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  1. Yeh it's a great bit of kit too advanced for me to be honest. It's got alot more features than the new stuff. Like the eq and stuff it's mega tweekable unlike the new one.
  2. The dac section alone is very very good. The soundstage is huge. When I bought this I sold my dac as it made no improvement. Room correction is good but hard to get setup iv got all leads and soft ware. You need oldish computer with serial port. The only reason I'm selling as my wife treated me to a lyngdorf tdai 2170
  3. I have some buchardt s300 and wanted to start a group
  4. Tact audio 2.2x preamp for sale input 3 not working and anologue board is noisey easy fix there's plenty of boards for sale from tact forums I only use digital inputs anyway so never bothered getting repaired. The dac alone is amazing huge soundstage. The reason I'm selling is the room correction too technical for me and the Mrs hates it. So she's let me upgrade to the new tdai 2170. Looking to get my money back what I paid £500
  5. IMG_20181113_163728 A pic on Flickr hope It works
  6. Atc Scm 35 in gloss black professionally finished by previous owner, I have the boxes too would Prefer collection they are really heavy especially in the boxes they are like ammo creates, looking for £1000 collected
  7. I'll take this if you not posting to us
  8. If I am correct I think it detects signal
  9. There's a remote link. I used a WiFi plug I'm just lazy tho
  10. Cheers the files too large I'll try many thanks
  11. Primare I 30.2 power amp in silver finish for sale in Walsall area. Can collect or can post for extra cost £600 ono