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  1. Aristillus

    Denon PMA850 just for the record.

    I have been enjoying the company of a recapped Denon PMA 850 recently and been totally blown away by just how good the on board Phono stage is. What an amp! They certainly knew how to make em in those days.
  2. Aristillus

    Wam show 2019 photos

    I would have liked to have heard this system.
  3. Aristillus

    Linn LK280

  4. Aristillus

    Linn LK280

    Avondale Audio Grad 1.
  5. Aristillus

    Linn LK280

    I recently had need to return my power amps to the manufacturer for servicing. In their absence I borrowed a Linn LK280 from a friend and was gobsmacked at just how good it was. Having heard a myriad of Linn electronics over the years and been unimpressed, the LK280 came as a breath of fresh air when used with my non Linn pre-amp. I will not be as quick to dis Linn amps in the future. I find myself in no hurry to give it back to it's rightful owner. Makes me wonder what the Klout is like?
  6. Aristillus

    Can't make Kegworth

    Really frustrated. The last time i attended The Wam show was at the previous venue. work commitments blight my visit this Sunday though i am seriously thinking of taking a room next year. Have a great day everyone.
  7. Aristillus

    The Progmeister At Progzilla

    Here is a link to the archived show should anyone like to listen to it...
  8. Aristillus


    Hey there
  9. Aristillus


    I an Steve Petch the organizer of NEBO. Are you the single ended Steve with the wonderful modular speakers? I am going to try and get to The wam show on the Sunday. I am working on the saturday unfortunately.
  10. Aristillus

    The Progmeister At Progzilla

    I have a monthly Podcast that goes out once a month at during which i play classic Prog, Soundtrack, pop rock chillout, you name it and if it sounds good i'll play it. You can catch it this Sunday 10th March and repeated on Tuesday 12th at 4pm - 6pm. Please listen in, download or stream it if you would prefer. Cheers
  11. Aristillus

    Keith Flint has left us ..

    Very sad indeed.
  12. Aristillus

    100 Watt Monoblock Amplifiers

    Are the on off buttons on their front?
  13. Aristillus

    100 Watt Monoblock Amplifiers

    Are these still for sale?
  14. Aristillus

    RIP Mark Hollis

    I can't believe that on my return to The Wam i am mourning the passing of Mark Hollis. A total genius in my honest opinion so undervalued and so little recognized for his excellence. From the brilliance of the elecro-dance single Talk Talk to the deeply meaningful songs of Colours Of Spring et al the man was a rare talent. Rejoice in him. play his music guys.. Bathe in his magnificence.
  15. Aristillus


    rears soon sir