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  1. Bodgit

    Soundations AV rack

    Nice rack, not dissimilar to mine in its constructions, not sure if they're the same make. And a Wadia too :-)
  2. May be try borrowing a really good DAC from a hifi shop near you, that should show you the limit of what upgrading the DAC can do. I'm not familiar with your amp and speakers but they seem fairly high end? In which case, the DAC is a good place to start. The SBT is fine as a steamer/digital in to the DAC.
  3. Its not clear from the above where the shortfall is other than your PC is getting on a bit. I don't think your PC is limiting the audio quality is its just hosting the LMS and ripping CDs. My setup is similar, only that my LMS sits on a NAS drive but I too have the SBT going into a DAC (the Wadia) and its a really capable streaming unit. Is there a part of your audio system that is weak link?
  4. Bodgit

    Meridian 206B CD Player.

    I had this in mind when I got the Wadia, even if the transport goes poop, I still have a great DAC and digital pre amp.
  5. Bodgit

    absolutely had enough

    I'm out of my depth on this topic, but a while back one of my power amps started a crackling noise, it was a resister in a biasing circuit that was going (I think that's what I was told). In case it helps.
  6. Bodgit

    Meridian 206B CD Player.

    The feet were 19mm Sorbothane hemispheres like this
  7. Bodgit

    Meridian 206B CD Player.

    I have a 206B in my man cave hifi #2 if you like. Bought in 1990 for £1000, its a great player. Sound might be a bit "soft" but its a really nice listen. Two of the feet came off mine, I picked up a replacement set of 4 from fleabay. The drawer on mine is bloomin stiff, probably through lack of use. Have watch them occasionally on ebay, think they go for over £200, depends on condition.
  8. Bodgit

    audio desk systeme glass cd sound improver

    One word - timing. Digital music is just 1s and 0s, but its the timing of the 1s and 0s as presented to the downstream audio system in realtime e.g. a DAC, that can make a difference. That's why digital audio cables can make a difference to the sound, the square waveform gets distorted and hence so does the timing of when the 1s and 0s are detected.
  9. Bodgit

    measurements - do they really matter that much ?

    Measurement generally aren't going to matter a great deal unless they directly correlate to what you're trying to achieve. E.g. frequency responses are all going to be much of a much ness, to know its +/- 3db from 20hz to 20kz really isn't going to tell you much Power output of an amp might be useful, if you know your speakers need a lot of current to drive them properly then you can dismiss low output amps. Think of measurements as a kind of indicator, it might give some initial view or impression, but in the end only listening will tell.
  10. Bodgit

    measurements - do they really matter that much ?

    Measurements are for people with rulers.
  11. Bodgit

    Dedicated HiFi circuit design

    Don't think you'll find precisely that in the regs. there is a Electrical Installation Condition Report (EICR) which will examine an existing installation, then there are the regs which need to be applied to new work. Old cabling is fine as long as its deemed "safe".
  12. Bodgit

    Dedicated HiFi circuit design

    Rest assured rabski, all my work is being supervised by a qualified spark and he will be signing off all the work.
  13. Bodgit

    Define a "Classic"?

    Unlike the Mazda RX-7 which is right wankel of a car.
  14. Bodgit

    Speaker terminal question

    This is what I'm calling out in your argument. If the jumpers did have different properties to the cable, then it would matter, but you're arguing since they don't then it doesn't.
  15. Bodgit

    Speaker terminal question

    You're trying to argue against the first part of my post, using the last sentence of my same post as your argument. The logic is sound - in so far as the copper links have a different characteristic as the speaker cable (which we might both agree is tending towards zero), then each driver has the exact same cable impendence i.e. the speaker cable plus one link of the connector. I would assert there can be a tangible difference in the characteristics of speaker cable vs connector, which is why people are told to bin the connectors and replace with short lengths of speaker cable. This can be debated; the differences will be small. Either way, I would agree that differences in the way cables are connected in relation to these link connectors are going to have very minimal changes to the audible sound, but it may be audible in some cases. I for one would not volunteer for such a listening audition.