Angus Anderson

    Audio Wall Shelf

    Hi Joolz Funny how I left off the most important items - doh The dimensions: The frame: 495mm wide x 470mm deep x 305mm tall The equipment shelf: 480mm wide x 385mm deep
  4. Angus Anderson

    Members Sales Update

    On Sunday I will be bringing a homemade audio wall shelf, audio isolation platform and audio isolation table, see my adverts in the classified section. I should be there early provided it doesn't snow as per last year!
  5. Angus Anderson

    Audio Isolation Table

    Homemade Audio Isolation Table, made from cold rolled steel, so all the corners are sharp not rolled over, sprayed Hammerite satin black, four pointy screws with locknuts support the Black Tempered glass shelf. The dimensions are: 490mm wide x 380mm deep x 100mm high. I am asking £50 and can bring it to Kegworth on Sunday as posting is a bit of a nightmare See my other adverts for a audio wall shelf and audio isolation platform
  6. Angus Anderson

    Audi Isolation Platform

    Homemade audio isolation platform, this is made out of hot rolled steel, so the edges are rounded. Sprayed matt black along with the MDF shelf. There are a few scuffs and indents from the pointy screws. The dimensions are: 480mm wide x 380mm deep x 59mm high which is variable via the cap head screws when setting up. I am asking £30 and can bring it to Kegworth. See my other adverts for a Audio wall shelf and audio table.
  7. Angus Anderson

    Audio Wall Shelf

    Homemade Audio Wall Shelf for turntables and other equipment, with the appropriate wall fixings, it will hold 50kgs. The shelf is made out of cold rolled steel angle, so all the corners have sharp edges, i.e. not radiused, sprayed Hammerite satin black, the equipment shelf is sprayed black MDF, there are 4 adjustable pointy screws with locknuts to get the shelf level and rigid. There are four holes for wall fixing using No10 (5mm) x 2" (50mm) slotted pan head screw. I am asking £50 for the shelf and would like to sell it at Kegworth as posting this would be a bit of a nightmare. I also have an isolation platform and table, see other adverts
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