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  1. locheeboy

    Random image of the day 3

    Night sky Dundee...
  2. locheeboy

    Merchant bankers

    Who went to jail?.....no-one...
  3. locheeboy

    Pet Hates !!

  4. locheeboy

    Pet Hates !!

  5. locheeboy

    Cartridge advice

    I have a brand new Ortofon 2M Red , original box, not even mounted - for sale in classifieds...£65 + £3 p+p.
  6. Actually, the guy’s correct..It is in the correct forum and for a mod, especially, to advise someone to use a different forum for more exposure is...wrong. Arguments are beginning all over the board as more and more posts are being made in incorrect forums, often,simply through laziness or through just what the mod said , to use 2 channel since it,s busier. What about all those folk who want to use 2 channel as it was conceived “for the purist”. Is there a point to having forum titles? Smithy
  7. locheeboy

    Royal Baby Name Generator

    Cornelius cake?...Honorius Maximus Zaius castle? Never heard o them...
  8. locheeboy

    Random image of the day 3

    Looks good with the dark background...
  9. locheeboy

    Royal Baby Name Generator

    Snoopy Darth Domino Kinpurnie
  10. locheeboy

    Finally come out of the closet.

    Elton John played and sang as a session man on a number of these albums - couldn't tell ye which...
  11. locheeboy

    Great deal on 55 inch 4K Samsung tv

    Thanks Pete.
  12. Hi

    re the blue superwammer tag in posts, could you move it elsewhere in the posting area? The top right-hand corner often obscures a couple of words in the post body and it takes forever to work out which words have been obscured (if ever). It often kills the sense of a sentence. A tag down by the "drag files" or top left would be much better. Or even no "superwammer" tag at all - I mean...Who cares if someone is a " superwammer" ? 

    Thanks, Smithy.

  13. locheeboy

    Holy shit people - we are so lucky!!!

    Pete, Ah get the point of yer post... "Perhaps to love one another" I had been suffering from liver disease for the last 6 years. Up until around 18-20 months ago it had been getting (very) slowly worse. I stopped drinking around 5 years ago but the liver disease kept getting worse. I was initially diagnosed with FLD( fatty liver disease). It is inherited, there's no cure. It can normally be regulated with drugs and diet. A year later I was diagnosed with 8% cirrhosis but as I'd not been drinking (by that time-around 2-3 years) I was told it was manageable. In fact 3-5% of damaged liver may grow back without alcohol. No, for some reasons not only did the FLD get progressively worse but so did the cirrhosis. By this time I was attending hospital for 2 days every 2 weeks. I'd be kept in for a fluid drain from my belly which was usually around 14/15 litres (as my liver by this time was barely making it. I was given no more than 2 years to live (Jan 2018). I was proposed by my consultant for testing for a liver transplant in January last year but there were delays which meant I didn't get my test week until middle of April last year. Finally off I went to Edinburgh for a week of tests - 5 surgeons, 6 consultants, 4 docs , 2 psychiatrists 3 co-ordinators and 5 senior nurses later.... Here comes the miracle bit... After my week of tests I was told (never forgot the time) at 17:30 on the Friday that I was successful in my battery of tests and that I would be put on the tranplant list that evening and I would be "live". So I was thinking "Hope I live long enough to get one" Back to Dundee on Friday April 13th 2018. On Sunday morning, April 15th. 06:10 (never forgotten these times or dates) I got a phone call from Edinburgh telling me that an ambulance was on it's way for me and that I was getting my transplant at 22:00 that night! The op was wonderfully successful. My surgeons said they'd never experienced anything like it. "It was like assembling Lego" said one surgeon. The op took nearly 3 hours less than normal. My recovery was driven by such a short operation (and a coupla other factors.. I have felt wonderful since I woke up that day and that's a year now. I regularly think of the donor and his/her family, I would like to meet them but only the donor family can ask for a meeting not a recipient. But I'm alive because some unselfish person - one day - filled in a form which became his/her piece of red and blue cardboard but saved my life....Thank you... We have always been quite a close family, not as much with my sister as she married young and out of the house when I was still a teen. But now, when I see her, I tell her I love her and tell the rest of the family as well, I tell my friends when I see them and they all know I'm sincere as I don't drink! Even though the home countries are slowly changing their attitudes to organ transplant I would urge everyone to get a donor card and always carry it. Iv'e carried one for 30 years and still carry one... AH needed tae write that...