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  1. locheeboy

    Tannoy 12" red Corner Chatsworth?

    Well, they won't need refoamed as foam surrounds didn't arrive 'til 15 years later. The cones, we can't see the front of the drivers but even allowing for the very small glimpse of the rear of the cones...they look no bad. Replacing crossovers (or parts of crossovers) is always a good idea but may only need new caps, if at al. Still, not very expensive updates. I'd suggest contacting Mainly tannoy...https://www.ebay.co.uk/str/mainlytannoy/ they're very good and the owner is very knowledgeable on all things Tannoy.
  2. locheeboy

    Pet Hates !!

    Aye, that's still racist
  3. locheeboy

    Tannoy 12" red Corner Chatsworth?

    PS, Some info...This is the MK2, yours is an older version.You can find the makers mark and date produces inside the cabinet.
  4. locheeboy

    Tannoy 12" red Corner Chatsworth?

    Hi Essy. The speakers, being very efficient, can handle so many different amps (as Uzzy said above). While they were designed as corner units, they sound just as good out of those corners and in positions you would normally use for standard,box speakers. They're freestanding and shouldn't be attached or stuck to a corner. Off the top of my head, Chatsworth,York, Lancaster, GRF, and the gigantic Autograph were all Tannoy corner speakers which were producet in standard shapes as well. (There are others). The "RED" drivers, alone, would be worth around £1500+ (they're much sought after) Such is the condition, of those, and the cabinets that yer looking at a fair few bob invested in them. The combination of "Reds" , corner cabs and condition ramps the price up. Everything looks pristine. Mebbe new cloth grilles to get rid of the "smoke ring" round the speaker edge. I'd try them with yer Onkyo, ye may be pleasantly surprised. Wouldn't begin to suggest an amp but a quality,used amp ( imo valve) would open them up beautifully... personally - I'd keep them...
  5. locheeboy

    Pet Hates !!

    Rule no. 4. Seems to be all encompassing? Are cable threads allowed within Rule no.4 .?
  6. locheeboy

    Pet Hates !!

    "lor in order" ... gie's a break! starting sentences with So.... When did every fecker in Britain become a multi-lingual interpreter? "No Worries"... stop watching Aussie soaps There's a perfectly good Scottish phrase that Scots can use..."Nae problem". Posts in hi fi forums about cables The arrogance of politicians The ignorance of politicians Folk saying "literally" when they literally mean figuratively... Enough, eh'm awa tae bed... PS folk who write in dialect...
  7. locheeboy

    Impedance 4 / 6 /8 ohm question ?

    Simplest, clearest explanation I’ve read...ye don’t need graphs, bar or pie charts https://geoffthegreygeek.com/speaker-impedance-changes-amplifier-power/
  8. locheeboy

    Interesting and Unusual Facts

    If ye want to avoid a heart attack...stay in bed 'til dinnertime on Mondays...
  9. locheeboy

    one word daily

  10. Yesterday, I bought a new set of headphones . I found this online shop...http://www.planetgizmo.co.uk/ - Planet Gizmo, The item I wanted was £100 cheaper than anywhere on the net. When a Scotsman looks for a bargain, I really mean "anywhere on the net"!. Whilst going through the motions of purchase and about to enter my credit card details, I noticed an option to buy by Debit card. Clicking on that tab, I found I could save a further 5% by using my Debit card. Normally I wouldn't use a Debit card for such a large purchase but it was another £100 saving on the deal. I'll let you know if I get ripped but I thought the shop was worth bringing to the attention of WAM members as I saved £300 on the next nearest price I could find. No....it's not my shop Cheers, Locheeboy.
  11. locheeboy

    Measurements, Compatibility and Ears 👂

    And just in case naebody believes me............................................Here's a graph..............................
  12. locheeboy

    Measurements, Compatibility and Ears 👂

    The desireability/reliability/contestability/quotability/capacitorability of hifi cables is a direct inverse correlation to the size of the Paypal payment made, for said cables, by those individuals involved in this discussion...physics be blowed. Niels Bohr would be pissing his voluminous pants!!! PS Now, more tae the point, tell me this - who's buying these joiner's offcuts of varnished wood for £1000 upwards, tae hold these silver strips of strife......Thee-ere's..... an argument
  13. locheeboy

    Laskys and Tandy

    Lasky's, Aiwa cassette deck, lasted many years. Never Tandy, stuff really did fall apart...
  14. locheeboy

    PP's weekend quiz

    The Hill was black and white...