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  1. Aristillus

    The Progmeister At Progzilla

    Prog and a whole lot more. Join me this Sunday 14th at 6pm at Crank up your streamer or hook up yer laptop to your DAC and tune in.
  2. Aristillus

    NEBO 10 (North East Bake Off)

    Less than two weeks to go. Anyone bringing speakers? I plan to bring my old Sony dd and Vincent Phono stage. Many thanks for that. Very kind. Barrington managed the stairs ok it was just a bind as the loo is downstairs.
  3. Aristillus

    The integrated option

    Have integrated amplifiers evolved to such a degree that the benefits of pre/power amp combinations are less of a viable improvement? I have heard so many positive things lately about one box options such as those made by Vincent for example are out performing pre and power amps by big name manufacturer?
  4. Aristillus

    June prog show

    Hi folks Tune int my monthly show/podcast on Sunday. Details below. I will be playing Genesis, Supertramp. The Tangent and a whole lot more. (Not just prog). See you down there?
  5. Aristillus

    NEBO 10 (North East Bake Off)

  6. Aristillus

    NEBO 10 (North East Bake Off)

    Of course. Everyone is welcome.
  7. Aristillus

    NEBO 10 (North East Bake Off)

    Many thanks for that. Very kind. Barrington managed the stairs ok it was just a bind as the loo is downstairs.
  8. Aristillus

    Rondo quierie.

    I had a Quintet black and Didn't like it.
  9. Aristillus

    Rondo quierie.

    I was given a box of odds and ends a few years ago by an old friend. He told me that somewhere among the debris there was an Ortofon cartridge without a tip. He advised me that it may be ok as part of their trade in scheme. I decided to have a rummage this evening and found the blighter. It is an Ortofon Rondo Bronze. It still has a cantilever though as my old friend advised no tip. I am not in the position to trade it in for an expensive Ortofon MC though i am left wondering if it would be worth sending to the ESC and having one of their Paratracer styli fitted. What's the view here?
  10. Aristillus

    NEBO 10 (North East Bake Off)

    NEBO 10 is really shaping up to be a great day. I’ve had word from some of the usual attendees who are a joy to be with and on this occasion Mark Sears of The Missing Link who has promised to bring along some great toys for us all to listen to. Mark is a diamond geezer and one who’s room at Scalford is one that I frequented the most on my visits there. This along with the promise of a top Naim CD555 from Micky Ricky and Mike Davis with his Rega shod Audio Technica ART cartridge. Sadly on this occasion we will be missing NEBO stalwart Alan Towell who due to work commitments abroad can’t make it. Alan’s magical reel to reel and self-built Voyager amps will be a big miss. However a full day is still well and truly on the cards. Ken Wynn and partner in crime Gordon always have something a little different for us to listen to. Gordon’s time as a DJ in LA some years back guarantees some new music to be tantalised by. He always manages to cost me a bloomin fortune. Hopefully the legend who is Les Wolstenholme of Avondale Audio will be along too. No doubt Nebo veteran Mik Rik will be bringing along his Radford power amp that always manage to raise a smile or too. The Wellington pub is a rather splendid old listed building and a little rickety. The food and beer are rather splendid and Dan the landlord is a big music fan and more than happy to accommodate us for a full 12 hours. Let me tell you Neboites, it is becoming increasingly difficult to find venues that will allow us to stage our beloved day. As usual, based upon the success of the day I will organize NEBO 11. With this in mind I may even consider seeking out sponsorship and hiring somewhere bigger and more in keeping with our needs. For now though my vote is to enjoy the hospitality of The Wellington and bask in the day. My apologies to Barrington should he plan on attending as the room is on the first floor and not disabled friendly something that I promise will be addressed on any future events. There is a hotel nearby should anyone need to stay overnight. Please PM me should you need details. All that remains gentlemen is to wish you all safe journeys to and from Nebo and to have a most excellent day. See ya down there
  11. Aristillus

    NEBO 10 (North East Bake Off)

    Due to unforeseen circumstances i have had to change venues for NEBO 10. it will now be held in The Wellington at Billingham Teesside. I have altered the original post. It's shaping up to be a grand day. here is the repeat ot the changed image..
  12. Aristillus

    Vincent V-237 MK amplifier.

    I want one
  13. Aristillus

    Ken Ishiwata leaves Marantz

    I wonder what's gone on there?
  14. Aristillus

    Monthly Prog Show (Podcast) May 12

    Here is a link to the archived show
  15. Aristillus

    Marantz music man cd23 cdp.

    Gorgeous innit?