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  1. dannybgoode

    advise re MM cartridge

    It’s essentially new. Not got more that 25 hours on it. I was thinking £50 + postage.
  2. dannybgoode

    advise re MM cartridge

    I have a Goldring E3 that I can let go. Super MM cartridge and only looking to move on as I accidentally bought a Rega Ania. PM me of interested. Mother than that the Nagaoka MP110 and whatever Ortofon 2M is around that price are solid choices too.
  3. dannybgoode

    Streamer advice

    I use a Yamaha MusicCast WXC-50 as my streaming device. Superb value at £250 or so and has the all important coax digital out so can be fed straight into a DAC. I couldn’t find anything remotely close in price that had a digital out and when out through my Rega DAC and playing 44.1khz flac files streamed wirelessly from my NAS it sounds very nice. The accompanying app is ok to boot. Not stellar but more than adequate. I may try a more expensive streamer at some point to see if I can hear a difference but for now I’m more than happy with it.
  4. dannybgoode

    Jon Myles review is rubbish again .

    I don’t think Media Monkey supports accurate rip but I’m not 100% As I say I’m happy to provide an MM flac rip and an EAC one and I’m happy for others to disagree when they hear them. To my ears though EAC rips do sound better - to the extent I re-ripped about 50 CD’s that I had already done with MM.
  5. dannybgoode

    Jon Myles review is rubbish again .

    I’d be loathe to write something off as complete nonsense without actually hearing the files but it does seem a bold claim. That said different software implementations of encoding can lead to audibly different results - I have ripped with both Media Monkey and EAC and EAC sounds noticeably better - I’d be more than happy to provide sample files for others to blind test and see if they agree. It’s therefore possible (and I am not saying that it’s a given) that the encoding hardware/software on the reviewed device has an impact on SQ.
  6. dannybgoode

    New to streaming, good SQ on a budget

    I put the Rega DAC up against a Naim streaming device - can’t remember which, was a slightly older model - and thought the Rega better. the original Rega DAC is an underrated gem of the hifi world. I run it in to a £1k headphone amp driving £2500 headphones so there is no hiding place for poor SQ and it performs brilliantly. To stream I have an enterprise class NAS drive and I use Exact Audio Copy to Rio the CD’s to lossless flac. EAC makes a much better job of ripping than a lot of software I’ve used. The Rega is then fed by a Yamaha MusicCast WXC-50. Nice thing that has a coax out and you can set the thing to output to the coax directly bypassing any internal pre-amps etc. I don’t think you’ll improve on the DAC without spending ££££ but feeding it with a good coax digital source and good quality lossless rips are a must.
  7. dannybgoode

    18th of May Birthday bash (Sheffield)

    Would there be room for a newbie? I am undergoing major surgery on the 10 April but should be very much back on my feet by then. Could bring an interesting turntable and also a very high end headphone setup if people are interested in hearing one. Cheer Danny
  8. dannybgoode

    Guilty Pleasure.....Music

    See my post above. Yes, it most definitely can
  9. dannybgoode

    Rega p8 noise floor

    I don’t think your test particularly proves anything. A paused CD player is likely not outputting anything so should be silent - it’s essentially unplugged. A live deck/ phono stage is so may well be noisy. The P8 is renowned for being very quiet, as is the Aria (I own an Aria and can crank it up and it’s very quiet) so I’d be looking elsewhere for any issues (grounding, noisy mains etc). Also, at normal listening levels are you happy with the Rega kit? If so why worry about and unrealistic scenario? Kick back and enjoy the music
  10. dannybgoode

    Monitor Audio Platinum 100

    It doesn’t appear to be clipping at all anywhere on the histogram so no, I don’t think it is overexposed. Either way it is still subjective and down to the preference of the listener, or in this case, viewer.
  11. dannybgoode

    Please help me choose a tube amp

    Can’t help with the amp choice and I may be stating the obvious here but worth pointing it out in case. Make sure any amp you get in the States will work with 240V. Most valve amps have the transformer built-in and they do not always have a means of switching over from 110V.
  12. dannybgoode

    Rega Aria/Ania settings - an experiment

    That aside you are right in this particular situation but either way I have found the combo sounds better at a setting of 3200pF than the recommended 1000pF.
  13. dannybgoode

    Coloured vinyl - can of worms content

    No it can’t. An argument is a connected series of statements so as to establish a proposition. Contradiction is merely opposing what the other person said. [apologies that is from memory so the exact lines may be a tad different ]
  14. dannybgoode

    Rega Aria/Ania settings - an experiment

    Not strictly true. Impedance very much can be measured in Farads. Impedance can have both reactive and resistance components. The capacitive component leads by 90degrees the pure resistive part, a lagging componet is the result of any magnetic fields induced. Its a while since I’ve properly studied the science. I learnt it all to pass my M0 radio amateur exam and promptly forgot it all.
  15. Interesting one this. When I was researching the Aria I came across a review that suggested the Ania/Aria combo sounds best with the impedance set at 4200pF instead of the recommended 1000pF. I have tried this and I agree that it sounds much better at the higher impedance settings although I find the 3200pF setting best. More openness and separation and more kick to the drums etc. More depth to the whole presentation too. Not sure why this would be given it is not Rega’s own recommended impedance but over extended listening I really do prefer it. If anyone else has this combo perhaps try it and see if you agree or not.