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  1. Can I declare myself a paid-up member of the Sugden owners club please? My brief journey from interested bystander to owner is as follows. I have fancied listening to an A21 for a while now and when I decided to demo a new streamer (Naim ND5 XS2) I was asked which amp and speakers I fancied using so plumped for an A21 Signature and a pair of Spendor D7’s. After an hour or two listening to it all I came to two conclusions; 1) I liked the Naim enough to make the purchase and 2) I was absolutely head over heals in love with the Sugden. Simply the most beautifully balanced, transparent music creation device I’d ever heard. Sadly I could afford both the Naim and the Sugden so went home to listen to the former whilst dreaming of the latter. A couple of days later I spotted an A21aL on eBay that had just been serviced by Sugden and had the phono board fitted at the same time. OK £750 is probably about £100 too much for it but couldn’t resist. It arrived fully boxed and proved to be an absolute minter - looks brand new One of the best bits of hifi I’ve ever bought, just sublime. Feeding a pair of LNB Paralab 20’s and they make a great combo - musical, transparent - just lovely. I think even the phono board is pretty competent in MC mode.
  2. Hi all - looking for a pair of speaker cables 2.5-3m in length. Banana plugs on one end and it doesn’t matter about the other as they’ll be bare wire for my amp. Needs to be quite thin gauge also - again limitation with the amp as it has those push button sockets. Budget around £150-200 and particularly interested in anything Atlas or Tellerium Q. Cheers all.
  3. Do you ever make it across to the right side of the Pennines? I’m in north Sheffield and Merseyside is just a bit too far but could easily meet you anywhere around the M62/M1 junction or the like.
  4. Well the first one has lasted around 30 years and is showing no signs of failing - the KSS-190A assembly will be the one thing along with cockroaches that survives a nuclear war. I think my CDs will fail before the player is eventually ready for retirement
  5. This is exactly why I’ve spent £400 on a new old stock transport and laser assembly. The original one is still going strong but when it dies I have a replacement ready to go . The £700 includes this £400.
  6. I’ve gone in the opposite direction to be honest. I’ve been ‘upgrading’ my system but by buying vintage but high end secondhand kit. My current spend is around £1200 and I have a system that I’d happily put up against a new system costing anything up to £10k. It might not beat it but there wouldn’t be much in it. I’m also enjoying the challenge of finding bargains to take it to the next level.
  7. The 337ESD is one of the best CD players I’ve ever heard. Including the cost of the player and a service for it I have £700 invested in it in total and it should be good pretty much for my lifetime. I think that’s a reasonable RoI. I’m going to have some sympathetic mods done to it - a bit of recapping, some power supply upgrades etc and I’d then happily put it up against a more recent player costing many times as much. The transport itself is a work of art - almost worth displaying. They don’t make ‘em like they used to.
  8. End game headphones right here. I have a pair and they are frankly one of the best things I’ve heard - speakers or cans... https://rover.ebay.com/rover/0/0/0?mpre=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.ebay.co.uk%2Fulk%2Fitm%2F183798674399
  9. An update on the Sony 337ESD. So keen am I to keep the old girl going I’ve spent £400 on a new old stock transport and laser for when the original one finally dies. Be good for another 3 years then!
  10. It’s now the Solo and Duo (the Duo being £20 more and MC capable. Has a headphone stage as well).
  11. It is Goldring’s own design. See comment above
  12. No it isn’t. It is made in the AT factory and remove the Goldring outer casing and it is in an AT-95 housing but the magnet configuration is very different and is a bespoke Goldring design.
  13. Tisbury Audio Domino is excellent but a touch above budget at £149 (Tisbury deal mainly via eBay). Cambridge Audio Solo is £129 and also very good. I have not heard a budget Pro-ject stage I’ve liked but the Rega is also a worthy contender. If the budget will stretch the Tisbury is where my money would be though - particularly with a cartridge as capable as the 2M Red
  14. I have used the Goldring E3 and it’s a very nice cartridge. Easy to mount up as well and can be had for £80 off Amazon. It’d be where my money goes.