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  1. Would be interesting to do a bake off with passive and active versions of the same speaker. Actually, 3 versions: - my MK1 SCM40s - passive MK II SCM40s - active SCM 40s.
  2. I applied for the Club des Cingles carnet thingy before I went, just in case I was mad enough to try it. But I wasn't! Had quite an eventful second climb, my freehub locked up right at the top so had to descend through the forest section continually pedalling and keeping my speed low enough that I could do so.
  3. +1 on that, the Stelvio is on my bucket list. Two years ago I stayed near Mont Ventoux for a couple of weeks and did all 3 ascents (not in one day!). Its bloomin hard work that climb!!!
  4. The Condor is not going anywhere, I had it made in 1988 and its a great frame as my winter bike since it has decent clearance for mudguards. IIRC it has 21" seat tube and shorter than that head tube with 74 head angle.
  5. Sorry to hear this about your cycling, had seen your veloviewer sig, more impressive than mine! There's quite a few keen cyclists down my way (Surrey), Wyndymilla is nearby. There's a "cycle shifters" group on Facebook that's a good place to advertise stuff among decent cyclists. Own a few bikes here - A Wyndymilla Massive Attack, Rourke 953 Custom and an old Condor Italia Pro made from Reynolds 531 Professional. Shame I don't use them more often these days. Would be interested in your Strava ID if you want to PM it.
  6. I have the Mk I passive SCM40s and I love 'em. Sure the Active Mk IIs would probably blow their socks off but they cost a LOT more. I also appreciate classic music, having been brought up playing classical instruments, but I also play the drums and so like the WHAM and SLAM the SCMs bring. I have them driven by a pair of 300W MOSFET mono blocks and a Wadia front end, I do think these speakers will benefit from a meaty amp and clean front end - the difference in quality between good and mediocre mastered CDs is very audible. In the words of Morpheus, these speakers are only offering the truth, nothing more.
  7. I recall Paul McGowan talking about jitter/DAC/sound quality issues. His main comment that I recall was that - as jitter or the need for error correction increases, the DAC has to do more work to rectify the issues, it only has a finite bandwidth so as its work increases, sound quality decreases. I don't know specifically how this impact materialises but there you are.
  8. Exactly. Precise timely delivery of audio data in real time is analogous to wow and flutter for a turntable.
  9. Because for audio, timing is everything. In other applications, it doesn't matter if there's a slight hiccup in the delivery of the data - it can arrive in bursts. Try that with audio...
  10. IMO that's looking at bits a bit too simplistically. In storage I agree, bits are bits, there are 1s and 0s. Copying a set of bits from one media to another media can happen without error. Its in the transfer of bits it gets rather grey. How is a "bit" defined when being transferred? Its typically when a 1 transitions to a zero or vice versa. A stream of 1s and 0s would be represented by a square wave form, but a perfectly square waveform is impossible to replicate. Some cables will corrupt the waveform more than others which has a direct impact on the sound produced since the DAC (or whatever it is) has to decide at which point on this now less than perfect leading edge, the transition takes place. This type of error is in the timing domain and is commonly referred to as jitter.
  11. I love my Wadia, wouldn't change it for anything.
  12. CDs sound best with baked beans poured over them.
  13. Bodgit

    Second Systems

    My second system is mainly my very first hifi with some upgrades, which were then replaced and became my first system. Upgraded components are roughly a 50/50 split between being kept or passing on/sold.
  14. I'll be renovating my ground floor the first 3 weeks in October so if you haven't decided by then you're welcome to borrow my speakers around then! Amps too for that matter, in fact you could take the sofa as well!
  15. I have some very expensive XLR interconnects and speaker cables, bought some years ago when I had more money than sense. They are very nice cables,. don't get me wrong, and they sure reveal the true sound from my hifi. However if buying now I'd be a lot more careful with my £££. In most cases, spending more money on cables is better spent on components, especially speakers.