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  1. Think you could be right v1nn1e, the games are pretty CPU intensive. Have found some online guides to rectify the problem but none work. Might give the earphones a try on my Galaxy S3 :-)
  2. Bodgit

    Bug bears in hifi

    Bits of my power amp not working properly or broken...going back 30 years to my Electronics degree, buying test equipment, resistors and no longer made MOSFETs. Every day is a school day at the moment.
  3. Reminds me of a great album. Three sides to every story...yours, mine and the truth
  4. My old school friend (early 1980s) Chris Liauw will be there I believe in room 414 showing off his Curvi Speakers. If you see him, say hello from me :-)
  5. I think the issue is officially called stuttering, the sounds breaks up and crackles. Just trying this suggested fix
  6. Apologies if this is the wrong place to post...but may be some of you clever people have an answer to this. I'm using some cheapish earphones, Anker Soundbuds Slim, with my Android phone, a Galaxy S6 Edge+. It plays music perfectly, but sounds from games is kind of distorted and echoey, pretty much unlistenable. Any ideas why?
  7. Shame I can't make use of it, can't chop down my amps and its the wrong size (length/height) for my 2nd hifi
  8. What a tragic story, sounds like the seller has been somewhat persuasive, indeed aggressive, in persuading you to buy gear that is not suitable. However in the end, you're the one responsible for your decisions and now have to deal with outcome on top of everything else. As others have mentioned, I think selling the lot and starting again might be a good place to start and use the proceeds to try components at a fraction of the previous budget. I can second Trevor @ Guildford audio, got my SCM40s from him second hand and he's not aggressive at all. Always has a range of pre-loved stuff and I would have thought amenable to letting you try things out for a bit. Give him a call and see if he's willing to talk things through and then pop over to yours with his van filled with a few things to try out - no commitment on your side. What is clear though, is that you need a dealer who understands your predicament and will work with you to achieve an outcome that you believe is a good one. My other thought on how best to deal with this situation is to try and detach yourself emotionally from it all - easier said than done. Rather see it as a project and take decisions objectively. Best of luck.
  9. Bit of an update on my amp, all is not what it seems sometimes. Each amp has 6 pairs of 2SJ56 and 2SK176 MOSFETS in TO3 case Found out one of the biasing the resistors was open circuit - adjacent to the drain (I think, source is the case right?) on one of the 2SK176s, possibly the one Henry was using to biasing the amp. Found a replacement resistor (0R22 ohm, 2 watt, 5% tol) and swapped it, but still no voltage across it. Took out the 2SK176 and it seems to be open circuit. Have ordered a replacement 2SK176 from Ebay and also an EC10N20 supposed to be a modern replacement. Henry pointed me to the Atlas tester so have ordered a DCA75 pro too. More fettling to come!
  10. I know nothing about your speakers or Iconoclast cables, but can share some insights when I bought my Townshed Isolda cables. You seem to be considering whether to go bi-wire, or single wire with bridging cables. Most will say that you're better of going for better single wire than half the price on two sets of bi-wire cables and I'd support that. However when I asked Max about the Isolda cables for my 3 way speakers, he said he couldn't/wouldn't do a single run of cables with 3 sets of terminals but rather proposed two runs of cables - one for the bass and another for mid and treble. That's what I went for. This obvously doubles the cost so depends to what extent cost is a factor. Best bet would be to try a set of cables and see if you like them, or better still try 2 or more sets and compare.
  11. Well that's a matter of opinion. I'm very anti-woke, is that a bad thing?
  12. Bodgit

    Trader Check

    Sure, you know who the customer is, but we have no idea who you are! Avoid!!
  13. Typical snowflake woke attitude - making out that he's the victim and you're the oppressor.