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  1. Bodgit

    Digital Source Question.

    Wav files might sound better than flac as the streamer is doing less work with the flac file. I can hear a slight difference between streaming through the SBT going digital into the Wadia vs playing the CD on the Wadia...only the transport/digital streaming is different, but the difference in SQ is marginal. Not sure if i could tell the difference in a blind test its that small. In the digital domain is all to do with the timing of the 1s and 0s.
  2. Bodgit

    PS Audio anyone?

    The kind of feedback provided by @Metatron and @Stidge, thank you both.
  3. Bodgit

    PS Audio anyone?

    I'm rather more interested in personal experiences than in quantified measurement of the stuff.
  4. Bodgit

    PS Audio anyone?

    Thanks. Just thinking long term, I mean loooong term. Assuming I move to the active SCM50s, I can plug my Wadia straight into it via XLR, but I might want the flexibility to add some additional analogue devices and/or add a decent streamer. I've been looking at the BHK preamp and one of their streamer/DACs - the Direct Stream DAC would be a nice addition.
  5. Bodgit

    PS Audio anyone?

    Have to agree with you there!
  6. Bodgit

    PS Audio anyone?

    Wondering if anyone here has PS Audio gear, if so what do you have & your opinion?
  7. Bodgit

    To preamp or not

    Exactly, I didn't buy very transparent "warts and all" ATC speakers only to then have to hide all the imperfections of the source.
  8. Bodgit

    To preamp or not

    I've heard some arguments in the favour of inserting a pre-amp, but I can't be convinced by the logic of them. Inserting anything into the signal, whether that be a preamp or a cable, can never make an "improvement" to the signal, it can only degrade it. I guess the exception is if the original signal has some spurious "edges" to it, or high frequencies, which are somehow smoothed out by a preamp and so make the music sound subjectively better.
  9. Bodgit

    To preamp or not

    Not sure exactly, but I set them up so as to have the volume nearly at 100 in my previous house which was detached and the lounge was bigger. Now I'm in a smaller lounge with an adjacent (semi detached lounge) I dare say I could fiddle with the dip switches and lower the settings as you suggest.
  10. Bodgit

    To preamp or not

    Wadia 861 + 300W mosfet monoblocks + ATC SCM40s = superb sound IMO. Its a cracking setup given the age of the components.
  11. Bodgit

    To preamp or not

    Yes I'm aware of the limitations. For serious listening volume is around 80 or so, but when watching the TV at normal volume levels, its probably around 40. It would be interesting to see if a decent pre-amp improved the SQ as the Wadia would then be set to 100 and SQ improvements may be more noticeable at lower volume levels.
  12. Bodgit

    Whatever happened to DAB?

    I have a DAB separates tuner in the man cave, signal is pretty poor which means most of the time the sound is noisy or doubt not helped by the pathetic bit-of-wire-aerial.
  13. Bodgit

    To preamp or not

    Interested in this thread as I'm running the Muse power amps directly from the Wadia 861 which has volume control in the digital domain...
  14. Bodgit

    What to upgrade!

    What about a pair of active speakers, say the ATC SCM40As? The 50s are great but are north of £10k, the 40s are a lot more "affordable".
  15. Bodgit

    EPOS ES14 Speaker - An Easy Fix Or Throw Away?

    It was all handled back in the day via KJ West One where I bought them, the tweeters are the same although one has an ever so slightly different finish to the metal grill. Hardly noticable.