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  1. So many iconic brands now gone by the way side. Further evidence that theindustry as well as some of it#a fantastic pieces of kit are getting old. Designers and manufacturers paasing away or no longer capable of working. Sad but inevitable.
  2. Yes i was interested in one of these until i recently heard an Audio Technica ART9 which i fell in love with. I am saving up. Heard good things about the Hana's though. It must be good if you have setteld on one after your Linn cartridge.
  3. I admit to not being the sharpest tool in the box but i didn't understand most of that.
  4. I have never owned a stand alone DAC and never really been interested. However, I recently developed the want for an inexpensive DAC to interface my laptop via USB to my system. I was lucky enough to hear a Topping D50 recently courtesy of Alan Firebottle and was totally blown away by it. These can be had new for as little as £239. This really does have you questioning DAC's with a Ferrari price tag. I'm tempted.
  5. Can you post a link to the Vincent shop please?
  6. Well chuffed here guys. Thanks so much.
  7. So is it being called an AOS Bake Off or is it an assumption?
  8. Why is it being called an AOS Bake off? It's a gentleman called Mark who is organising the event who lives in Sheffield who happens to be a member of AOS. He also has his own forum and posted interest checks on Wigwam too.
  9. Not much interest here on the Wam. Shame. here is a link to te archived show if any of you can be arsed
  10. Hi all Just a heads up that my show goes out on Sunday 11th of August at 6pm- 8pm and repeated on Tuesday 13th at 4pm - 6pm. please tune in and chill for couple of hours. Prog and a whole lot more. Just go to and click play!